Do.. Re.. Mi.. Fa.. So.. La.. Ti.. DO

I do wonder how did they ever come up with such uncanny one-syllable words to indicate musical notes.

Mighty interesting. Seriously....

Which got me thinking - Did the movie "Sound Of Music" invented it first or did they borrow the idea from some innovative music maniac?

I guess I'll never know. Do I even need to? It wouldn't make much of a difference.

I'm not used to the idea of singing a note with a certain syllable. I wasn't taught that way in music class.
Imagine singing G-F-A in this musical 'notation'.
It substitutes for the occasional complain of having to walk when you want to just drive, with melody for the extra.

Back to the main focus.
~Music=the art or science of combining vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. ~

I'm pretty ("try EXTREMELY") impressed with those who can replay a song just by hearing alone, minus the need for any music scores whatsoever.

I remember the first time I met a person with such an ability. I seriously had a hard time pushing up my jaw back in place after witnessing his remarkable talent. But then this particular person is bestowed with such an extraordinary gift, as in, he DID NOT learn it.
It is a God-given talent, he says.
Right after that, all my hopes and dreams came crashing down.

I can play the piano. I can play the guitar.
I WISH I could play the saxophone. But then again, my lungs cannot accomodate the amount of air needed in order to produce the required pitch. Sigh.

After I hit 13 yrs old, I've always wished for the gift of music. To be able to play by ear.
I always wish I could say I am more musically-inclined than what I'd like to admit. Confidently, to add.

But then again, come to think of it, I can play a song back quite simply after a couple of times listening to it. The mediocre version, that is. But I wouldn't consider that as being able to 'play-by-ear'. Unless of course, it is to everyone else but me...

But then again!!!!
You see, I have come to realise that there might be a distinct difference between a certain type of 'playing by ear' with another.
Like for my case, maybe it's what you would call a 3rd degree play-by-ear. The super-chunted ones would obviously be within the 1st degree group. 2nd degree, I'm not too sure...hmmmm..

Now that I'm getting closer to finishing my piano syllabus, I'm starting to think, "Did I really gain as much as I should be after all these years of learning?"..Other than long-ER fingers, that is.

I really enjoy music. I enjoy playing it. I sometimes air-drum and air-guitar when least noticed. Not that I play SUPERBLY WELL in either two.
But I DOOOO try.

Which leads me to the question of being Good Enough.

Am I good enough to play in front of a live audience?
Perhaps the answer is a LOUD & CLEAR No. No. NO.

The painful sound of rejection. Ouch.

But I know I am good enough for God. Well, He IS the one who gave me the ability to play the piano in the first place.

I have come to realise yet another thing.
People DO have their expectations of you and what you can do. But God, He doesn't. Or at least, I hope not.
Because if your heart's in the right place no matter how 'bad' (as people might call it) you play, God sees and knows it. But other people don't. And this is what compelled me to write this down.

I will play the piano as stupendously for God as I possibly can.
Even if I do make some bloopers here and there.
Oh well, the bottom line is everything I offer to God is with a sincere heart.
I guess that's what counts.
Always must win

Borrow but never return

Cheap is good

Don't trust anyone

Everything also must grab!

Free! Free! Free!

Grab first talk later

Help yourself to everything

I first, I want, I everything

Jump queue

Keep coming back for more

Look for discount

Must not lose face

Never mind what they think

Outdo everyone you know

Pay only when necessary

Rushing and pushing wins the race

Samples are always welcome

Take but don't give

Unless it's free, forget it

Vow to be number one

Winner takes it ALL! ALL! ALL!

Yell if necessary to get what you want

Zebras are kiasu because they want to be both black and white at the same time

I can relate. :-P
God gave me a heart to feel.
God gave me a mind to think.
God gave me lips to smile.
God gave me a mouth to speak.
God gave me hands to help.
God gave me legs to run.
God gave me ears to listen.
God gave me eyes to see.

To feel His love.
To think and be able to discern.
To smile and make someone else's day a little brighter.
To speak and share the Word of God.
To help lift another's heavy burden.
To run back into His arms.
To listen out for His call.
To see the beautiful world He gave us.

But the world feels no more love,
they do not think about their actions.
Those smiles wiped away, replaced by frowns of anger.
They speak wrongs, not knowing the Truth,
& neither of serving others.
They do run, but only from what is for the better.
Their ears are tight shut from the cries of Him.
They are now blinded from the evils of this world. . . .

But no matter what happens,
Jesus Our Saviour will always love.
Eventually, He will return,
and He shall reign eternally.
Only God knows.
As for my part,
I shall remain faithful forever.
For He loves me tremendously,
and I do too.
People people!!

Are you the type who ....
1) recycles your 'trash', (me!!me!!)


are you those who .....
2)couldn't give a damn as to what goes into the rubbish bin?
You know, the type who is oblivious to the fact that our Earth's resources are depleting in a rather alarming rate because of poor management and awareness?

Well, I daresay that over half the world's population is type 2. Correct me if I'm wrong. I really hope you do.

I came across this topic after realising that there are those who do not practise what they preach. In terms of being environmentally-conscious of course.

Friday, 22 April 2005.

Being the eye-candy freak that I am, recess time is the best part of school. After Additional Mathematics of course. And Physics.


Back to before, so there I was during recess. Today's recess was longer than usual. Not that this is complaining, NO.
Really, NOT AT ALL. Too bad they couldn't stay for long...

"Sadly, not all wishes come true. Just partially. "

Char-char and I purposely missed Sejarah. Not that there were lessons anyway.
Well, what did we do then? Yakked away duh... That's what most girls would do.

"So how does ALL this have to do with being environmentally-conscious?"

I'm getting to the point.
We were just sitting down at a not very strategic spot, right in front of the trash can. Very unstrategic place to put a seat. But not for us then. :P

Fast forward. There was this guy who was clearing up the notice board beside us, although, honestly speaking, there wasn't much of a difference after he did. Interesting.
The notice board was shared between the Computer club and Nature society.

So yeah, after the guy finished doing whatever he was doing, though I havn't got a clue what he really did, he threw a bundle of stuff into the rubbish bin.
Mainly paper.
Alright, it was ALL paper material.

I almost had a cardiac arrest.

The question I'm asking myself now is, 'Why didn't I reprimand him?' Darn.

How ironic. The recycling room is right beside the notice board. As in, it's VERY CONSPICUOUS. Speak of blindness. I guess the trash can is more attractive.

I guessed then that Computer freaks are type 2. They only recycle their deleted files on their desktop and who-knows-where on their comp. Hmph.
Then again, that guy could be a member of the nature society. I really couldn't tell. The board wasn't of much help, since well, there wasn't much of a difference, before and after that guy did some 'clearing-up' on it. So he stands at being a Computer geek or Nature Freak.

After a hard time regaining composure, I looked into the bin, wondering whether I should stick my hand into that vile, stinky bin to take out those poor, poor pieces of paper.
Man, I was desperate. But desperation did not get the best of me. My pure clean hand.

Here comes the hypocritical part :-
I decided not to take out the papers. It was too deep inside. IN TOO DEEP.
So all I could do was stare into those forsaken flyers and informative pieces of papers relating to.... (drum roll...)

...Keadaan Alam Sekitar Kita Pada Hari Ini. Nature and All It's Wonders.[pictures of plants]....

At first I didn't get why my friend was laughing her head off when I said those words.
Only after a few seconds I realised.
I realised bad.
& I also found out which club that guy was in.
We laughed our heads off all the way home.
Ok laa, just for a minute over. Mind you, we didn't eat for recess. It hurt.

I'm still wondering whether my school's Nature Society is really doing what they claim themselves to be. I hope they'll be more conscientious next time.

My next question is....
Should I be a tattletale and report to the Teacher Advisor of the Nature Society?

see, i DO recycle
15 April 2005 ~ 17 April 2005

It lasted for three days. Friday till Sunday.
What a weekend. Seriously.
Although I had to miss a few, what would you call it, 'important' events, it was worth every minute of it. Really, it was.

When the matter of time comes into concern, most Malaysians never make it a priority to BE on time.
With that said, you can expect what time the rally actually started. In this case, 8 pm did not even mean 8.30 pm. This time, it was an hour later. But then again, I should've known....I should've known.

Seriously, it's time we do change the way we think about punctuality. No wait.
It's time we actually think about punctuality.

The rally began with P&W session. The guitarists were GOOD. And so was the drummer. Good looking too.. ahem....right.
Come to think of it, this rally's P&W sessions were considerably shorter than most I've been to. Maybe because each song did not take as much time as I expected. But anywho, the songs were good. Vigourous. Splendid. Marvellous. Burning with enthusiasm for God's fire.

Moving on.

The speaker made his 'grand' entrance. Grand meaning, the crowd cheered their lungs off when he came up front. Which in adolescence standards, is quite good already okay... for an adult that is.
Mr. MJ (take note - NOT Michael Jackson) was the speaker for the rally.
He's HILARIOUS. Seriously. But that wasn't the ONLY thing about him......

It was also his ability to grab anyone's attention with his words.
And also in the way he made the topic clear, concise and comprehensible. He was indeed convincing.
He never stutters.
He gets loud, but only to reaffirm us.
But nevertheless, funny.
I guess that's why the rally was a huge success. They actually GOT a speaker who everyone can't help but enjoy. Especially the teens in high school. Yours truly, for one.
Topic #1
God's love is FIRST love.
He loved us even before we could love him.
Now that's love.

When times are drowning you of what little happiness you have left, rememeber God's always beside you.
When the whole world is against you for some unknown reason, and you feel all hope is lost...

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD , "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. -Jeremiah 29:11-

Topic #2
Dare to be different. (I on the other hand, dare to be INdifferent. )
MJ started off with a tiny activity in which the crowd was divided into 2 groups, one standing on one side of the hall and likewise for the other team. (mind you, a team consisted of over a 100 members. It was tight.)

What we had to do was, music will be played, and one, yes ONE member of the team will have to come out, execute a signature dance move all the way till you reach the team opposite of you.
As expected, murmurs of shock and surprise could be heard. (i.e. OH SHIT! WHAT THE?!?)
Next, the crowd took a step back, only to realise that the wall was to strongly built to accomodate their retreat. How unlucky. Poor guys who stood at the back of the crowd. Sardined, I suppose.

But the show MUST go on. There were a couple of brave & bold people who came out, did their routine, and that's it. Didn't seem all too big a deal. But hey, you won't know till you try it.

"But you didn't, so shut up."

After that, when the agony of standing there & not knowing whether some insensitive dude would push you to the 'dance floor' ended, MJ changed the activity.
Now, everyone dances toward the opposite side together.
It was like an enormous stampede of 'night-fever' freaks going wild and mad, against each other.
Once done, we got back to our seats.
And of course, be enlightened about the activity.

What were our first impressions when we heard about what we had to do?
1. Sheer Embarassment 2. Shyness 3. Fear 4. It's ridiculous! 5. Oh shit!

And then what did we do next?
Move backwards, taking a step back in hopes of not getting picked.

ANd third?
Try to get others to get in front instead.

And when the activity changed ?
We did it whole-heartedly.

In short, we are afraid. We had fear in ourselves. Maybe because we are afraid of what others may say. Or maybe because we feel too obliged to be part of the crowd. That is, NOT daring to be different.
But when we did it all at once, we weren't able to decline. It was anytime easier than dancing alone.

But how much better it would feel to be different. To dare to be different from everyone else.
To do the dance of joy and have fun doing it. To stand out.
To NOT be afraid of the world and all its comments.
To do what we've got to, because it's only right.
But at the same time, not give a damn to what anyone's got to say.

We as Christians, do we emit vibes that scream 'I have God in me, and proud of it!' ?
Or do we take being a Christian lightly and pretending to be all burning with Christ when deep inside, you're just a lukewarm follower?
Why do we only do things when we're joined with others to do it with?
Doing things together is definitely simpler. But what happens when the rest of the world isn't going to join us?

It takes an immense amount of commitment to be a Christian. No one said it was going to be smooth-sailing all the way. Conformity isn't a choice we make. It's a choice we discard.

There are some instances where we have to make a choice between:-
1) Standing up for who you are & what you've got to do, or
2)Acting as if you havn't got a clue
Choice 1) is desirable. But how many of us actually get ourselves doing it? Choice 2) is a perfect example of passiveness.

Make a choice. Dare to be different.

Topic #3
Boy-Girl Relationships

Well, I can't relate much. Only a little. But it did me good since I will, somehow, know what it's all about, in the future.
Q - What are the criterias that need to be met before actually beginning a steady relationship?
A - MONEY & TIME. True also laa when you say honesty, trust, concern, etc., but that one is
a different story. You can't deny the fact that money and time ARE essential to maintaining a
healthy relationship. Well, guys, don't hope on keeping a girl for long if your dates are only, &
ONLY to the mamak. Presents, and the occasional gifts, another thing to consider.
Time. Well, for one, if you're not commited & don't spare time for your someone, she/he DO
feel as if neglect is seeping into the relationship. Which is a tiny whisper for a split-up.

which came to the question of........

Q - Is it alright if i start a relationship while I'm in still high school?
A - Do you have the time to spare for he/she? What happens to your studies? SPM coming. Do
you think it's going to be easy to score AND keep a relationship whilst juggling other things
at the same time? Well, time is of the essence. If you know what you're putting yourself into,
then by all means, do what you feel is correct. (I guess MJ was discouraging us to NOT be in
a relationship, unless you know how to handle it)

Q - I've found a guy and I'm really happy. Do you think he's the one? I'm 14.
A - Relationships that begun in high-school, 99% of it never worked out. Enough said.

He shared some personal experiences about this BGR topic. The moral of that story was, God HAS His plans for you to find who's Ms/Mr The One. Even when it seems like it isn't going to happen, God can and WILL intervene.
But then again, most marriages aren't perfect. Couples do have quarrels. They're not exactly happy all the time. It's what one would say the imperfections of us humans.
But that IS part and parcel of married life. Most of it anyway. But heck, I dont know. All I know is, fights occur. No doubt.

Which leads to...

Topic #4

There were those who squirmed at the sound of that. And there were those who didn't. I was part of the latter.

MJ affirmed us that sex is NOT a dirty matter. It isn't. In fact, it is beautiful.
Beautiful because, out of it, you create a whole new life. Your flesh and blood. A gift from God.

Everyone is a blessing. Not one is an accident.

MJ said it was a hard job to make his daughter*shakes whole body*. The congregation roared in laughter, for quite some time.

The bottom line was, the gift of sex is indeed a gift meant to be treasured.
and how premarital sex is SO ugghhh.....
Here are some sub-topics :
Sub-topic 1 - Not ALL shit are bad. Really. Think about it.

Sub-topic 2 - Don't compromise your character for something less worthwhile. You don't need ME to tell you why.

Sub-topic 3 - Enjoy the lighter side of life, even when others deter you from doing so.

Sub-topic 4 - (thisIi really like) Anger management.
You let others make you angry.
So, this means, you CAN let others NOT make you angry, even if you are on the verge of blowing up. It's a choice.
Your choice.
Because if there's other things which you find easy to refrain from, how much different can anger be? Ok laa, quite a bit...But still.

That sums up almost all the things I learnt from the rally, as far as I can remember, that is.

Apart from all the screaming during P&W time, it was enjoyable.
A couple of pounds might have been lost too from all the jumping.
My palms hurt from all the clapping. Really, it's redder now.
And how the food was tasty, with the exception of Saturday's freaking hot beehoon.
What a way to start the morning.

By the end of it all, I suddenly have the urge to hug everyone and anyone.
And I still do NOW. Weird.

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding"
Proverbs 3 : 5

Figures. (=
It was Mathematics period. WOO-HOO!!!!
Get to skip two periods of Modern Maths.
Mind you, Maths is definitely MORE boring than Add Maths. Serious.

The Reason behind the 'intrusion' (which calls for a celebration!) was that there was going to be a survey conducted concerning health and all its kind.

Lucky, because we were one of two classes picked for it. 4 Science 1 The Great.

"Got a bit boastful there..."

Sure I did.
Okay, so, this survey was conducted by a bunch of women from UM. Everyone in the class got a questionnaire that they would keep confidential. It can get a little personal if people knew what you answered.......

But then, there were the lucky 6 who got handpicked out of the whole class to be in the focus group. Sort of.
My mischievous smile did me good. And so did Karts.
And there were the voluntary 4.
So, on we headed to the library, still wondering what on earth will they do to us.... but yet, we remained cool, calm, and collective. As always.


We took a seat, as if we're in a board room. Ms. lady-from-UM took the, erm, 'executive manager''s seat.
So it begun with her briefing to us about what was going to happen then.

She said...

"You guys have just qualified yourself to be in the running for Ms. Health Malaysia."

No, it was more like...

"You guys are going to be guinea pigs for our latest food product, proudly manafactured by UM, called 'cherezomxew-110' . Main ingredient - of unknown origin."

Alright. Thankfully none of them took place. If it did, I'd just fall flat on my face to the floor, laughing.

Well, we were now participants of a focus group, dealing with issues on current health standards. Violence and abuse too.
So to start off, we were given cards on which we were to write our 'nama sandaran' @ pseudonym on.
Why? This survey was highly confidential. All answers, identities will be private. So by writing false names, if she had to ask us something, she'd instead be calling our 'names'. Oh, not forgetting the fact that the WHOLE SESSION was recorded on tape. Just audio. Thank goodness....we were all having a bad hair day...

Names of participants - Red, Fun, Ten, Daisy, Cinapek, Dog. (Take a wild guess as to which is mine)

So, session starts. Recorder is turned on. Looked cool man that device. Maybe because I've never been so close to one. To be used on somemore. (:
So, yakked away. Yakked yakked.
But this time, there was SUBSTANCE in our yak. Really, there was.

Funny when Ms. UM had to refer to one of us. Mainly, a certain nickname. Should have written other names (i.e. babi, ma-chan, dey), just for pure fun. But alas, we didn't.

Then the recorder was turned off. Session takes a break. We had to fill in the same questionnaire as our friends in class. Took some time. but I think I took a bit extra, just so I could miss Add Maths....Or maybe not.
She asked us more questions... Easier this time. Didn't take as much thought as I would have thought. (?!?)

And we left. She thanked us for our co-operation.
We thanked her as well, out of sheer courtesy.
But when leaving, I did expect a little token of appreciation...I mean, come on, over an hour of Q & A is no mean feat ok.... Junk food could do us fine...

This survey thingy was kinda fun. Got me thinking about the REAL situation behind the status of our health. And some other things too.

Hmmm, which made me think of this question : -

Is TOO MUCH eye-candying a call for the doctor?

easter rally at coincidental.All of us were in black, except lil miss Swee Wei in, what, stripes?

The thorn among the black roses. Almost, anyway. Oh Kee Weng, you're really the sideways man...
Poor Mr. Wong.
He was made known
Of his loquacious own.

Poor Mr. Wong.
He was not happy
But we weren't sappy.

Poor Mr. Wong.
He tried to gain favour
All he got was a snigger.

Poor Mr. Wong.
He went on about momentum
While we burst our cranium.

Poor Mr. Wong.
He never had a smile that day
But we had nothing to say.

Poor Mr. Wong.
I wish we don't have to feel like this
But hey, look at how we've miss.

Poor Mr. Wong.
I hope he knows we realise
The times we did jeopardise.

Poor Mr. Wong.
I hope he'll feel much happier
Seriously, I now prefer the old Mr. Wong better.
Today was a school day. Well, for one, it's a Thursday. And there isn't any reason for the Ministry to declare today a holiday. As always.

Today, Biology was our last subject for the day. (Sadly, not sociology. You'll get what I mean if you know the joke.)
At the beginning of class, I was feeling overwhelmed (What on earth was Chapter 5 all about?). And also because I was running up and down the stairs (yes, literally) for some stupid reason I just don't want to recall. Too trivial for public knowledge.

By the end of Biology, I was over-stressed(is this a valid word?). Silly me, I know.
Thankfully, lunch was next on my daily planner.

"What daily planner?"

Lunch.The next happiest time of the day, after recess.

(In chronological order - breakfast, recess, lunch, afternoon nap, tea, dinner, supper.)

Okay okay, back to lunch. Karts invited me for lunch at her place. Being me, how can I refuse such an offer?
Besides, I rarely have a vegan's meal. Alright, try never.

Having Indian vegetarian food is really, really nice. Even better when you insist on using just your hands to eat. Makes one feel, to some extent, like a Pure Indian.....

".....who fails miserably...."

I realised then that not using a fork and a spoon is no easy task. Messy, to say the least.
Come on, I'm just an amateur.
But the food was definitely good. Very. And filling. I was surprised that for someone like me, I actually felt full. It didn't seem much, but it sure filled up much.

That wasn't the end of the luncheon. There were desserts. Vadai & payasam. mmm..mmmm....goood!
I was really surprised when I left my seat - I couldn't stand up straight.
Seriously. I was actually, like, hunching.... it.
I looked just like the host when she walks like normal. hhahaha.... so sorry....

Sadly, you can never give in to that desire for some shut-eye after a heavy meal. I had to do just that. Sigh.... my sleep-deprived self....

Had a great time being enlightened by Karts. About sarees. Kinda cool. If I were more awake, I'd be doing more than just nodding and 'u-huh'ing....


I was looking forward to this Saturday. But then, something happened. That something was something SO BAD, I just can't mention it here. Not at all. It's too painful...-sob-.....

"Oh please, don't get all melodramatic over a tiny little coincidence. I didn't see it coming for myself..."

The state of my situation.
I wanted to go for CF games day. And then there's the HRC youth rally. I wish I could pull out of the latter for a while just so I could have a great fellowship with my buddies in Subang.
Feels even worse when you're part of the commitee, missing something like this.

And then, there's Little-Miss-Missy-Ade.

She had the nerve to slap me in the face for not wanting to go for the former. What the?!?!?

Well, maybe not slap, but it did feel that way when she gave me that look.
That horrid I'm-gonna-make-u-feel-like-the-guiltiest-person-on-earth look. She sure must have been practising on it a lot.

And to think I take things too seriously. Go figure.

SO, yes, let me get back to being my rational self again.

"..Right, rational...please.."

Right. So I guess I have no choice but to put up with that look for a while. Yes, a long while. A week's worth of it. Great.....

Thankfully, Saturday's not all it boasts to be. As in, the bad side of it.
I've got some things that I still can look forward to.
Or at least I THOUGHT I did.
Maybe not this week's...
9th April 2005.

The day my hand died. Almost anyways. Okay okay, it could have, but thankfully it didn't.

"if painting just about 10 m2 surface area, man, are you weak..."

Hey, it's not as if painting is my way of making ends meet. At least, i hope it won't be.

"...touch & then knock wood.."

Typical Malaysian timing. 8:00 ALWAYS means 8:30. Figures why tardiness isn't a big mention around here. Everyone does it. It's congenital, i daresay.

Ice blue and Dark blue. Sounded nice. Looked, well, *ahem* unexpected.

"try a water closet's favourite colors, you'd be just right.."

Anyways, cut a long story short, 4 science 1 of 2005 did some class-painting today. Yes, SOME. We did finish it, that's about it. Finished it.
About how it looks is, er, a very different story.
I did my part. Got more paint on my clothes than the wall, if i'm not mistaken. So did Ade. Man, she cracks me up. Literally. Her pants changed color. From external causes, definitely.

And Karts & I created a new fashion line. It hasn't been named yet, but it's sure gonna be a hit. Instead of the common fabric paint, we used emulsion paint. Yes, interesting. It's talk of talk because it's hand-painted.
More like finger-painted.
The things we do with paint. Creative ain't it? Sadly, our other pals didn't really take this fashion brainstorm like how we hoped they would.
Those boring ol' peeps.
Or maybe it's because we're using paint for a different(@wrong) purpose. Oh well, there it goes down the drain.

Ah, so my hand did work out quite a lot. And then there was wushu. THANK GOD we didn't have to punch arm targets today. I think I'll just scream....

Oh, and Wushu grading is next week. Grading=test=a bunch of judges cum critics="oh great!"= 2 minutes worth of pride-losing.
Both Pattern 1 AND 2.
BOTH. And I'm just in the midst of getting my Pattern 1 almost perfect. Lucky Ade and Char are in this together with me as well. Sama-sama laugh our heads off together. :D