I know I'm barely 16 and am giving you an insight of what I feel my stand on life is at the moment. Like I said, as of now, so possibly, things will change. Heck, we never stand still, so who's to say we won't change with time?

Anyways, I am just another regular student in a regular school and am doing regular things with sheer mediocrity. Maybe not so for blogging, but hey, I've got to keep up with the times now, don't I?

Let's see....
-in 6 weeks or so the Mid-Year Exams are coming up
-Trials will be somewhere in August or September
-My (dreaded and horrific) Music Exam is somewhere in July
-SPM is on November
Quite a number of events that I should be taking seriously(which I will & am) is happening all in this year. Some of which may be a big threshold in itself. God knows.

Well, what I think is this:
The reason why we're all studying hard is so that you live up to people's expectations or for some, to silence the people who underestimate you by doing more than is expected of you, which is one of the best ways to accomplish and for some, well, c'est la vie!
From the bottom of my (non-existent) heart, I do feel the surmountable pressure from some people to do so freaking well in SPM that I can just pee in my pants everytime I think of it.
Well, maybe not so much the incontinence but yes, the pressure, is real.
And I know a lot of people are feeling the same way about themselves, so I can relate.
But whatever, it's another milestone in life, and overcome it I shall. Whatever God's plans are for me, I know He has got a reason wherever it takes me (Jeremiah 29:11).

(On a very irrelevant note.) The recent drop in car prices have given me a ray of hope for owning my own nice, functional, and in-one-piece car someday, in the nearer future. Although, I wouldn't say that a 5% decrease is a lot for cars when I don't even find a 20% discount in apparels a striking deal. Bad comparison, but hey...

I think the phrase "You don't know what you've got until it's gone" is more than just true. It's SOOOOO real. I guess it's pretty inevitable, that we cherish it far too late when all along that was just the best thing to do: to appreciate.
I'm speaking for people, what (material objects) you own, the environment, the times, etc......
Like just now, during the Annual Sports Day, I realise I'll never run again. Not as in I'll be an amputee after this but I'll never be able to win a medal again, never set foot on a proper running track for a very long time or even enjoy the freaking hot sun while finding out your rumah sukan lost bad. I'm going to miss all of it. The action, the excitement, the thrill... It was all good.
And soon enough, I think I'll be saying this: "I miss my unfitting pinafore and tight baju kurung."
A thing on uniforms: I completely condone the use of uniforms in schools because in a way, it nullifies the different social standards a school community has, and that, is a good thing.
Why go through the hassle of just being plain ostentatious by the way you dress or even the trouble of thinking what to wear for tomorrow, when there is a simple uniform that is all good? Well, maybe more people will start liking the idea of uniforms if the "School Uniform Council" (If there even is one) designed better looking uniforms that is "free-sized".

The difficulty to say no to others is sometimes a pressing problem for some. I think I'm in that some. Maybe it's the fear of disappointing others, or maybe it's some innate inability to say the word no, or maybe it could just be some deep, inner desire to always be doing the yes.
And then there's the inability to say yes when doing what is required of you. It is just as bad, or not worse, simply because, it may cost you a good decision.
It's pretty lousy an attitude.

It's been a while since I last blog which was a pretty big interval of time, if anyone didn't notice. Aih.....

Again, this is all my take. You go have your own. Don't condemn me. I'm just doing my part in having the freedom of speech.

Anyways, readers, thank you for coming by. Do come again soon. : )
I'm feeling uninspired, hence the scarce entries these past week and the week before that.

Tell me something I don't know, or make me feel... better, inspired.
I feel so relieved.

Just a couple of hours ago was my Theory of Music Exam.

Just a while ago, I was still in Grade 8.
Come to think about it, I'm still in Grade 8, lest I pass it which I would only find out in.... another 7 months, max.

I'm sitting down now, in front of the computer, waiting for my internet connection to stable down while I write on endlessly, appreciating every moment that I can stay online.

I feel liberated after the exam.

For 9 long years, I have strived to do well enough.
Thank goodness my efforts paid off for the last 8 years.
I hope it pays off again this year.

In retrospect, I have learned so much.
Come to think about it, I think I'm qualified enough to give my own classes.
(e-mail me at : germae_p@yahoo.com if interested.)

But, what does this all mean? I have more reasons to doubt that I'd be a music teacher for a life-long career than a sheep has wool.
So what? You ask me, so what?
I don't know, I guess it's just one of those things you do for the mere satisfaction of (which in this case, isn't, but rather siblinghood obligations), whether or not you mean to do much about it later.

By the way....
Did you know that Tchaikovsky was a homosexual? (His last composition was like a death song)
That Brahms had huge hands? (He uses huge intervals that are played simultaneously in his writings.)

I miss my class already.
I hope that my friends and I do well. And another, this time round.