Millions have been mesmerized with what is out there, the infinite skies, the mystery behind the black veil that shrouds us at night, the gleaming stars that illuminate the dark night.

The dark can be a beautiful yet brief spectacle because it is never too long before it is light again.

If I had a canvas to lie on and stare at the night sky, I would gladly do so to pass the time (rather than napping for hours on end).

But alas, there is nothing to stare at where I live. The night sky looks as sparse as this (or even more sparse than this):-

very bad depiction; I don't know the constellations by heart.

People sing of it, made documentaries about it, wrote books on it.
Stars is what they are.

I don't think I have ever seen more stars at night than I did yesterday while in Pahang.

There were so many they looked like they were flooding the space:
better depiction than previous one. Yes indeed.

The sight simply took my breath away (not literally). There were just so many. So MANY I TELL YOU!
It's these sort of things you don't normally get to experience in the city. And then there was the beach.

Oh, the grains of sand, so fine and soft beneath your feet. The feeling of sinking is interesting because you don't fall too deep, but yet it feels somewhat insecure.

The blue skies and seemingly endless horizon. Spectacular.

Oh, and the fireflies! Fireflies are like Christmas lights on a Christmas tree at night. If I didn't know any better, they look like twinkling stars. Pretty pretty! [due to the darkness and the prohibition of flash photography, no pictures have been taken]

If you have the time, go visit Malaysia's coastal areas. The city isn't the only thing that's bright at night ;)
Selamat Hari Raya, one and all!

Wish I could join in the festivities but I'm off to Pahang later in the morning today. If it ain't wilderness I' m seeing, then it's not worth the trip, eh?

Maaf Zahir dan Batin kepada seluruh umat Islam di Malaysia
been M.I.A for the whole of September. Can only imagine who comes by this blog now....

anyways, just for the sake of filling in something for the month of October (if it ever happens that I go M.I.A again, it sure won't with this posted)


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If you find it, congrats. Never see the sign the same way again.


If anything pops up, October won't be solo. Toodlez~