Now that I'm staying in a hostel, I have to be responsible for my own food, lavatory cleanliness and laundry among other things.

The rooms here are pretty standard: Every room comes with a ceiling fan, study table, lights, locker, bedframe and mattress. (They're not in very pristine conditions, but it's still livable)

And then there's the toilet.

~If you're living with two other people, you share the responsibility of its cleanliness.

~If you're living with two other uncooperative people, you bear the burden and frustration of who's going to (reluctantly) clean it next.

But that's besides the point. (Although it acts as a reminder to those who are outstation/overseas-bound that having housemates comes with a 'fair' amount of bane. Beware!)

As I was taking my shower the other day, I peered into the forsaken hole a.k.a. toilet bowl and wondered how much dirtier it really was than from what I could actually see.

You see, the toilets in all the units of my hostel are not uniformed, in the sense, the colours aren't the same. My friend's is white (not to mention her toilet is much more spacious than mine, sigh) and the one I have in my unit is dark blue.

She came to my unit one day and said how she liked the colour of my toilet. Then, I said to her that I liked the colour of her toilet. In my heart I was like "What is the matter with you? If got dirty waste bits sticking at the side also you don't know, ewwwwwwwwwww," but this is no cause of argument, as much as we debate over a number of things, so moving along....

At that point in time when I was having a shower and unintentionally glimpsed into the toilet bowl (for crying out loud, the toilet bowl itself occupies a quarter of the entire toilet space), I thought to myself, "I can't see what the hell is below the water surface. Shit. *pun unintended*"

It got me thinking.

This scenario made me wonder:

Would you rather be

a person who is conspicuous; who doesn't choose to mask himself from any of his wrongs, but instead allows himself to be corrected and has no qualms about it, much like a white toilet?


someone who pretends and intentionally hides himself, leaving his world to be a self-perpetuating one full of wrongs that cannot be seen?

I might not be making sense at the moment because my world is not making a lot of sense. Wake up wake up.
I have nothing to blog about.

Going for English classes makes me realise how much I didn't know or thought I knew about the English language, not to mention having me double, triple-check even, my words. Sucks.

For the past week, I have been reading this bestseller book (non-fiction, I must add) and quite frankly, it makes you want to correct the punctuations around you, especially if you're a stickler at heart.
(This is part of my wide-variety book-reading mission, no more stick-to-one-genre reading. *nods violently*)
It's time to open up, broaden horizons, take on a new lease in life, do something you have longed to do....
Oh my, starting to feel apathy in my bones. Bah.

A week in KBU has passed. Sorry to those who commented on the previous post, but I don't usually reply people's comments there, but I'll do it here (So much for having a comment space-_-"). So...Thank you for your well wishes. (Adeline, I hope you're feeling fine and well now, especially that shoulder of yours when I need it 'cos I could use it-thanks!) I hope they come true because right now, I feeling a little apprehensive at times when I'm there.

Most probably will be updating as sporadically as every week or so (not like people are anticipating my next post or what right?), unless I receive my student ID earlier. (But I'm not so much the rant-blogger, so I guess I can spare you all the trouble of listening to my complaints on the world wide web, and hence, not barge you with so much inconsequential blah)

Yesterday was 07.07.07. To the numerous couples who tied the knot yesterday (and not to mention take on a new plunge into married life), perhaps yesterday was a (numerically) auspicious day to do it. I mean come on, wouldn't 07.07.07 look SO GOOD a date to print on your wedding reception invitations, especially since a play with numbers is very easily memorized?

Let's take for an example:-

Now that's sexy. Mm hmm! And I surely won't forget the date and time! (whether I'm the wedded one or a guest)

Let's see the other dates similar to this one:-
  • 08.08.08 (8.08 p.m., still ok right?)
  • 09.09.09 (9.09 p.m. not so feasible)
  • 10.10.10 (Er, let's not push it)
  • 11.11.11 (11 a.m. maybe?)
  • 12.12.12 ("Happy Hour" more like)
Hope something special comes up on those dates for all of you! (Well, it doesn't always have to be a wedding, does it? ;-)
Signing off now. Take care, God bless!
Today officially marks the second day of the next half of the year, I think. (Is that right Gregorian?)

I have officially been made redundant by Taylor's as of July. My student ID is no longer valid and I can't sneak up on my ex-classmates' new timetable for the next Semester and so forth. Sad.

Time to move on I suppose!

KBU here I *gulp* come.....

I've always wanted to change my blog template but I never seem to get it done, not even halfway. How exasperating.

It's like this:
#1=Coding planned. Never meticulously altered. Hence, dissatisfied-dismiss blog template changing.

#2=Found nice templates, not suitable for Blogger platform. Cis.

#3=Change of heart occurs. 'Dots' template seemed embellished enough to be retained. Poignant, in fact, to change.

#4=Previous edits must be added if want to stay in new template. Lazy. Bleak.

And that's why I haven't done any changing. Looks like I'm the type resistant of change, whether it is naturally-occuring or not. Aiseh.

I hope the change that is KBU won't bring so much of a bad experience. At the very most, just the slight discomfort of a new college. Every new thing usually brings some form of intimidation to an individual. That's my philosophy.
Whether you want to overcome it and have yourself empowered by the experience or just simply resist, I hope it's the former, you guys.

July, July. Thou art here now.