Japan should have not lost to Australia.
Who in the right mind would think that three winning goals which so amazingly saved the Aussies' down and under butt were shot during the last 8 mintues of the match?

Absurd I tell you. ABSURD.
Today is....was my Sunday [as mentioned in previous post], and frankly, I'm dead tired. My brain is so not thinking properly right now as I am writing this out, so if there are any spelling errors, forgive the brain. I just had the sudden urge to write.

I tell you, I spent I think.... a very long time at Garden International School. In addition to that, I estimated an approximate 5 1/2 hours of sitting down and answering questions. My butt is feeling the pains now. Ouch.

I believe that one test straight after the other without so much of a break (after 2 hours of torture - Mathematics!!!) is bad for health.

As aforementioned in previous post, I had to sit for (grunt*) General Ability, which was entirely some IQ Test which plainly tests your Pattern Recognition Intelligence. So the tedious, pattern after pattern after pattern.
Then came Maths. Maths is... okay. I so want to hit my head for all the careless mistakes I did. (smacks*). Anywho, I do have a nagging urge to ask this question that appeared in the paper :

Alex can finish a job in t days. Bob takes t + 5 days to finish a job. Bob started a job and did it for 3 days. Then, Alex joined him and they finished the job together in 4.8 days. Find t.

Dammit question. Make me feel dumb only.

No wait, then came English.

English ah, what is dat? Dunno sum alien language la!

The English paper was indeed in accordance with the Singaporean standard. Outrageously difficult. Bombastic word after bombastic word. Let me recall some [don't laugh, I bad ingrish]:
averse, derisive, intractable, solace, deflected <---------Give the meaning of these words as found bold in the passage. It didn't really help even if it was extracted from the passage. They don't make no sense. I felt demotivated after that section. And I screwed up the essay. It was plain... lame. For once in my life, I think my English really sucked.

ANYHOW, I will have to go comfort myself with some chocolate then sleep. Thanks for the good luck wishes and prayer. If I get through to the interview in August, I'll keep it posted. I hope I don't break my fingers, crossing them too hard.

Oh, and God held back my runny nose the whole day. Now, as I'm typing this, I've used up like three tissues already. So much for distracting fellow applicants. Wahahhahaa....

To Jill - when you come back next Fri, be prepared. Be very prepared.


School is starting tomorrow. So fast man. I miss school actually, so I'm not dreading it. The one thing that's missing is my memory of the past 2 weeks, because honestly, I forgotten everything that I did (or didn't) do. Mm hmm.

Happy Football!
I mean 'Fever' in every sense of the word.

I'm expecting tonight to be a very deserted night for the Internet. [Not that I would know, I won't be around to check up on it]

It's the start of the World Cup dudes and dudettes! I'm rooting for Germany (reason: self-explanitory) and Japan too this year, and I think either or both will get pretty far. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
I'm not very much of a football person since I don't keep up with the more famous leagues but since the biggest football championship that takes place once every four years is happening now, it'd be an awful lot to miss. The whole world would be tuning to it, I assume.

Have fun. Eat, sleep and talk less. More football. Fun alright.

High body temperature = sick kind of fever fever.
Piece of advice :-Never ever enter a convention centre where the nett number of people present together in the enclosed space fills up to less than a fifth of the total space. EVER.
It never occured to me to bring a coat or jacket to the Sunway Convention Centre two days ago when I attended a talk by Mr. Jack Canfield (author of Chicken soup for the Soul). The last time I set foot there was, if I remember correctly, for the Planetshakers concert late last year.
It wasn't cold at all then.

It wasn't cold for a reason: there were just about... a lot a lot of people there.

Then on Wednesday, I found out that the number of persons present together is proportionate to the temperature experienced in a controlled amount of space. Vonderful.

It was freaking impossible to write down presentably. I was freaking shivering and rocking on my chair to keep warm. I had my freaking cold hands under my thighs (presumably the warmest, most insulated body part) most of the time. I could have sworn my thighs were very close to purple.

But I leave with no regrets. Mr. Jack Canfield gave a really, really good talk. What an inspirationist.

Now, I'm having a very runny nose and I feel my defence system working hard to keep me from a fever.
[God, don't let me fall any sicker, please. Please. I need this Sunday* healthy. I need to be able to think and focus clearly. Unless it's not meant to be, give me the wisdom and strength to persevere in this condition.]
I haven't had such a bad runny nose in a long time. I haven't felt this sick all year.

With all the hype, I think half of all the conversations are going to be World Cup related once school reopens. Mm hmm.

*Will be sitting for the ASEAN Selection Tests this Sunday. Tests on General Ability, Mathematics and English. 8 whole hours in Garden International School. I'll remember to bring a coat this time, just in case. Wish me luck!

If I can increase my chances by distracting others with my nose-blowing, maybe having a runny nose is a blessing in disguise. And yes, this is the runny nose speaking.

Happy Football!

It's the holidays now and I've got enough time to sit down and stare blankly outside, at the garden and.... the expanse and start thinking about life's deeper questions. Not.
But I did do some thinking. And I think that thinking makes me think about things I don't normally think about.

Sorry. Allow me to rephrase that.

I thought about some things that I felt needed some deep thought over (studies not withstanding) during this free time. [Evidently, I don't think very much, eh?]And...
the time to write a post this long. Not like I think anyone has reached this far? uhum. And then...

This happened :

The world is made up of several types of people.

Without one of them, it just wouldn't seem..... right.

We go through our lives meeting all sorts of people, whether it is difference in race, creed, culture or beliefs, a brief brush or a life-long relationship with a person will leave an indelible print, deep or faint, in a person's life. I believe that this is so.
These impressions aren't always good, and this is just ordinary, and how it would always be. I don't know if what I'm saying makes sense at the moment, but I trust my ramblings are founded on a deep belief that all things come with the good and the bad.

We're all growing up. Even if you're forty and believe the world isn't going to change anything for you, I think there's is always something to learn everyday. I trust that in learning, we gain knowledge, experiences and perhaps, even ideas that can change the world substantially. Maybe not so drastically, but you know, a little bit goes a long way.

It is definitely inevitable to encounter another person in this journey called life. We meet so many people, it's sometimes a guilty feeling to forget someone's name.

When someone I know told me that "I felt regretful knowing that person," I wonder to myself, "Why is that so?"
I did not want to question that statement, for I know that opinions like this, especially when they're not your own and you feel inadequately learned to refute, should be left undisputed. Maybe in time, I can tell this person that there is no such thing as regret in meeting another, for you learn, with the bad portion in that time frame of knowing the person, lessons aren't always meant to be learnt the easy, good, simple way. You got to take the good with the bad. But yes, like I said, we're all growing up. It's hard to grow up when you feel like staying static in the time you're in now....

Growing up is painful, in some instances. People grow and realise that they want to be different, and not all this 'wanting to be different' derives from the fact that they want to stand out, but it can also mean they just want to...distance themselves away from you, because of influences they deem are "in". With growing up, people change, and they can no longer be your friends, for reasons unknown....

I don't think I can change the world.
I don't think that it is right for anyone to impose their beliefs onto another, especially when it is, in fact, incorrect.
I don't think that even with the passing of time, moral values alter as well.
I don't think that there is only one fish in the ocean for each of us.

Looks like I don't comparmentalise my thoughts very well, so I guess there isn't one specific topic I'm yapping on about. I'll get there, with a little more practice.

Await me next post. I'll get there. Soon.
I got a mail from Singapore yesterday. Added to the collection of foreign letters.