Once upon a time, there lived a pretty little bird who went by the name of.... Bitty.
Bitty enjoyed the life of a bird, only because, there really wasn't another life it knew of.

Anywho, Bitty set off in the early hours of dawn, flapping it's non-too-majestic wings across the skies of over-developing Subang Jaya.

"I think I shall fly for as long as I like," Bitty said to itself.
As carefree and apathetic towards other matters in its avian life, Bitty flew around the neighbourhood, feeling like the only creature in sight.

"Wow, I could do this everyday."

For a long time, Bitty soared carelessly atop the roofs of the sleepy town.

Then, out of nowhere, a tomcat silently prowled the streets, looking for breakfast.
"Ah, there's a sumptuous meal for the day," Maley, the cat, told itself as it saw Bitty, flying a little too low for comfort.

As stealthily as it could, Maley creeped toward the unsuspecting Bitty, one step at a time.
Then, Maley jumped with all its might and clapped its two paws tightly together, hoping it somehow had its breakfast for sure.
But alas, Maley had missed!

Bitty, with its heart racing and pounding like it never did before, had just a narrow escape.
Adrenaline rushed in its puny body, and without much rational thought (not like birds usually do anyway), it flew into one of the neighbourhood's homes.

"Okay, there... There's a good place to run. I think... I think I shall stay in there till that evil cat disappears," Bitty said when it sees a room, perfect for a hideout.
Bitty flew, with all its might, straight into the living room.


Bitty hadn't seen the glass door. At least Maley is thrown off track, for now.


This picture was taken two weeks ago, before I left for Penang.
It's a curious little bird, that's why I captured it in this shot.

Why curious?

Well, it was around 8+ in the morning that day. I was nicely playing the piano in my living room, waiting for the rest of the house to get ready when out of nowhere, I heard a very, and I mean VERY loud 'thud' on the glass door next to the piano.
That completely took me off guard.
So, I ran to the glass door (although it was just right next to me, yeah) and then I saw this bird.

Poor bird, it really hit the glass hard.

Then, I went out, tried 'consoling' the bird, but I think it was far too disoriented to be aware of what the hell this human was trying to do for it.
I took this picture in memory of 'the bird that hit the glass door.'

Two good things came out of this incident:-
1. This little bird would be a little more careful when flying into houses the next time
2. My glass door has got to be pretty damn clean

And that whole story up there, I just made it up of course.
If I count down the days till college, it'll be a good 18 days before I start my first day there.

The number 18Maybe, just maybe, I'll have a good time as the bear is giving the impression of.

Oh jolly good year and a half ahead, probably!

Details of course:-
  • Cambridge A-Levels

  • Commences January 8

  • Spans over three semesters, totalling to 1.5 years

  • Costs a bomb (because it's at...)

  • Taylor's College Subang Jaya

  • Four Science subjects

  • Occasional displeasure a surety
The idea of starting another form of school is exciting to some extend, but I can tell you, it sure is bloody daunting.
I for one miss the concept of uniforms. They make everyone look the same and... uniformed.
Well, meeting new people is one thing to look forward to if only I knew what, more like who, I might be facing there.

But well, let's enjoy the Christmas season and leave the anxieties aside for now.


My looks belie my age. And I mean I look older than I really am. No, I'm not trying to up my self-esteem because I don't want to be considered the older or oldest sister in the family. I just feel that when I hit 30, people would mistakenly offer me a golden citizen membership for whatever club there might be for me to join. That would be detrimental for my emotional well-being.

I wonder sometimes whether age numbers really matter.
Like, older women dating younger men.
Sure, there might be something wrong somewhere but really, where is the fault? As they say, love knows no boundaries, even the age factor. I do sound a bit hypocritical because I think if I were to date a younger guy, it would be awfully weird and inappropriate for me, but at the same time, what is the matter?
The immaturity, perhaps?
Perhaps because, it's not like age defines maturity all the time, right?
I feel like there are people who are more matured yet younger than me.

So what sets apart the mature from the immature?

It's not my call to give an opinion because it's an arbitrary viewpoint.

Looking the part is not the measure of being the part, I say.
I see a ton of girls and guys alike who dress far too, how shall I put it, adult(-erous, not too mention) for their age, but when they start opening their mouths, you can tell they're not exactly very well-read people who know what they're talking about.
So to me, I say that maturity is the way you present yourself, the ability to put a self to the world that shows you know more than people give you credit for, or at least acting your age.

Body and brain sometimes don't match up. But you know, the world doesn't really care to say the least.

Drawing the legal line for certain (bad?) actions like smoking and alcohol consumption/purchase is a cause for rebellious inclinations by those that are of unpermitted age. You know, like the phrase "Rules are made to be broken."

I'm not sure where I'm getting at but hey, age matters matters. Heck.
I was net-surfing when I came across this tagline about a world-reknowned Chinese pianist:-

"Some people create poetry without ever picking up a pen."

I wonder if this statement applies to a complete unknown a.k.a. common student:-

"Some people score straight A1's without knowing how they could ever do it."

Oh well. Give another three plus months and we'll all find out. : P

There is no cause for celebration as yet. Most of my classmates are driving me green with envy (well, not literally) with theirs being over today. Biology is so close yet so far.
At least Bible Knowledge ain't that daunting. I thank God that I'm actually sitting for that paper. I don't think there'll ever be another Bible exam quite like it in the near future for me. Thursday's the day. Then it's holiday. Like, real holiday.

Pray pray pray.