The more I woe, the more I lose my sanity. But thank goodness the most daunting papers were over last week i.e. History and BM, so I think I'll just take a backseat ride for the next couple ones, mindfully wearing my seatbelt, just in case; ).

The Adorability of Little Kids

I've always been the youngest in the family (and that isn't going to change in the nearest future, or ever) so I'd probably say I'm the least experienced with kids, besides the fact I've spent less time on the face of this earth than my siblings.
However, that doesn't mean there isn't space for improvement. The number of cousins I have seems to be losing track of me so I guess you can't really blame me for not knowing the estimate number of cousins I have. Most of these cousins are younger than I am, and during this period of study, study, study, I've got two who're spending their holidays here.
It's fun, but not that fun when you can't blow your time with them. I hope I can improve my little children skills as I approach adulthood. Yup, adulthood.

Quotes from little cousin:-

"This is just a game right? So win or lose nevermind la."

"Your sisters are so cute." [My sisters are 4 times her age]

"I beg your pardon please (LOL)!"

"Where does tauhu come from?"

"This one not pretty. This one pretty." [Author slaps forehead]

Sigh. By the time these kids grow up, I guess they will lose that "childhood innocence" appeal.
Just like the author, and everyone alike.

Tomorrow's Additional Mathematics. Hip hip hooray! =)
As of now, I've officially graduated from Form 5 Bahasa Melayu, English, Mathematics, Accounting Principles and (HIP HIP HOORAY) History! That makes.... another 7 more subjects/15 papers to go.
God, please be kind to the souls of those who are in this with me for the next few weeks.

The Freedom of Speech

Blogging has become today's instrument of conveying personal ideologies, venting political and social frustration or simply speak of your day and what you're going to buy on your next retail therapy. But truly, is online journaling an extension of the freedom that the Information Technology era supposedly offers?

The essence of freedom is to be free: to not be restricted by control or be repressed from the right to speech, action or thought. Imposing rules to an individual's entitlement to express his thoughts or views to the world defies the ultimate nature of freedom. But yet, the consensus is exactly just that; people who purpotedly go overboard are arrested by law, sometimes, without proper or fair judgment.

However, the freedom of speech can also be considered a bureaucracy of legality. The framework which constitutes what can and cannot be done in one's privilege to speech is truly arbitrary. One sure thing is that issues which may instigate racial or relilgious sentiments must, at all costs, be averted.

Truth be told, the term 'freedom of speech' is far too liberal than it really suggests. If freedom in its entirety is practised without binding to certain rules, perhaps running around publicly in the nude or screaming "Fire, fire!" is dismissible, not to mention ethically unconstrained.

Just like numerous issues such as the one being discussed, what counts is the rationality behind the speaker to observe the trend of his audience' minds. Perhaps it is alright for some to trash the government only because they are not blood-related to politicians. There are those who feel the need to bring pressing matters into the light despite risking unjust federal action. And then there are some who want to change mindsets which they believe are suppressing the advancement of their kind.

As for me, I feel that I can say whatever I want to say, whenever and wherever I want to say it. I just hope I don't look stupid doing it.

Next paper : English for Science and Technology. Watching documentaries and educational television programmes are necessary for this paper. It vindicates watching TV for long, extended periods of time.
The lack of creativity in post titles need be excused. My creative juices have long ran out since the start of this pre-'torture' a.k.a. SPM. It'll come back, I'll say.

I've came up with a list of my "Most-Feared and Despised" creatures. [I should love all enemies animals. Apologies.]
And here it is:-


Monkeys are supposedly our closest relatives in the animal kingdom. Well, not the one I clashed heads with. It made me fear any contact with monkeys whatsoever, be it in real life or via television screen. I was a kid when I had post-traumatic stress(not EXACTLY) as a result of a wild loose monkey seeking what it claims as 'human interaction.' I beg to differ. It caused me acute fear of monkeys since then, and ever so often, I hyperventilate and 'hiss' at the sight of monkeys. (Only applies to the beruk/kera, baboons and the like which look identical.)

Anything that sucks blood is a parasite. Parasites cause you loss, in the case of leeches, it's blood. I don't like losing at anything, nor losing anything. It clings on you with its microscopic teeth, gnashes violently until the blood comes streaming into its vile mouth. That's so darn gross and painful and wicked! Scary.

Snakes are just slime-ily dry. It does not have limbs, just a huge, dreadful bite. Touching it is a cause of much celebration, cos it ain't too good a skin-touching!

I saw many eels in a tank ready for slaughter in a supermarket. At first glance, they look similar to ikan keli, but upon closer inspection, guess what? It's an EEL! The thing that sets it apart from an ikan keli, to me, is the fact that it don't look like fish one bit, honey! (Kinda contradicting there)Well, it has a long limbless body, identical to a catfish, but I can't find its eyes. Or head. -_-"

Mosquitoes. Enough said. [refer to Leeches]

I have fugitive rats in my house. I hope it ain't a sign of an imminent black plague or something.
Do this:-Stretch your left arm to one side and your right to the other. That's how big a rat is in my eyes.

"There is nothing to fear but fear itself." I should say this everytime I feel like I'm in Fear Factor, or in this case, being 'upclose and personal' with these 6 (and perhaps counting) animals. Eeeeeek.
This is the fifth one in the series [kononnya.]

I think I'm way passed the stage of complaining and lamenting about the upcoming "big-day." Besides, who prefers a person who complains than one who tells stories?
No complaints to that!
Instead, I'll just be talking about what I plan to do after that, which is terribly unwise to do so NOW. I've been holding back the urge to list down all the things I want to do after spm, which I have to warn, is an extremely long list.
On second thought......
I think I better save it for later.
Sorry, this has been a no-purpose post, although that's what this blog sometimes occurs to be.

Anyway, here's a not so picturesque picture:-

A bloody bloody sock.
Leeches excrete an anti-coagulant chemical into your bloodstream as it sucks and feeds on your blood. Oh, that parasitic pest!
Leeches comes second after monkeys on my "Most-Feared and Despised" list of creatures.
This might not be such a jittery post; )
This picture was taken while I was on holiday a week ago. Alas for the cage, or else, all hell would really break loose.