You may contact me at:

germae_p yahoo com

Drop me a line to say hello, will you?

My name is Germae and I have had 25 birthdays so far.

Educational Background
Highest qualification attained : Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Hons.) from UNSW
disclaimerI have no recollection of the things I have studied from this degree, so the operative word in the degree title is only the term 'Bachelor'. TQVM.

It varies with my mood, but the one that has stuck through the thick and thin of times is reading, piano and a bit of writing.

My all-time favourites:
Writer: Roald Dahl
Sportsperson: Roger Federer

- plays the piano and guitar
- is able to (almost) instantaneously determine whether a given 3-digit number is a prime number
- has a mental repository of lame pickup-lines, used for joking purposes
- is a grammar nazi, but refuses to acknowledge typos and grammar errors made by her own self
- is a banana (yellow on the outside, completely white on the inside)

For anything else, you may drop me an e-mail at germae_p (at) yahoo (dot) com, even if its just to say hi :)