Did you know that everything HAS a place of its own on this very surface? I mean, look around. You can never really mean it when you say "He can never belong", or "She's not goin to fit around here." Besides, that's just plain tactless.

I mean, where did we all come from? Please, i know u know. Takes a lot to say i believe, doesn't it? Well, no one ever said it was goin to be easy to do anything around here. Life is full of obstacles, challenges and hardships that come our way, perpetually. But with a sustaining spirit and immense amount of faith, you can count on facing it like a breeze.

I've learnt to never take anything lightly, without having to overdo it. Every little thing matters. The subatom particles that is the basic foundation of our make-up is one example. I mean, hey, did you ever think how that tiny speck of near-nothing thing could make up such a beautiful human being? It's truly wondrous. Really, it is. And you know who thought that up?

Nope, not Mr. Darwin.

And no, wasn't Albert either. Come on, u're not even close.

Yes, it was God. The Living God. The Creator. The King of ALL kings. The One and only. The Saviour. To think it was some human. BAH! nothing compares to Him. Nothing.

So, back to the before. Yes, everything has a place that he/she can call his own. We are put on this earth for a reason. Most definitely. When we begin to lose sight of what He wants for us, seek Him. For only He knows what's best for you.

Have you heard of the term "counting sheep"? I've never given it any other thought other than it being a supposedly good remedy to fall asleep easily. Until today, that is. Not that I've actually count sheep before.
"Good night. Don't forget to count your sheep."

"I sure won't. Hehehehe."

"Don't miss out any, ok?"

"So what if i did?I bet i'd fall asleep anyways."

"Remember, every sheep counts to Him. Always....."

Take time to see a person's worth. Give a second thought. What use is a first glance if you're not going to take a second? You can never be sure enough if you would just take a brief moment to see a person. Look at him/her for him/her. Not for what she looks like. Looks are secondary. The heart is primary. It prevails, more than anything.
Yes. This is the first post on my NEW blog. Thus, the title "something new!"
..let me substantiate so it would not be a boring ol' entry.
This is new because i JUST created it & i JUST got the hang of typing my words out in full so that it wouldn't look like i did it in a haste.
(besides, i should learn how to type faster n more accurately since im approaching varsity life in the next, well, 5 years?)

Right now, I'm in the middle of my, what would you call it, March holidays, which is just for a week. Yes, one miserable week.

Miserable because, duh, i've got to study?
What sort of holiday is that right? (yes, i can be very naive)

"True enough, Germae the hypocrite, did not live up to the purpose of THESE holidays, which is supposed to be about studying" ...hey, i didn't say NOT studying entirely...maybe just sparingly....

I lost my pride and dignity to Joyce yesterday, thanks to Adeline. But the story shall remain archived between the three of us only. Yes, just us three (that is, IF they know me good enough, and what i can do to people who go against me..)

"Hey, what the heck are you still doing online?Get going, and study you lazy girl you!!"
Was just about to....patience...patience is a virtue...how impatient!

One last thing - What I've learned just yesterday is that, never, NEVER, undermine the power of prayer.....i just witness this. For more info, please seek me.It should actually be kept secret, unless consented to let you know, of course.