The days have already passed the half-mark of my current school holidays. But..

I managed to clear up my working space although I have to admit, it doesn't have much of a difference now than it was then. Maybe just a little more presentable.

I managed to dig up my past, as in, old stuff I thought I would never see again. It's nice to remember what you did when you were younger.

I managed to drink 2 litres of water everyday for the past week. In this regard, going to the WC more often than ever.

Wonderful accomplishments, I must say.

Failed resolutions are always going to be a part of me. In fact, I resolute that I will not make any more resolutions. This, I tell you, is going to work.
5 Word Reviews(in no particular order)

1. Just Like HeavenSweet, romantic, heart-warming, love comedy.

2. The Village

Provocative, deceptive, suspensive, eccentric thriller.

3. Spiderman 2
Superly action-packed with hot guy.

4. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Witty, hilarious, deliciously fun watch.

5. The Passion of the Christ

Great portrayal of Jesus's Death.

6. Lord of the Rings

Worth every second of it. With a hot guy and a stellar cast, remarkable performance! (note:Trilogy mah, so can give 15 words)


(Monsters Inc., Toy Story 2, Pocahontas, The Incredibles, The Little Mermaid, Mulan etc.)

Disney makes good movies, especially animated ones. Aiming especially to the younger audience, it never lacks in the impartation of meaningful messages. Funny, dramatic, action-packed all rolled up into one good movie. (note:ALL Disney movies. Unlimited number of words lo).

(I wonder if this post is a subliminal reminder that I've watched too many movies lately. )
I was browsing through some old magazines that were clogging up my workspace when I came across an almost unreal face. Naturally, most faces found in fashion magazines (i.e. Seventeen, Cleo, Her World, Elle, etc.) are unbelievably (and horrendously) flawless. Needless to say, before these faces get on the magazines, first and foremost, the most important Photoshop-ly thing they must do is air-brushing (Even with an inch of makeup on this action of cover-up is still imperative).

What these magazines portray beauty as is perfectly smooth skin, eliminating every sort of inborn pigments or not-so-balanced facial structure. My, my, that's as deep as 1 cm water puddles!

Beauty is only skin deep. That's famously said but infamously undone.

Now, just looking presentable needs way more effort than it ever did.

Aside from the crazily-pricey products and stick-thin models they present inside such magazines (which does take up more than half of the whole one issue) which I think is just not helpful but instead envy-inducers, the featured health and life articles can be quite good-reads.

People, being easily-influenced creatures and all, fall for the so-called mainstream idea of beauty. It's no wonder why (the other) Silicon Valley is making big bucks and are profiting more and more each year. It's sad to know that people would go to such (sad) lengths to obtain their personal ideals.

"Perfection is Unattainable"

Now, if everyone remembered this motto the next time they looked into the mirror and don't see Mr./Ms. Hot Bod, it'll be totally cool.

It would seem hypocritical of me now but...

Does she or does she not look beautiful to you? [picture courtesy of m.e.]
Your answer : YES / NO (slash the unnnecessary)

Whatever you make out beauty as, the cost of beauty is, and always = priceless
~Be prepared. Come with an umbrella.
~Don't laugh hard whilst eating cookies. It'll give you a heartburn.
~If you took the stairs instead of the elevator, in a year, you can lose some pounds. MORE if it were the 22nd floor you're going to. (Provided you don't eat them all back.)
~1000 piece puzzles are fun to complete. 999 piece ones aren't.
~Trying to foresee the future may lead to severe day-dreaming.
~If you hope hard enough, some things might come true. If you do the same thing the following day/hour/week, it might probably not happen again.
~People have the tendency of talking real loud on the cell phone. Almost like you have to simulate the actual distance in order for the person to hear you.
~Embarrassment lingers on for a very, very long time. Why?
~Drink loads and loads of water. 2 litres, minimum, per day. It will do your lots of good.

Turning boredom into nonsense.
There's this little shop smacked in the middle of Johor which sells products made/derive from kacang.
What I found strange about this litle shop is that it sells only kacang stuff.

Okay, maybe I hear you cry "What about Famous Amos and Baskin Robbins? They're doing pretty well." Of course, these two brands, as I shall call it:

1) have a chain of shops throughout the whole world
2) set exorbitant prices on their products

Sure, it's pretty good stuff, the cookies and ice-cream. It's so good and so expensive, having it once is a while is pretty often already.

My parents and I were making our way back from Singapore when the coach stopped by this tiny little shop (I'm guessing it's not your typical corner lot) in Yong Peng, Johor. It is a locally-owned shop. It has no chain outlets.

In a slightly dazed mode and grumpy all the same since I was unwittingly woken up, I entered the shop. It was rather interesting because there was this man, I presume must be the "spokesman" for this shop, who had attached to himself a microphone. He was talking about the products the shop had (Honestly, I don't see the need for a microphone when the shop was small enough for anyone to hear him without a microphone). Everything was spoken in Mandarin, so yeah, me being the banana that I am, just nodded away and pretended like I understood every single word.

But nevertheless, there were free unlimited samples.
That was such a consolation for my inability to speak/understand my own mother tongue.
I ate quite a lot, till I couldn't take dinner later that day (It was during the afternoon). Since it tasted apparently good then and there, fellow busriders and my parents bought their stuff.

A few days after that, back home in Subang, we opened up the first foodstuff we had bought there. I couldn't help but notice that it was a little pricey.

'For only that much you berani set those kind of prices ah? Walau wey,' I thought.
Really, it tasted only so-so, something that gets old maybe after a while, you know? And the ingredients weren't unhealthy enough to be expensive! (Think funky chemical names in American food items)

Well, this tiny little shop is NOT placed right in the middle of 'Centersville'. It is situated in Yong Peng, and there were barely any moving traffic when I was there.

The likelihood that they get this many visitors everyday is NOT possible.

The likelihood that they get NO visitors in a day IS possible.

I guess that explains why after our coach left, the shop immediately came to a halt and closed for the day. I think they opened the same time our coach arrived. Hmmmmmmm.... long-business hours betul.

If business is as such, not setting prices that high would get them near bankruptcy in no time.

I guess that's why their motto is "THE ONE AND ONLY ONE IN MALAYSIA".
Oh, it sure is.

Somebody stop me.
Today officially marks the end of my Form 4 days. I've stopped school.

For the year at least.

One thing I can tell you is this:
I will miss Form 4.
Sure, we sometimes do miss the things that we once had. Like they say, you don't know what you've got till it's gone.
Now that it's gone, in retrospect, there's a ton of good times.
I was thinking about the teachers we had. Some of them might continue on being our teachers but some of them, probably will not. I actually liked them all.
I just don't like some of the subjects. Hek.

At the beginning of a new school year, I will have all these butterflies fluttering around my stomach. I don't know why, but they just do come. It's like a dash of nervousness, a little excitement and the anxiety of not making it all churned up into one feeling. It settles down after a few days. It is all too common for me.
I used to dread going to school when I was younger. Now, it's much, much better.

Now that one school year has come to an end, here comes the time when we do the things we don't find the time to do as much as now. Or maybe the things we know we shouldn't be doing. Whichever la. I have a few things planned up my sleeves for myself, but my resolutions usually end up being far-fetched dreams, or perpetually-procrastinated ones.
It's a 'vicious' cycle, but look how I turned out.

No wait, forget that.

My scrupulous ramblings(of the school year)
Being an inborn pessimist, every new teacher that walks in the class on the first week of the new school year has got to be intimidating, if not terrifying. But they grow on you soon, and usually, they end up being an angel.
This year, BM was cool. Passing up homework was a matter of choice and not obligation. This has got to be REAL GREAT for someone who doesn't like to finish up essays in time, let alone ones in Malay. The teacher is super nice. She jokes around, asks and surveys who likes who in class and teases around. THAT'S the way to go! I'm so glad she is going to be our teacher again.

English was and is good. To me, it's a form of liberation from all the tenseness of some other subjects. I just like to write on and on about not so brilliant ideas, rant meaninglessly in complaint letters and pretend to be philosophical in Literature.
That is a form of expression, mind you.
I remember one time our teacher asked us to interpret what a Lotus Eater meant. We were split into groups and there were different views about it. Some had super incredible answers, others more logical and some were winding around in circles. But then, isn't Literature so subjective?
English is essentially my "mother tongue".

Maths. Easy, kacang putih, piece of cake, snap fingers, close both eyes, hide both hands also can one la.! (Say like this but cannot get 100%. Hah! Konon.)

Add Maths. Physics. Biology.Chemistry.
Enough said.
Although, there's still much to learn in Physics with a teacher like Mr. Wong. I enjoy the man's class. I just never said anything about understanding it.

History. Never liked it, never am, never will. I just don't see how it will help me later in life. Someone prove me wrong.

EST. Moral. I daresay that it is by luck you can pull an A1 in SPM. Let's see, let's see.

That's the gist of it. It's good to be yakking away without a thought in the world.

Things doesn't hit you hard enough until it's over. I wished I was more hardworking then. There, I said it.
Wish me all the best for next year : P.
Happy Deepavali and Selamat Hari Raya!

I suggest anyone who's anyone to have a nice makan-makan at their fellow citizen's place for these two festive celebrations. You'll never get that good a chance feasting on such dishes again in the year. Teehee~

Bye bye people. I'm fleeing leaving the country and I'll miss you all dearly.

Have a nice festive celebration period!

I don't know why but I like this photograph
. The resolution's a bit sucky here though.

Some of you might not think so, even if you're not the one who has been living in the same bedroom for the past umpteen years with the same rear view.

Things haven't changed much, maybe a little reconstruction when new neighbours move in, change of occupants who may/may not be less noisy, etc...
But it more or less still looks and feels the same.