I'm a hopeless romantic.

I do not go all fuzzy inside but flinch when I hear/read lines like

"I saw you smiling at me, was it real or just my fantasy?"


"I don't know, but I believe that some things are meant to be and that you'll make a better me"


"There's not a feeling in this world that can describe all of the joy you bring to me"


"And I know when I die, you'll be on my mind and I'll love you...always"


"Words are never enough to tell you how much I love you"


Well, you get the picture.

You see, I'm a strong believer that words are never enough to say what you mean. So if you go like "Wow, that's REAL nice!" to me, I apologise but I won't believe you 100%. Maybe 96% if you really are THAT convincing, but most of the time, as flattered as I may get, I can't trust your comment fully(but I still accept it as honest and sincere to some extent, so keep them coming ok!). I think I might have serious trust issues.
If something as trivial as a nice pen also I got hard time trusting your compliment, what more words of affection and romance man!
Not that I've had any genuine ones to say the least. Eeeeeek.

It could be the hormones or just plain this-is-how-it-is-at-this-stage-in-life thing but I can't seem to miss a day of my life without thinking about the topic of boy-girl relationships. I think I might be treading on fine thread talking about this simply because it's all merely assumptions and sour-grape mindset doing the talking here and not personal experience (oh, NO), and also it's not that I'm contemplating on joining the serious-relationship bandwagon now at all. It's just some light-thinking. (??)

Somehow, whether it's in magazines or seminars/talks or whatever that reaches to the youthful masses, this BGR topic never seems to go out of fashion. I think this is true. It is for me. Probably, for me, it's because there's this sense of wanting to analyse a perfect relationship, the workings on how to make a great one, and also the FAQ's that make it all a subject of great interest that draws me to it a lot of the time.
And frankly speaking, what goes in in the right ear comes out in the left ear (or was it the other way around?), not that I'm at the losing end or anything.
Seriously, what is there to it that needs to be analysed, now that I think about it?
Sure, you go look for the one but he/she's never really perfect. As in, she/he looks great/hot/sexy on the outside but there's bound to be some flaw somewhere. And that's cool, you know. No one deserves anyone more perfect than themselves but equal. And I'm saying this because everyone's perfect/imperfect in their own special and unique way. But sometimes, the two pieces don't always fit right together, and it's ok, because there's this whole bunch of other fishes waiting to be caught at the right moment by the right person. (Me, me! Well, I'm not a fish out of water am I?)

I'm in college now and at the moment I'm learning couples in Physics (couples in Physics is this whole mechanical jargon that involves forces and axes and perpendicular blah) but there are more people out there who understand the other meaning of couples than the Physics one.
Yeah, college got tons of it what!
I'm not a huge fan of PDAs, and unfortunately for me, I can't help but sometimes see one right at the strategic corner in college. You know, the one where EVERYONE needs to pass by to get to their classes? Gee, to think they could practise some decency.


This post might be 'inspired' from the remnants of what's left of this year's (lonely) Valentine's Day. It was just like any ordinary day, except that it's very capitalized here in college. VERY.
Too bad out of the 183247 clubs that took advantage, I got nothing from any of them. I guess what goes around comes around eh? : /
But there are other 364 days to profess your love/friendship/whatever else I can't think of, so no reason to sulk people!

Another surprising thing is, after knowing a person for a few weeks/over a month or so, it's hard to believe that one can get hitched hor? It is to me lor.
I wonder where does it all come from.

I'll stick to my jiwang/cheesy lyrics for now and tell myself that these type of feelings actually are real.

Signing off dudes and dudettes. : )
I have just been confirmed! That means.... I've been through the Holy Sacrament of Confirmation.

What is Confirmation, some of you might ask.
Well, in my own words, to be confirmed is to be, as the root word means, to be true and to be in the state where you are correct, and apart from that, as a confirmand, you are now fully adult in the Church.
When you go, "Yes, confirm!", what you mean when you say it is that you are sure of what you are saying, and you establish the fact that there is no turning back in whatever it is you are doing.
As a Catholic, I know that where I'm going, it's definitely a no-turning back.
And I have no regrets as to what I've chosen to do being a candidate for Confirmation.
Although everyone who enters the faith one way or another gets confirmed, that doesn't make it any less of a meaningful milestone. What it does is make it an opportunity that is free for everyone; all you need to do is to open your heart, believe and readily accept the things that the package comes with.

As for me, I guess this part of my journey ends, and a new one, one filled with unexpected turns, good times and bad, is about to begin.

Well, today was a good day.

It really was.

There wasn't any literal earth-shattering moments, but it was simply in the good time spent as a class today, the last officially as a class, that made it simply sublime.

No more Sunday School.
No more teacher-beat-the-guys-up scenes.
No more class assignments.
Damn, I'm goona miss all that. I'm feeling really sad now as I'm typing this.

Why did "You don't know what you've got until it's gone" ring so hurtfully true everytime? Sigh.

And the people who made today especially different and great than the days before today:-

A special thanks to:-

Christopher L. Forbes (Class Catechist)
William L
William T

for the days of good company, great fun and unforgettable memories.
I love you jokers.

Love, Germae. :,-(
.... going a little crazy with the previous post (I wonder if I'm doing the bimbo thing right)
because that's one of my means of releasing stress since I can't resort to a punching bag made of human flesh (don't mean to sound grotesque, what I meant was to go beat somebody up).

At this point of time, I'm not faring so well. SO, I DO thE mAd giRL PoSE!

But one thing's for sure I really really like Switchfoot, and I honestly think Jon Foreman is hot, cool and ..*knees trembling*... mine.
Well, let's give it a shot!

I dun know how many of you gurls out there who just lurves SWITCHFOOT but I am simply like, one of their biggest fans!!!!!!!
U know....
I love Switchfoot very much. Especially Jon Foreman , 'cos he is hot, hot, hot!!!!!

He may be twice my age but who cares? Age is just a number! I so think he is GreAt!!!!!!!

He hot!*sizzles*

Oh my that charming smile... Which girl doesn't luv a man who plays the guitar? He looks great in a black and white too!! OMG!

Guys who sing while they play the guitar are just WonDerfUl!!!!!!

He's married and all, but I can still be a fan, can't I? I still have SOME chance left in there somewhere...
He's so hot even cili padi doesn't quite come as close to him!

Ooh lala..