I've been out and away for almost a month now[blogging, that is]. Don't ask me why, I myself am not quite so sure ....

ANYWHO, for the month of July, (since schooling days lack a certain zest nowadays with trials and all approaching) I decided to mark the end of my.... well... piano-learning(???) which was wrapped up when I had my Grade 8 exam last Friday[Wish me luck, I hope it's really the end when my examiner said "That's it! That's the end!" and I headed for the exit.] with some cake-making!

Introduction :
I was never relatively good at baking (or even cooking for that matter) in my past 16 years of life. But when given the opportunity, it really feels fulfilling to try and improve your skills, even if my life didn't depend on it.

Together with my sis, we've had some baking adventures of our own lately (the most recent being pretty-crunchy scones which still had some room for improvement).

I skipped school today, and choosing the ambitious route,









!!!!!!! (If I'm going to skip school, I might as well do something productive, eh?)

*Due to the lack of help, I had to sacrifice some photo-taking.

Here is the outcome :

By far, my proudest baking achievement

Even a gold VISA can't buy you the feeling of achievement

Ms. Thumbs-Up says Amen to that!

This is what you call a moist chocolate cake. It's moist, it's 99% chocolate and it's sinfully delightful.

A bar of cooking chocolate? RM 5.80.

A packet of granulated sugar? RM 1.35.

A good bite into your hard work? Priceless.