Absence makes the heart grow fonder


Out of sight , out of mind


Conflicting idioms which occur in the hearts and minds of people (possibly simultaneously?).
After being slapped for no particular reason....

The difference between a passive, aggressive and assertive reaction is :

1) Passive - Accept it as it is, keep silent and go along, not even questioning the action

2) Aggressive - Slap the person back and know that that was getting even enough.

3) Assertive - Ask politely what the motive of slapping was, getting a proper explanation. No physical course of reply.

To be assertive seems to be the most rational of the lot; but it is a fine line to tread on.
It's an option to choose, and know that it is the best of the lot.

I missed mentioning this in a couple of posts back but I believe it to be sound advice.
Jesus was an assertive man, if I'm not mistaken throughout the Gospels, written in scripture.
I guess being Christian is to be Christ-like and to emulate Him would be ideal indeed. As hard though as it is.
'Twas the Saturday........
As I sat on the enormous roots of an old tree, I noticed a snail's shell. It was overturned and I could see it's slimy body still intact within its shell. I wondered if it was still alive or was already dead.
I know that snails are harmless and are made food in some parts of the world, but I didn't dare to touch it and see if it were still alive.
I realised something as I sat there, that this snail had no way of turning itself upright again as it was overturned, to its disadvantage. It must be hard for creatures with shells and are incapable of getting back on track once they're overturned. It's a hard enough life for them indeed.

That was when I was at the big lake near the Lakeview Club. [Three rounds is no joke]
Nostalgic place: it used to be euqipped with these wooden sports equipment as one jogs, at certain points around the lake. There were these instructions on them that I didn't bother to read (I was c kid mah) and just did whatever the picture seemed to show. And I got a good workout, so to speak.
That was like, more than 10 years ago?
So much of changes have happened then ; the wood exercise structures were since dilapidated and torn down. The big 'conifer' trees have been cut down and are now only sparsely populating the surroundings of the lake.
People still go there to fish though.
[Three rounds make one's limbs ache.]

'Twas the night.....
How many of you guys have watched the movie "I Am Sam"?
I just caught it a few nights ago on my sister's computer. It has now become one of the movies in my "Saddest Movies To Date" List.
It's about this retarded man named Sam Dawson who has a daughter with normal intelligence. Then, people tried to take her away from him you know! Sad right?

Update :

Does me have what it takes to be an ASEAN Scholar?

: S

: /

: l

: )

Probably. Received a letter from the MOE of Singapore two days ago. Been shortlisted for interview. One more hurdle before anticipating the next acceptance/rejection letter.
Any comments on how to approach a formal panel of interviewers, do drop some.

3 weeks till Trials. Oh boy.
The last movie I watched was Superman, and it was when they were about to throw the movie of the listings. That way, you don't have to pay premium prices. Movies, whether you watch early or later, you still end up watching the same movie, so, heck. Just don't let anyone spoil the fun for you by telling you who dies or ends up with or what not.

Anyways, about Superman: he looks like one dummy. Not the stupid-stupid kind of dummy but the mannequin-in-clothes-store dummy. Even a replica of him in Madame Tussaud's would pass off as the real him in my opinion. But I think he's quite the good-looking man.
The show was rather bland, lacks the oomph of the series Smallville (although, quite incomparable since this is

I think I'm super desperate for something to write about. I've resorted to men in underwear being superheroes as the topic of discussion.