I have a blog for a number of reasons:-

-Vent my emotions which range from the frustrated to the clueless (most of the time it seems to be on these two extreme ends only)
-A creative outlet when pen and paper just don't seem very appealing
-To document a little bit of my life, although there's no one who actually follows this without the foreknowledge of who I am to start with so this reason should come on the bottom but this ain't chronological
-A photoblog (now this seems quite non-existent, but really, it does come about once in a while. Like, just once in a while.)

And, for the most part, what I want to do is to get in touch with my emotions, to pen them down, and then one day look back and see where I've progressed to:- whether I've developed as a person, or whether I've retrogressed, which sucks from any angle you look at it.


It's funny how observations are made. It's made by a person on a subject. You don't observe yourself in the mirror and call that a valid observation. Firstly, you can't really tell what you're doing, conciously or not, and back it up with some scientific approach as to why you're doing it. Secondly, you make yourself a test subject in your own experiment. Very funny la. But you know, it's good to observe yourself, or at least, be aware of who you are as a person, what you do and say, because when you do an observation, you study it, draw a conclusion and learn something new. By being a seperate personality from your usual self and just give it a go, you'll learn something about yourself. And perhaps, fix it.
My point here is, sometimes we go through our everyday lives thinking about ourselves, but not as to who we are or what un-nice things we said to that stranger today, or the things we failed to do that could have been done which might have made one other person smile. But instead, we think about ourselves from a POV that's selfish, others-effacing and clearly ignorant of anyone but ourselves.

This isn't a personal attack on anyone, and I'm not trying to tell you how to live your life, because it's a free world, so you can do as you like (don't mistake it with complacency): kill a tortoise, drink 8 cartons of beer in one night, sing in the showers with a stereo system on, slap a stranger, jump down a well. All you got to do is live with the repercussions later.
It's really the choices we have and make that make us who we are. And what I just mentioned up there, it's just my POV. And you might strongly disagree, but I don't blame you. To disagree with something is only normal, right? I mean, I disagree with some Malaysian policies, you know, so is half of Malaysia, but heck..... Can't change it now can we?
So go ahead and be who you want to be, this is your life, and live it the way you want to. I just hope and pray that things will turn out better for those out there who I know, whether you count on changing or not, because after this life, believe me or not when I say eternal bliss or damnation await you. If you don't, then take the rule of karma: What goes around comes around. There's just something at the end. I know it. I can feel it.

My dream is :- to be a better person. And what I mean by better? I won't know until I'm there. It can only be experienced for oneself, no?

"Be the change you want to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi

Amen to that.
That daunting day was over; I find it so much of a relief now.

As to WHAT the end result was, let's just say it's a relative thing. Good in a sense, satisfactory in another.

I'm sorry, but if you've ever stumbled upon a phrase which goes something like "Success is determined by others; satisfaction is determined by you," then I guess, the success and satisfaction of my achievement are very much different from the other.

Click to enlarge, but trust me, there's nothing much you can see; you'll have to ask me personally.

Hope things will still be as POSITIVE like Janus995 is starting to influence me with. I have to say, being positive is just... tiring and superficial at times. But I'm not giving up! (You hear me Cheeps?)

Anywho, I'm glad this whole hullaballoo on SPM is finally over, at least the 'core' part of it.
SPM results out this coming Monday. I hope I don't fall sicker (to my stomach).

I find that what this dude said about SPM results rings way too true - "Taking results is even worse than sitting for SPM itself."

Damn, he could be SOOOOOOO right.