Char Char, if you're reading this, I'd like to wish you a VERY HAPPY SWEET 16!
*Woohoo, you're a year older than me still. And ever. Eheh.

The cheesecake I never made. This is for you. (Pretend like you)Enjoy it!

I don't know what's with 16th birthdays and it being sweet and all, but hey, I just said it to make the wish sound all the fancier. Right.
[Note: Mine's next year. 20th April 2006(Remember!). Take note fellow visitors. ;-)]

I suck at getting birthday gifts for people.
Get that. But then again, presents mean nothing compared to the friendship itself, huh?
No, no. This isn't me trying to validate my 'great talent' in present-giving. But I do try.

(Comical friendship. Kinda cool)


Sunday school was cool today.
It's cool every week but today it's extra cool-er.

We learned the different characteristics girls and guys look for in a friend.
Let's see the results :

The girls said (best seven)....

  1. Outgoing
  2. Honest
  3. Loyal
  4. Trustwothy
  5. Kind
  6. Generous
  7. Caring

And for the guys, well.....

  1. Outgoing
  2. Physically strong (what the??)
  3. Smart - study (right..)
  4. Sportsman
  5. Honest
  6. Rich (I say no more.)
  7. Sociable person
Girls' comment on guys' choice of qualities =
"How materialistic.... Shallow betul...Horrible la you people!"

Guys' comment on girls' choice of qualities =
"You girls have boring friendships..."

Shows how we can't agree with each other about friendships.
(Rich? Physically strong? Where does that leave the poor and the differently-abled people? Goodness.)

Now, Chris intervenes.
He concluded that girls are more emotional in their relationships and for the guys, well, you know where you stand la...
I couldn't have said it better myself.

But that's not the end of it.

Chris shoots a question at us. After disagreeing with one another for a long while (glaring at the guys-laughing at the girls), Chris says, "If this was a boy-girl relationship qualities-survey, you guys would just have to change your mind. I mean guys, you wouldn't exactly want a girl who's physically-stronger than you are now, do you?" *Thinking of women wrestlers*

Class was louder than usual. Laughter is a great medicine.
Now, let me get to the part where the guys gave silly reasons to their choice of the quality -

Sociable person - a guy who can easily mix around with girls. Thus, being friends with him helps you get the girls. (Kononnya lah.)

Interesting definition.
I SO want to know now what other 'ambiguous' words that guys know.

And that was the end of my (short) hiatus.

I seem to have a hard time trying to get myself to type anything. My conscience is telling me to start setting my priorities straight. SO, I can't spend long hours online anymore, or at least in the meantime la....

My fingers hurt from playing the guitar and piano so very aggressively lengthily. No typing yet again.

If there's anything you can do for me, it's giving ideas on what to write.

(Yes, I'm getting desperate.)

Ciao folks.

I do wonder whether the durian is a Malaysian fruit or some edible, spiky thing that grows on trees found abundantly in Malaysia.

Somehow, despite its foul smell which has earned itself the infamous title of the "stinky-est, smelliest, .. etc." fruit in the world, the durian has found its place in the hearts of many deep-rooted Malaysians.

I guess it takes a person to live long in the country before she/he starts to grow fond of the durian.
I was sitting down, enjoying myself eating a few pieces of flesh from the durian when I realised how much better it tastes now then it did a few years back. It definitely isn't due to any genetic modifications done onto the fruit, seeing as how it looks the same as always, and in fact has less flesh in it.
I think I'm beginning to like it more and more, that's why.

Doing this kind of thing (sitting on the floor, eating durians, that is) which happens only once in a blue moon does seem like one of the more pleasurable things in life, minus the extravagance of sitting on golden thrones & being fed by servants and all.

Or maybe not.

It's a Malaysian thing, in my humble opinion. It's either you like it, or you hate it.
I guess its smell IS its biggest turn-off because really, its taste, texture and delightfulness is just the total opposite. Its GOOD.

But I do know of someone who despises durians after going to a bad experience with one. She/He has never eaten durians or any of its derivative since.
Man, is she/he missing out or what!

Ah, durians.
~ Sitting down immediately after running or doing some sort of vigourous activity that causes one to sweat profusely makes one's rear end to become more protuberant than desirable.

~ Knocking on wood will make whatever apprehensive things mentioned never happen.

~ When you have a fallen eyelash on your face, take it, hold it tight(with the tips of your fingers, of course), make a wish, and blow it away.

~ Laughing just before the start of an exam causes whatever information stored inside(the brain) to be gone in a flash.

~ Just passing Additional Mathematics in Form 4 makes you a genius.

~ Bathing after you eat causes your stomach to bloat.

~ Futsal is fun-ner than it looks.

~ Sophisticated is equal to suffocated.

~ White lies account for nothing.

* * * * * * * *
I don't know whether it is true what they say about not sitting down right after running, sweating, etc.. But from my point of view, my buns were bound to become big anyway.
About knocking/touching wood, I actually do that whenever I accidentally say anything that I wouldn't want to happen. Hey, I'm in school most of the time and my desk's made of wood. Enough said.
My eyelashes moult easily, I think. I've made countless wishes that (please note) never happened. Most likely because I make really stupid demands (i.e. I wished that my bank account miraculously adds another 3 zero's to the end of my current balance.). Right.
Laughing is the best medicine. At least that's what I've always been thinking. Exam or no exam, I laugh (loud) anyway, and mind you, I'm not that bad a student.
I've never failed my Add Maths before. Don't hope to either. But I don't feel a bit like Einstein at all. Not even close.
I always bathe after eating. I don't see much changes. Unless, of course, my stomach's already bellied.
Futsal's fun, if you got the makings of a futsal-er. Not at all when you're a talentless lass who dislikes ball games. You'll just end up doing the can-can on the playing field.
Sophisticated is equal to suffocated ; if you're Adeline. Not that I have a problem with it. "I'm going to sophisti..I mean, suffocate you Ade!"
White lies will remain just that, white lies. As much as it's a good thing, when the truth is revealed, it gets bad. So, keep it safe by being truthful and honest. *ahem.

The myths one learns and the superstitions you acquire while in school.
MY thought(s) for the day :

My stamina is diminishing at a worrisome pace.
I speak too much in the presence of peers.
Talking for one hour non-stop is easy-breezy. Depends who la.
I was patient and thinking rationally today.
I am not going to put my hopes too high on anything from now on, without succumbbing to pessimism.
Why people who once were your tight-buddies are now just hi-&-bye friends.
I'll never become a doctor. Long explanation.

Today was an unproductive day, yet again. But with a minor exception : I did strenuous exercise.


Yup, out of obligation, I did. I'll be dead tired in school again tomorrow, seeing as how I'm staying up considerably late to write something like this.
I'm weak, it's true.

2nd July 2005
It's the median date of 2005.

And now I know that.....

1) half a year is indeed short. It doesn't help if you're the selamba type.
2) I am in dire need of some proper sleep.
3) the heat is getting to me.
4) being rational is the key.
5) all work and no laugh is very boring.
6) I dislike History. A LOT.
7) I'm missing my sisters.
8) I'm eating a lot more now. Oh dear.
9) I don't exercise like how I used to.
10) to every bad situation there's a good side to it
11) y=mx+c comes in handy.
12) anything divided by 0 = infinity. I wonder if it does the same for my financial status.
13) will power is a hard thing to muster.
14) I get distracted easily.
15) failing miserably isn't so bad after all.
16) not understanding literature doesn't make you a dumb person. Hey, not everybody can be inclined to that.
17) rolling your eyes is a difficult thing to curb. And it's also a VERY annoying gesture.
18) it's hard to change.
19) I'm not as thick-skinned as I'd like to be.
20) I'm not in proportion. Literally.
21) I can't keep a straight face when lying.
22) self-concious is my middle name. Not a very flattering name.
23) online-ing is fun-ner than before.
24) having an opinion for everything isn't such a good thing after all.
25) joking about in class can get you a bad reputation. Laughing loudly doesn't help either.
26) Additional Mathematics and Physics is cool. Better, if you've got the knack for it (which I wish I had).
27) I do have wild mood swings. I admit it, I do.
28) trying hard to not lose your cool is really, really difficult.
29) cliquishness is somewhat an epidemic around here.
30) girls are more sensitive than guys.
31) it gets boring around here.
32) responsibility isn't my middle name.
33) some people can hold grudges, like, forever.
34) I'm getting deafer.
35) I'm thick-headed. Not thick-skinned.
36) seriousness is not something I deal well with.
37) pressure is getting to me.
38) I have to go to Germany someday.
39) Mr. Wong is my mentor. In a way.
40) boys aren't how they used to be.
41) I'm self-conscious.
42) I'll never get more than 100 points in bowling. Weak. Wait, I do dislike ball games.
43) I'll never look at tai pau and chrysantemum tea the same way again. Don't ask.
44) having two elder sisters who are overseas and on scholarships is so not a pressuring thought.
45) I'm sarcastic.
46) not relying on God is a big No-No.
47) not having time for God is impossible.
48) going to church in the early hours of the morning is not ideal, especially if you've got to listen to a mumbled-through sermon which isn't exactly easy to do.
49) going to church twice a week helps.(in relation to No.48)
50) there's none like Him. Really. It's wonderful.

And that's about it for this half of the year. I don't know what will happen in the next six months to come, but I'm sure hopeful and optimistic that things can only get better.

(Just thought I'd count down):
20 days to (AHHH!!) my Piano Practical Exam.
24 days to Gail's arrival.
35 days to BK quiz and Lakeview Run.
52 days to Gill's arrival.
176 days to Christmas.
182 days to 2006.

NOW things look like they come by much too quickly.