Happy Christmas and Happy Boxing Day!
Being a pessimist is not such a bad thing since you're either being constantly proven right or pleasantly surprised.

Not such a bad idea now is it?

Who knew that it could be (ironically) such a good thing after all?
Exams coming up!

I believe IELTS is an exam.


Yeah. Hope all goes well and I get the band I want to go to Australia. It's really interesting to see what happens this Wednesday during my speaking test (and others' for that matter, oh GOOD LUCK to Yi Rhu who'll be sitting for hers this week too : )!!!! ) because I don't know if I'll get that desperate till I start being pretentious and speak with an Aussie accent.

Crazy, but blimey, it could all happen to a sheila like me!

Haven't gotten quite down to business, but I hope I can pull myself together and start writing proper essays. (yeah, right)


Life is absolutely crazy.

One minute you're up and the next thing you know, you're down.

Just like the stormy seas.


I'll save it for next time. Going crazy now with all the talking-to-myself syndrome for speaking test tomorrow. Hah!


Love the show, love the wit, love Patrick, and the cute-ness (although I don't understand why it's supposedly a children's show. Kids don't get the jokes, or do they?)
I think it's great for everyone of every age, different appeals as the show has.

Call it stupid, but I call it humour.
At its finest :P