Lesson #1-Killing a lizard

Ever wondered how those pale, icky creatures that stick and run on your walls prove themselves to be more annoying than buzzing flies?
I sure don't anymore after successfully getting rid of one. Permanently.

To achieve such status of obliteration, one must be equipped with:
-A door
-A well-oiled hinge
-A scraper
-Fast hand movements

Directions: *(subjected to chance)
1. Locate subject, preferably on doorframe or within door proximity.
2. At specified location, coerce/scare subject to enter door hinge proximity.
3. Once entered, there is no turning back. Pull door knob at a speed of 3 m/s.
4. Open door and evacuate immediately.
5. Return to site and clean mess with a scraper. Ensure it is discarded properly.(Fortunately, such creatures exhibit no signs of blood spatter, merely a flattened carcass with all remains intact, no spillage whatsoever.)

There you go. An exterminating job well done. For complete lizard-free environment, repeat steps 1 through 5.

I'm not as gruesome or morbid as that, but really; kill a lizard, I did.
I'm not proud of it, but it was not like I had a choice in it. It was accidental, purely accidental.
I'm not a lizard enthusiast, hence I do not scout out for lizards, especially not the kind that dwells in my house. But when they decide to rest near door hinges, I am less than inclined to look nor notice. So I only did steps 4 and 5 in the directive above. The first three steps were void, or at least not to the extent where it was a deliberate action.
Inevitably, lizards commonly die that way, to my believe.
*No photos can be included as author was to grossed out by the very sight.

Moving on.....

Lesson #2 - Killing Mosquitoes

Ever wondered how and why mosquitoes are part of the food chain? Maybe, just maybe, if they were completely wiped out from the face the earth, no one or no thing would at the slightest bit be affected?
I fervently believe this is the case (but unfortunately, my eco-friendly sister suggests that frogs and spiders and some fishes would die without the presence of such pesky and irritating insects. Damn, she's got a point)

But whatever. I hate mosquitoes since they bring diseases and make you itch to no end so they must die.

But we all know how to get rid of them already anyway.....
(Man, it's been a while. I think I should consider the absence from this blog as a hiatus, but it's not like it matters whether I declare it or not :P.)

First thing's first.

Next thing.
Nearly a year has passed since the end of 2007.
Why is it that at the end of every year, it always feels like it has gone much too fast, but when you're in the midst of it, it never seems fast at all?
Well, there's just 5 days left to this year and if you ask me in one sitting what I'd say highlighted this year, I can't possibly recap everything that's happen over the course of 2008.
But let me tell you this, it has been quite a year;
I went to college,
turned 18,
broke a toenail,
seen a fair share of real-time drama everywhere,
tried making sense of people's attitudes,
learned more Chinese characters yet
am still technically a banana,
spent more of own money than all the years before,
trying to grow flowers in the garden,
passed my exams with pretty good colours,
got back those calluses on my fingers,
(hopefully) going to Australia next year.

This list doesn't look much, but it has been a year enriched by a million experiences, some I won't forget and some I'm more than ready to let go.


I hope next year brings all of you life experiences that make you all better persons; sweet or bitter, it really doesn't matter, as long as you believe in your life.

About the growing flowers in the garden bit, I really am trying to grow flowers in the garden. I've no green thumbs, no experience, no manuals, just a sudden inspiration (or over-ambitiousness) to grow something after a stint of loosening the hardened soil for the sake of the dying pandan leaves outside my home.
The thing about gardening is, it takes a long time to reap results, something like weight loss (I know that it's a whole different story but it's still pertinent).
You know the basics, you pump in the effort, you make sure you didn't leave anything out, you maintain the work required for it, and slowly but surely the results come.
If you don't tend to or look after it, it'll probably relapse into what it was before, and then you have to start all over again. Damn.

So, growing flowers in the garden is something to while my time away before I (hopefully) fly next year (losing weight is more difficult, hence opting for this instead). The thing is, I forgot to read all of the words on the back of the packet of seeds that I bought for this project, and so, I'm probably not going to see any flowers grow in the time I'm (probably) still around on this side of the world.
It's really silly of me to not consider the time it takes to bloom, I mean, after all, you take on a project so that you can actually SEE results, right? But whatever, the seeds have germinated, leaves have sprouted, and they're expanding everyday. It's a good sign!

Oh well, I'll just have my sister look after it and take photos when it (hopefully) blooms. :P

In the meantime, I'm reading, waiting for 2009 and trying to improve my failing memory. I'm gonna see just how it all turns out.

Till then, take care one and all!
Find out what it means to me"

I believe not everyone understands what respect means; some probably don't even have this word in their vocabulary list. How sad.

I'm probably going to risk sounding like I profess dictatorship but everyone deserves respect, so one must give if one wants to take (and trust me honey, you need some in life). I'm a stickler for reciprocity, because one way relationships are doomed for the abyss anyway, so I'm saying this with the best of interests in mind.
I've been crossed many, many, many times before, and the underlying reason for most of them is that there was a lack of respect (and in some sense, honour) in the situation.

I don't remember if I've ever mentioned on this blog before (and I'm a little to lazy to check back anyway) but I really really do not like blatant shows of emotion, not at the cashier, not at the counter, not at the park, not in the car, not ever.

What I mean by blatant might be a little bit slippery, but whatever it is, all I ask in the name of respect is to keep your voice calm, to just remain cordial, genial, keep all frustrations aside and do not throw the blame at others so easily.
Is that so much to ask? (Why does this sound like a rhetorical)

Today, an old man who was some random stranger made me think about the mutual lack of respect we have for each other (how ironic, the 'mutual lack') In this case, it wasn't mutual, because I wasn't the one being disrespectful, since he being an old man, I had to be extra respectful merely due to age. Boy, was I wasting such politeness on him.
In no way is this old man some wise, well-mannered, dignified old man. OOOOOHHH NO.
He was in every way, the impolite Malaysian known as the impolite idiot in my books. He sure bloody was.
I'm not going to go in specifics, I have vented more anger in words than appropriate, but all I'm going to say is that, some people simply have no respect nor show ANY consideration towards others, as if this whole world revolved around you and you control everything because you take everyone as if they were your footstool, simply because you deem yourself old and hence you should be treated as such.
This kind of crappy attitude should be made punishable by law, but that's just too idealistic.

I am idealistic, and combine with my autocratic tendencies, I'm all set to be a dictator. Unless of course, everyone was well-mannered enough, then I would happily remain civil.

But of course, I'm ranting. I don't actually want to be a dictator, I don't want to be telling you what to do, I have no right to control your life anyway since it's yours (and His), but for God's sake please remember that our actions have bearings on our and other people's lives too.

Rant, I did.
I'm done with college life! The finals are so OVER!

Which brings to light the fact that after this, university is what's next.
It's not gonna be any easier than all these past years of education, so let's just hope for the best wherever the future brings me to.

I'm still undecided about which university I want to enrol in yet, there's also a chance I might not get the last say as to where I enter eventually, so everything still stands in uncertainty as of now.
This is so not good but whatever, I can't do much now, haha.

To my dear friend Aliah Big Kid, I am so very the super very very the sorry so very the much about this belated birthday wish but...
Dear Big Kid, HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY!!!!!
May you breeze through this semester and the next because for what it's worth, you MUST be the engineer I want you to be, muahahhahahahha!
*what a twisted birthday wish*
Malaysians are an abrasive lot. It's even sadder to know that the genial minority of Malaysians is inadvertently categorised under this very unfortunate label. What a bitch.

There are things you earnestly detest, and then there are some you can tolerate.

And in no way am I tolerating the impolite idiot also known as the 1 out of 10 Malaysian. This is a very scarce estimate, I believe.

Oh well, they might not know any other way to behave. Or speak. Or think.
I believe in plainly living your own life, but don't be a prima donna because this world isn't owned by any one person, and especially not the impolite idiot known as the 1 out of 10 Malaysian.
Barack Obama!
Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States of America(Photo 'courtesy' of barackobama.net)

Congratulations and may he lead America not to the wayside but instead to bring about the change that everyone who voted for him believes in. (Well, not me in particular but you know, it helps to see things change for the better in a foreign perspective.)

We'll see what the next 4 years bring about. *fingers crossed*

Tomorrow, I will be sitting for my TEE English as an Additional Language paper.
What does this paper entail?

A lot of rushing, plenty of scribbling which is supposed to be passed of as legitimate handwriting, much contorted expressions (since there is a listening section to the exam) when foreign, unintelligible accents(hopefully not, though) are heard, and of course, a reading text.

But it's all for the greater good.
Instructions: Never see the questions before you arrange the names.

1. Sara Kang
2. Lim Li Vern
3. Raveen
4. Adeline
5. Naveen

1. How did you meet 1. Sara Kang?
We met when we were in primary school, we were pretty obscure to each other then but now it's a whole different story (baybeh!)

2. On a scale of 1 - 10, how would you rate your friendship with 1. Sara Kang ?
I give it a 9. She's one of the nicest and sweetest persons around.

3. How long you have known 4. Adeline?
Since secondary school. I have not turned back ever since. (LOL)

4. How do you know number 3. Raveen?
I met him in primary school but like 1. Sara Kang, we were pretty obscure to each other. I just knew he was a smart ass and I guess I thought that to be a little alien at first. Haha.

5. Where's 5. Naveen?
Studying his butt off at CUCMS to become a doctor. (Right or not, Naveen?:P)

6. A fact about number 1. Sara Kang.
She forgets she's mad with someone pretty quickly, and I think that's really cool :)

7. Who is 4. Adeline going out with?
She is 'going out' with a guy (thank God for that) whose name I shall not speak of. (the '...' because she's not ACTUALLY going out with him)

8. What does 1. Sara Kang do for a living?
She is studying like me and possibly one day go right to the top of her own company. (I have dreams for her -_-")

9. Would you live with number 3. Raveen?
Sure. If the neighbours don't mind a lot of noise. We bicker with each other pretty often.

10. What do you like about number 2. Li Vern?
Li Vern is a very friendly and warm person who makes you feel welcome every time.

11. Do you miss number 5. Naveen?
I guess so (only via MSN do I miss him :P). He's one of the more interesting persons to talk to online. Like he mentioned on his blog, I have yet to meet him in person.

12. Would you make out with number 4. Adeline?
I would, but if I ever did, I think it would be our very dirty little secret.

13. What's your opinion on number 2. Li Vern?
She is outgoing. Period.

14. What's your favourite memory with number 5. Naveen?
Since all of the memories are from conversations online, I guess all the time when I told him my interesting stories [I'm waiting for yours] ;-)

15. What will you do if number 1. Sara Kang and 2. Li Vern were going out?
It would mean the clash of two "nice beings". The world would shine with their niceness albeit lesbian.

16. Ever had a long conversation with 5. Naveen?
Why, of course. It's hard typing though through Messenger but very fun, we have to meet up dude!

17. Have you ever slept at 2. Li Vern's house?
No, but would love to.

18. Do you hang out with 3. Raveen a lot?
Once upon a time, a LOT. Then he flew to England.

19. Who have you known the longest?
It's a tie between 1. Sara Kang and 3. Raveen.

20. What will happen if number 1. Sara Kang and 5. Naveen have a relationship?
I will laugh. And laugh. And laugh. And ask them "How's it going?" :D

21. How often do you talk to 1. Sara Kang?
Every week perhaps, at least through SMS-es.

22. What about 2. Li Vern??
Almost everyday, since I'm here in the hostel pretty often.

23. Have you ever thought of 3. Raveen more than a friend?
*gasps* Jokingly back in Form 5, since we bickered a lot, OTHER people thought we were. But for me, no.

24. Would you go on a date with number 5. Naveen?
I don't think so. If he takes me out for a drink, is that a date? Don't think so right. (hint hint Naveen. You can pay for the drinks when we do meet :P)

25. Do you dream about number 2. Li Vern?
As in like, does she appear in my dreams? Well, since my dreams are random occurrences anyway, I guess it's a yes.

26. What did no.4 Adeline did to you that you can never forget?
Her wild crushes and the stories she tells me. I don't think it's easily forgettable.

27. What have you done for/to 1. Sara Kang that the person never forgets?
I don't know. Being me and telling MY "XXX" stories perhaps would be pretty unforgettable haha.

28. What's 3's (Raveen) hobby?
Pretending to be gay, I don't know. Being a physics genius also. I think.

29. Tag more people.

Me final exams is startin' this week (tomorrow, in fact). Me sanity is in the dumps, fellas.

On an unrelated note, whoever wins the US elections tomorrow, I bid him all the best in keeping his promises to the citizens of the USA, and inadvertently, to the rest of the world.
Either way, this election will be a first of sorts.

If Barack wins, he'll be the first African-American President of the United States.
If McCain wins, he'll be the oldest American to take office.


Honestly, I did not keep up with the days running to the election and what Republican or Democrat candidate stands up for exactly if they do become the next president.

They have one helluva mess to fix after either wins, looking at the US now. Capitalism might not look so good to the world at the moment.
1.Is anything wrong?
Not at all.

Would you kiss anyone on your top friends?
A peck on the cheek tops.

Do you want to go to college?
Already AM in college.

How many kids do you want to have?
Two, IF I am able to have kids. God only knows.

Do you have a good relationship with your parents?
I believe so.

What did you do for your last birthday?
I think I was sulking, and THEN I had drinks with some friends <3

What were you doing at midnight last night?
Reading book.

Name something you cannot wait for?
MMmmmm....(would I be called impatient?) Go to Australia?

What is one thing you would change in your life?
Some things I shouldn't have done. Duh.

Last thing you ate/drank?

Whats your favorite month?
December because that's when holidays are mostly on. And it's Christmas!

What is your least favorite month?
February because there are fewer days compared to other months. (silly reason to give, I know.)

Do you like peanut butter?

Who’s making you feel the way you are right now?
Jay Chou because I'm listening to his song right now.

Most visited web pages
E-mail, Wikipedia, IMDb, blogs, YouTube.

Last person to make you mad?
My sister 'cos she kept me awake by LOL-ing. Ohohohoh.

Pepsi or coke?

Have you hugged anyone in the past week?

Fun thing to look forward to this week?
Going home and doing handicraft. Sort of.

What do you think about your sibling(s)?
They are cool in a special way.

24. Whats your favorite number(s)?
I don't know why, but I like the number 3.

What do you do after school/college?
Sit in front of computer and let my hands do the thinking.

Do you know how to swim?
I think so. Throw me into one and see what I can do.

Where were you born?
Subang Jaya.

Do you have a crush?
Yes - Jon Foreman, Micky Yoochun, Roger Federer, Jensen Ackles. Ohohohohoh!

Are you jealous of one or more of your friends?

Have you known any of your friends your whole life?
Primary school ones I guess. I've not ended my whole life yet so.... yeah.

Are any of your friends taller than you?
Certainly. I'm not 7 feet tall.

Have you ever been ditched by a friend?
I don't understand, but to a certain extent, possibly.

Do you have your friend’s phone number’s memorized?

Have you lost or forgotten a friend’s phone number?

Have you been to most of your friends houses?
Mmmmm. Half-half.

Do you love most of your friends?
Some are loved, some are liked.

Do you play with things when nervous?
No, just my cheeks get all hot and my heart starts pounding.

Do you have an odd obsession with knives?

Do you sleep with the door open or closed?

Is there at least one sound you can’t stand?
The ones made when I'm trying to fall asleep.

What is your worst habit?
Not doing what I should be doing.

Do you currently like/love someone?
Surprisingly, no. Other than Jon Foreman, Micky Yoochun, Roger Federer and Jensen Ackles, no.

Do you want to kill one of your exes?
I will not discuss murderous intent on my blog.

Has one of your crushes ever called you self centered before?
I don't know. They wouldn't DARE say it to my face.

. Do you think abortions are horrible?
Yes. Now that's killing.

Are you against or think gay marriage is bad?
Why do they need to get married at all is MY question.

3. Is pink an ugly color?
It's not. It's just my LEAST FAVOURITE colour.

Needles aren’t so horrible?
Better than knives, okay?

You have plenty of secrets?
If I told you, it wouldn't be a secret anymore now, would it?

Have you ever fallen UP the stairs?
Physically outrageous, but perhaps tripped frontwards, yes.

Have you ever had a nail fall off?
Mmmm. Just a week ago, yes it did!

Have you ever slapped someone across the face?

I tag Naveen because he tagged me twice in a short span of time.
... that you can learn more about a person. I think.

1. Six people to tag.

Don't want la can ah. Okay, can lah.

2. Six things I'm passionate about...

  • Being happy
  • Reading fiction novels
  • My piano
  • My computer and all I can do with it
  • Drawing, perhaps?
  • Singing, PERHAPS

3. Six things I say TOO often...

  • Bloody HELL!
  • Shit
  • So fugly
  • (says something here) man!
  • WOMAN!
  • the "lahs"
  • 'Don't know'

4. Six books I've Read recently...

  • Whole Truth by David Baldacci
  • Stone Cold by David Baldacci
  • Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami
  • The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
  • Calculus, Physics and Chemistry textbook
  • Mathematics textbook

5. Six songs I can Listen to Again and Again...

  • Doushitte kimi wo suki ni natte shimattandarou by DBSK
  • Bu neng shuo de mi mi by Jay Chou
  • The Blues by Switchfoot
  • Whatever it Takes by Lifehouse
  • Dan by Sheila on 7
  • Some of Chopin's pieces

6. Six Things I learnt in the Past Year...

  • I'm not as dumb as I think
  • my eyebags have gotten worse
  • Learning a new language may be fun, but very difficult
  • People are different than you think
  • Feelings are irrational
  • When you're getting older, things change. Like, everything
I want to write something, but I don't know what to write. But I shall write anyway.

I'm not quite done with the exams yet, as of right NOW, there's still tomorrow's Chemistry paper (and then it's bloody over, and that's just till the Final Exams!).

I want to pen down some things before I forget.

Someone once told me (I think it was my dad) that the resident instrumentalists who perform for the Petronas Philharmonic Orchestra are paid a LOT LOT LOT of money per month. And A LOT means in the 5-digit department kinda A LOT.
That's bloody a lot for, what, playing the...violin, timpani, clarinet? Hello?!? That's just so.. awesome.

Of late I've been thinking about money only because I have some travel aspirations in the future, and financial independence is my principal (and refusal to procure parent subsidy, if there is such a thing).

So anyway, hypothetically speaking, if I ever get as good as any of those violinists, timpanists, etc., I can make, REALLY make money man. IF only I was good as them, that is.
Talent really pays. But the problem is, I lack talent. So that means, I have to look at other avenues for earning money. And that brings to mind investing.
But investing in what, precisely?

There's always talk about the whole stock market, buy-sell, price drop, buy-sell, bull-bearish, etc etc and all this talk gives me a headache makes me wonder where does all the money come from and just how it does, ahhhh.
So, shove aside investing in the share market, I have no idea what it's all about.

MY idea of investing comes in the form of... let's see... buy a new, higher-end guitar (so that I'd feel terribly unaccomplished and guilty if I don't pick up more things) and start playing again and maybe reach the likes of Jon Foreman (AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!)
go for a Diploma course in Piano. I have given that SOME thought, but I think my fingers are getting a little tighter as the years progress.
Shit. It's like, bounded and not smooth-playing anymore. Haiyo, terrible la. Is it just my ineptitude or is a perfect Fantasie Impromptu rendition reserved for the highly-talented people, 'cos it's been nearly 2 years and I still can't play the piece quite right yet!

Been listening to a lot of Jay Chou lately. Reminds me of what I used to try doing: singing and playing the piano at the same, but I'm nowhere close to sounding audibly acceptable. That's another option, but singing is not my niche man. Can't do it. But want to do it.


Got to save up and be frugal!

Tata, and p.s. all the best with your aspirations!
Here comes that time again: exams.
I've always had this habit where I go into a self-contained mode during the pre-period, and then get all that spasmodic jitters right before a paper.
But oh well, it's a habit, and old habits die hard.
Like, REALLY hard.

And that's just ONE habit.

Normal people, I presume, have habits that they could live without. Like maybe nail-biting (I got rid of that after the whole braces stint), spontaneous scratching and a host of others too. Maybe the ones I named aren't the kind to lower the quality of life by much, but it sure does come with an irritating, unproductive tag to it.

English paper up first tomorrow. I have no idea what I've got up in this brain when it comes to writing. This post isn't exactly an exemplary testament to my writing skills, neither has any been in recent months. Dang.

What's up with the post title you may ask (but probably not)?
The dictionary has been of big help lately and I got some words I've misused all this while straighten out.
The word profound is one of them.
I think I've had some deep thinking going on this weekend, but as all things go, I'm a pretty private person and this blog ain't no avenue for such thoughts. Or at least, not in this state of mind.
I hope this whatchamacallit "emo" time helps in essay tomorrow.

Tata, goodnight, and to all my fellow comrades bound for apparent 'doom' tomorrow, all the best!
Time sure flies.

I hope to go to Australia next year. You know, that place down under? Yeah. That's where I ought to be next year, if all goes well.

Received an e-mail notification from UWA (University of Western Australia) last week. It says that my application has been received, but the status as of today is still not confirmed.

Well, I hope to get at least ONE of my 5 choices, that is, anywhere in Australia (except Tasmania and the Northern Territory). So, wish me the best!

Wherever life takes me, I'm glad I've come this far.

Will pen more next time because I will be sitting for my TRIAL EXAMS in 2 weeks' time. It is the time of.. well, study.

XOXO, Germae
Till the next four years, I will dearly miss the Olympics! (London 2012, I await thee!)

The last two weeks of the games showcased a spectacular display of sportsmen and sportswomen, performing awesome feats of sport.
(In other words, it was a feast of eye-candy for me, OHHHHHHH YESH IT WAS)

Some things about the Olympics I didn't realise until of late (A four-year interval is a LONG time) are how
  • very, very hot athletes can look
  • the events can be so very nerve-racking
  • enviable some of these athletes' bodies and talents can be
The sport which I enjoy watching the most is athletics/track & field. Because.
For one, if I were seated in the stadium, I not only get to watch say, just a high jump event, but also the 4 x 100m relay, shot put, javelin throw, etc.
It is value for money, indeed.

But even though I was only a spectator in front of the TV, it feels nearly the same.
It could be even better, because the camera can zoom right to the athlete in focus on the TV screen.

OHOHOHOHOHOH. (feeling very aroused)

(If my watching the Olympics is just for eye-candying, well, then I say "to each his own.")

You see, when there isn't any countrymen of yours competing, then there really isn't anyone to root for in the spirit of patriotism, is there?
So the next best thing is- to root for whoever you want; for me, I root for the one who looks the hottest. (I'm being annoyingly superficial, but this is my blog.)

Here are some notable (hot) athletes and winners of the sport:

Bryan Clay, the American Decathlete who won the Gold Medal. He's h-u-g-e.

Tia Hellabaut, the Belgian high-jumper took Gold after jumping 2.05 m, defeating the athlete from Russia. Freaking nice bod!

Norwegian javelin thrower, Andreas Thorkildsen took the gold at 90.57m, breaking the previous Olympic record.

I also liked the gymnastics and Swimming (specifically, the Men's event)
I shall await the Commonwealth Games in the next 2 years!

(If I don't have raging hormones at THIS age, I don't know if I'll ever again next time)
With each new dawn it's not the same world as it was before.

The consequences from yesterday become today's circumstances.
Make today count. Let not tomorrow be a worry.

It's already August. Four more months till 2009 (I do like to point out the obvious, it seems)

Next month, we're going to have our Trial Exam here in KBU.
Just a little over two months after that is the actual Final Exam.

Just as SPM and PMR, I'm not feeling the urgency just yet. Not till a month, or maybe two weeks preceding it. But that's me; I'm a sloth.
Save me. Though, this is how I normally work anyway.

You know, I admire those who work hard; like, really, really hard, whatever the cause. I'm sure the rewards they reap, will turn out to be gratifying.
As for me, I don't put my butt into a lot of the work I should be doing. Nevertheless, I will.
I always think it's good to take a break; not to work so damn freaking hard you lose sight of the fun side to life.
Unless, of course, work is fun to you. Which, I honestly, have trouble grappling with. Because as they say "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."
I enjoy my play/myself-and-what-I-WANT-to-do time. :)

In the last month, I bought myself 4 books: two works of fiction and two classics.

Personally, I do enjoy reading a variety books, but I have my personal preferences as to how it's written and what is it's genre (note to self: don't buy Paulo Coelho).

Currently engrossing myself in:

Nicely written, so far. (Thank you Rasyad, for insisting that this book would be a good read. I am not regretting this purchase, although I believe you do not come by this blog.)

As for the other fiction novel, it's this:

Had trouble to continue on after the first few chapters, but I shall persevere when I have more time and brain capacity since the way it's written is not so easy to grasp.
During the holidays lah.

If you're not so much into literary works and prefer more straight-forward and not so unusual writing style, then be cautious when you see a book winning awards like the Booker Prize. Midnight's Children is the winner of the Booker of Bookers. That makes it the apparently best work among all other Booker Prize winners.
So, I guess that does translate into being a very, VERY, literary work.
Go for books like "The International Bestseller"; if so many people in the world buy it, they can't all be that bad at making a choice right?
My logic at least :)

Good morning, ya'll.
Things just took a turn for the worse.

Have you ever woke up one absolutely normal day, when all of a sudden you realised that you lost something, something you never thought was so important to you after all this time?

It then hits you that you're not going to get it back anytime soon.
Like, never.

Well, it happened to me today. I'm dumbfounded. I'm in a state of shock. I'm..... somewhat upset.

I questioned what have I done to make this so; what have I not done to make this so.
I understood that it could have only be so because of my own doings.
I wished that things sometimes could last forever; but forever is never long enough.
Good things sometimes do come to an end.

The thing that I lost today was.....

"My Perfect Vision" - I'm short-sighted now y'all.
I'm going to need *@#$*!#%**$%# GLASSES!

(Sorry if I'm making a big fuss about my vision; I'll explain why now)

For all my 18 years, I've never had the need for any vision aid. I took pride in the fact that I had pretty okay vision. I could see things afar clearly. And you know that chart with evenly-spaced, tapered, random alphabets that you find at the optometrist's?
Yeah, I could read that from top to bottom with almost zero difficulty at a distance.

In my family, other than my second sister, I had no need for glasses. Both my parents and eldest sister wear them; I thought I was lucky to avoid the glasses.
After all, short-sightedness is a little like a handicap, right?
You need something to help it work properly. Sounds like it is a handicap to me.

Ever since I came to KBU, I don't think I have ever gotten myself to sit in front of the class. Then again, I guess it's because just about everyone wants the seats closer to the front; I'm left with the 'spoils'.
In the classroom AND labs, I have the fortune of being seated at the spot most behind.
Man, am I lucky or what.

I guess it was only a matter of time before my eyes lose their ability to accommodate. Shucks. Should have seen this coming. I am NOT growing younger after all.

My sit-beside-partner here at KBU, Ms. Tan xiao jie (hehe) has found the need to change her glasses this year. I believe it to be because we both somewhat are (un)fortunate.

Why, oh why, oh why?

Like they say, "You never know what you've got till it's gone." (Well, I'm glad the it is not something that would stir my emo side. Phew.)

And one more thing: I was glad I didn't have to wear glasses because I think I look horrible in them; my face is just so broad and circular; there are few frame types that complements this face shape.
Until now that is since I'll just HAVE to get one.
I guess I'll be looking like this some time in the future:

The round glasses look:

How about the squarish frame kind?:

Which looks better ah?

Another thing to add to my expenditure. Aiyak.

I'll join in the four-eyed bandwagon very soon, probably : )
Thinking about the future becomes inevitable when you have to sort out things like:
  • University applications
  • Growing old
  • University applications
  • Filial duties
  • Financial arrangements
  • University applications
So basically, growing up/old, whatever it is, there's always a lot to think about.

But I get very confused when I think too much (due to the poor brain capacity :-( )

In the list of 6 above, I repeated the same thing twice. With that, I guess the one thing that really is making me think about a lot now is my university applications.
I think I mentioned somewhere last year about getting a scholarship to go to Australia to study engineering, right?
So yeah, if all goes well, and if my plans don't turn sour, then yeah, I'll fly to Australia to study engineering.

University is tentatively placed somewhere in my future. Therefore, so is Australia.
But apart from that, I can't really imagine myself apart from just achieving a "Yes, we have accepted you to study at our University" and then me going "YES!" and then me telling my parents and my friends about it and then I'll fly, fly away to that place Down Under.

Hence, I can't see myself in the future, other than what I just mentioned.

You see, I somewhat envy friends who have things that they're passionate about, like, who are really really passionate. I don't want to go on about them here because then I'll turn green with envy but for those who think you are them, congratulations to you. You go, go, go! :D
I know that Envy is one of the 7 but sometimes, the envy makes you motivated to churn out your own passion at something, just like your peers.
I guess I forgot what mine was. I'm sure it was nothing along the lines of something enormous and irrevocable (think world/global impact), but more along personal gratification.

I'd hate to bore you to tears but my point is, I have little passion about things now and hence the future seems a little blurry for myself. I just don't know exactly where I'm heading. I figured that doing engineering was the next safest bet among the other courses offered (initially I hated to do medicine; engineers sounded cooler; no regrets now though).
I don't feel like I'm at a loss, but rather without an aim. I need a bullseye, something that keeps me focused; a goal. It's not just about university, but what succeeds that too.
What about money love job parents home and everything like that?

Where will I be, say, 5 years from now? If asked to write an essay, I feel like it's going to be one elaborate passage of uncertain self-promises. (I do not like making promises or saying things, to others or even to myself, that I cannot keep)

However, though now I'm wondering about where life may take me, this past week reminded me that it's great to be alive. I thank Him that I've been blessed with all the opportunities I have in my life, as well as the pain, hurts and regrets that taught me how to be a better person.
I'm probably to some, someone distasteful; to some a typically normal person.
I know I'm not as much as others, but to the people I've met and known, you have made a difference to me, though some may be small and brief.
As much as I could, I really could not ask for more.

Bleak as my pessimism calls it, my future is as uncertain as the next person knows it.
An enigma, perhaps? Mystery always seems very exciting :)

4 years ago when my posterior and overall weight were far less prominent than they are now, I had a lot more endurance (purely in the physical sense; my temper and tolerance were still a little raw then).
I remember taking part in running contests at school and at higher levels (gee, I've really fattened up now huh?).
I miss being more active :(
I need to go for a jog, like, really.
(just last Saturday, I took at least 23 minutes for a 3.6 km run. Standard: DREADFUL/MORTIFYING)

*ramblings in the Midnight. Signing off, Germae.
Oh dear! Have I lost all will to write anything but respond to tags? (Not like tags give a bad name to blogs; they're actually quite fun to do :D )

Nah. Just been having rounds of writer's block I guess.

And so it has been too today.
I bet you, this tag is one of the reasons why we should never leave anything to chance.

The Music Shuffle Meme
1. Put your iTunes/ music player/ phone on Shuffle
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. You must put down the song name no matter what.

After you’ve answered all of the questions, tag 5 other people and then let them know they’ve been tagged to the meme themselves.
1.What would best describe your personality?
Slow Dancing in a Burning Room - John Mayer (I'm doomed!)

2.What do you like in a guy/girl?
Konayuki - Remioromen (OST 1 Litre of Tears) (It's in Japanese. Sounds soppy.)

3.How do you feel today?
Collide - Howie Day

4.What is your life's purpose?
The Setting Sun - Switchfoot (OH-KAY)

5.What is your motto?
Fly Away From Here - Aerosmith (Looks like I do a lot of running away)

6.What do your friends think of you?
Unfailing Love - Chris Tomlin (Wow. I am love-abundant. LOL)

7.What do you think of your parents?
Awakening - Switchfoot (????)

8.What do you think about very often?
Time After Time - Cyndi Lauper (I think about all moments; past, present, future. Apt)

9.What do you think of your best friend?
Holy is the Lord - Chris Tomlin (? Well, as we say - Jesus is my best friend)

10.What do you think of your crush?
Hey There Delilah - Plain White T's (My crush is a guy. I'm straight. LOL)

11.What is your life story?
Another Day In Paradise - Phil Collins (Has my life been that great? I suppose shuffle on WMP is not so bad after all :P)

12.What do you want to be when you grow up?
Shout - Tears for Fears (No comments)

13.What do you think when you see your crush?
Out of Reach - Gabrielle (Oh dear. Could be right. So right. :'( )

14.What do your parents think of you?
Kiss Me Goodbye - Angela Aki (I'm not going away anytime soon, mum and dad. Just another half a year plus...)

15.What do strangers think of you?
L'amour - Carla Bruni (Oh dear. Do I emanate so much L-O-V-Es)

16.What will they play at your funeral?
Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven (So gloomy :( )

17.What will you dance to at your wedding?
Nocturne Op. 2, No. 48 in F# - Chopin (Interesting.)

18.What is your hobby/interest?
Frederic Chopin - Grande Polonaise Brillante in E Flat, Op.2 - Chopin ( I like to play piano. Ok?)

19.What do you think of your friends?
We Are The World - USA for Africa (We are all together!)

20.What song do you listen to when you are sad?
The Look Of Love - Diana Krall (Weird....)

21.What song do you air guitar to?
Pretty Baby - Vanessa Carlton (Barely any guitar, but I'm after all, not the head-banging air guitar type)

22.What should be your signature karaoke song?
We Belong To The Sea - Aqua (Key way too high. Got to try harder with my karaoke skills)

23.What is your greatest desire?
Dirty Little Secret - All-American Rejects (Heehee. Looks like I shall not say)

24.What does next year have in store for you?
Sidewalks - Story of the Year (Oh me, oh my. Sidewalks?)

25.What's your outlook on life?
Everybody Wants To Rule the World - Tears For Fears (Everybody's an authoritarian, power-hungry dictator after all, no?)

26.How will you die?
The Moon is a Magnet - Jon Foreman (On the Moon? Cool!)

27.Do people secretly lust after you?
Don't Cha - Pussycat Dolls (Yes! I knew it!)

28.The best advice you will ever get
Everlasting Love - Jamie Cullum (Yes. The power of love, indeed)

29.What will I be doing for the next 3 months?
Hungry Like the Wolf - Duran Duran (I'm going on a binge-eating spree? Gosh)

30.What do you think of the person who tagged you?
Shiver - Maroon 5 (Heng Ji, be afraid. Be very, very afraid)

31.What will your future mother-in-law be like?
Solta O Frango - Unknown (Sounds like one hip mother-in-law to me)

32.What is the favourite song of the doctor who will help deliver your baby?
I Don't Need a Man - Pussycat Dolls (Ironic. My obstetrician must be a woman then.)

33.If you wrote a book, what would it be about?
Let Your Love Be Strong - Switchfoot (Power of Love. Yay)

34.What sort of world ruler would you be?
Quando, Quando, Quando - Michael Buble and Nelly Furtado (???)

35.Will you ever get a dog or cat?
Until The Time is Through - 5ive (means not ever)

36.What would you say at your Oscar/Nobel prize acceptance speech?
Teardrops on My Guitar - Taylor Swift (I will be holding a guitar when I give my speech)

37.What is your superpower?
Won't Go Home Without You - Maroon 5 (I have the power of Attraction!)

38.Why are you attracted to enigmatic brooders?
The Way I Am - Ingrid Michaelson (That's just the way I am? Really?)
This is one funny Tag I tell you!

Now, I tag the 5 people:
  • Sara Kang
  • Adeline Heng
  • Naveen Sritharan
  • Chee Seng
  • Cheeps

Haha. Enjoy!
1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
3. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog.

Starting time: 8.51 pm

Name: Germae Phua

Sisters: 2

Brothers: kosong

Shoe size: 7

Height: 163 cm

Where do you live: Subang Jaya

Favourite drinks:
Mango, orange juice, ABC (is that even a drink?) bubble tea, chocolate drinks

Favourite breakfast:
I don't know. Nice pastry perhaps?

Have you ever been on a plane?:

Swam in the ocean:
At the seaside. Not cross-ocean swimming. I'll give it a yes.

Fallen asleep at school:
Yes. More like a doze.

Broken someone's heart:

Fell off your chair:
Yes. Back in kindergarten. But I didn't cry; I promise.

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call:
Don't think I ever have.

Saved emails?
Yeah. Just a handful.

What is your room like:
Square. Not inviting looking, but it is acceptably organized.

What's right beside you:
A mug of tea.

What is the last thing you ate:
Rice with ayam masak merah, bacang, sambal belacan, sawi. Home-cooked.

Ever had chicken pox:
Yes. AND measles too.

Sore throat: Yes. I had to drink the milk in the milk bottle with a straw (weird, but I did it)

Stitches: No. Hope I never will.

Broken nose: No, and hope I never will too.

Do you believe in love at first sight:
No. Yes. Okay, fine, yes.

Like picnics:
I think it is a quaint idea.

Who was, were the last person you danced with:
Err..... Li Vern, Sze Luan and Najwa to some korean 'burlesque' girl group

Last made you smile:
My cute little 6 year old cousin

You last yelled at:
Sze Luan. Not yell as in "I'm angry at you" yell, more like a "don't-read-my-lousy-speech-out-loud-'cos-I-don't-wanna-hear-it-no-more" kinda yell

Today did you:

Talk to someone you like: Yes
Kissed anyone: No
Get sick: No
Talk to an ex: No
Miss someone:Yes
Eat: Yes.

Best feeling in the world:
Sleeping. Satisfaction.

Do you sleep with stuffed animals:
They are placed on my bed. I sleep on my bed. Hence, I can deduce that I sleep with stuffed animals.

What's under your bed:
The boogie man.

Who do you really hate:
People with too much pomp. Not hate, just a slight detest.

What time is it now?: 9.04 pm


Is there a person who is on your mind now:

Do you have any siblings:
Yes (I thought it was asked in the earlier part of this tag?)

Do you want children:

Do you smile often:
Yes. (Perasan)

Do you like your hand-writing: Yes (Perasan again)

Are your toe nails painted: No

Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in: I like mine thank you very much

What color shirt are you wearing now: A khaki green one

What were you doing at 7:00 p.m. yesterday:
Doing English ASSignment

I can't wait till: I find my purpose in life

When did you cry last:
Last last week?

Are you a friendly person:
It is an erratic thing. Usually yes when I'm in very very good spirits. Or not I'll tune down to laughing courteously. Or not I'll be anti-social. Yup.

Do you have any pets:

Where is the person you have feelings for right now?:
Jon Foreman is in my heart.
Oh, no I don't have feelings for anyone else now.

Did the last person you held hands with mean anything to you now:
Who WAS the last person I held hands with? I'm sure she/he does to me.

Do you sleep with the TV on?:
No. Except when I'm completely freaked out about something and I pretend as if noise does scare whatever I'm freaked out by away.

Have you ever crawled through a window?
Don't think so...

Can you handle the truth?:
Mostly, I think I can.

Are you too forgiving?
Depends. But I don't think so.

Are you closer to your mother or father?:
I don't know. Impartial la.

Who was the last person you cried in front of? Raveen. I was cutting onions and he was in front of me.

How many people can you say you've really loved?:
My father, mother, sisters, a few close friends. Oh, no special someone for me.

Do you eat healthy?:
I subconsciously think I do. But mostly, no.

Do you still have pictures of you & your ex?:
No ex.

Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you?
Hell yes.

If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to?
A friend or my sisters.

Are you loud or quiet most of the time?
Quiet. It all depends again.

Are you confident?

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:

1. Going over to Hanin's place and playing

2. Watching lots of cartoons

3. Riding the bike quite frequently

4. Talking and bonding with my maid

5. Go to SK SS17

5 things on my to-do list today:

1. Wash clothes
2. Finish up English ASSignment
3. Watch a movie
4. Read Midnight's Children
5. Remember what to do tomorrow

5 snacks I enjoy:

1. Cookies
2. Chocolate in any form
3. McVitie's Digestives
4. Peanut butter spread on bread
5. Jacob's Weetameal

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:

1. Globe-trot every possible destination on the map
2. Save money for God-knows-what
3. Buy a house with big land area, but not too big though
4. Buy a grand piano of the highest quality and taking up master classes
5. Start a foundation

5 of my bad habits:

1. Used to bite my nails
2. Procrastination
3. Peel skin off toe
4. Tend to be hasty in cleaning up
5. Not having the highest-standard of cleanliness (as measured according to Mum's standards)

5 places I have lived in:

1. Subang Jaya
2. Bandar Utama
3. (empty)
4. (empty)
5. (empty)

5 jobs I've had:

1.- Slave (by the sisters)
2.- Typist for mom
3.- Typist for dad
4.- Book wrapping service by mom and aunt
5. -
Not actually serious jobs but you know, whatever counts :)

5 people I tag:

I don't want to tag anyone because this is rather long and I know a lot of people aren't too free nor keen on completing such a long tag (but thanks Naveen).

But if you ever have writer's bloc, this tag might be good for you to rid the lack of ideas
[It's late into the night]

"Why are you calling me at this hour? Is it 'cos it's sunny on your side of the world?"

"Hmmmm. Looks like it is."

I sometimes wish it was always sunny on my side of the world; 'sunny' in every sense of the word.
1.What do you want the most now?
Finish reading all the books I've been wanting to read and watching all the anime and drama series and movies I have stocked up in my computer. Superficial, I am.

2.Who is the person you trust the most?
Check my blog title. I think you might find the answer.

3.Are you in love?
...Define love. No, not at this moment, I don't think so. Na-ah. Nope. Not me.

4.If you have a dream come true..
..my idealist visions will become reality.

5.Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
Does seeing a rainbow have anything to do with belief? It's kinda like asking do you believe grey clouds will bring rain? It's just a matter of whether it does or doesn't. Nothing along the lines of theological or religious or faith when it comes to rainbows. This is so overboard!

But if you ask me "would you like to see a rainbow after the rain" the answer is yes.
(sorry about the b.s. :P)

6.What's your goal for this year?
Finish my pre-U course with flying colours (meaning to just finish it) and run, RUN again.

7.Do you believe in eternity?
Yeah. Since it involves the afterlife then yes eternity is reasonable.

8.Have you ever broken a person's heart that he/she wanted to commit suicide?
Can't say that I have. I'm not that well emotionally-connected with anyone till it reaches suicidal point. Hmmmm. Should I be concerned?

9.What feeling do you love the most?
Satisfaction. Gratification. Love? Fine, I'll go with happiness too.

10.What are the requirements for your other half?
(I hope putting requirements here won't chase away the last few chances I have for myself to find my other half. Oh heck)
'Tis gonna sound cliché, but heck, I'm a cliché person myself: faithful, honest, smart with words and knows when to say the right things at the right time, isn't the least bit dramatic and takes everything as if there's always a lighter side to it (even when the general majority would say it's beyond serious), humorous, tall, not obese and is health-conscious, not fussy, loves God, loves kids, loves me, loves the environment and is true to himself.
There. So geli la I read back, but yeah, soppy as it is, this is it.

11.What kind of feeling do you hate the most?
When you feel absolutely at a loss for words, and you're completely defenceless.

12.Do you cherish every friendship of yours?
Can't say that I do. I'm not Friend #1 to many people but I do try to be good friends as much as I can. (I'm sorry if you don't think so)

13.What do you want to do in the future?
Err. I'm not sure. How far into the future would you like?
Well, to be able to say I've globe-trotted the world round; get married; have indispensable income (it's okay if I don't, so long as I have enough to live comfortably); have a artwork sold or something; play the piano in front of a live audience (even if the audience only stays for a while)

14.What is the most important thing in your life?
Refer Question 2

15. How did you feel last night?
Tired. Felt as though I led a pretty aimless life at the moment.

16.Who do you hope to be always there for you?
The ones I love the most

17.When do you think the world will end ?
When the One Up There says so.

18.The world ends tomorrow. What will you do?
Loot things I never could have ever held if I didn't know Armageddon was tomorrow. (I'm sure the world would be in a havoc if everyone knew tomorrow is no more, hence, the looting.)

19.What do you think of the person that tagged you?
The next Dr. House. Maybe just a tad milder. And he's gonna have loads of cash he's willing to dish out to people he's tagged!

20.What do you want to know right now?
About all the things I've been wanting to know for the last 18 years of my life. They're personal, okay?

Then add 4 people in your list and list them out at the end of the post.

Notify them in their chatbox that he/she has been tagged!

  1. Sara Kang
  2. Albert
  3. Chee Seng
  4. Heng Ji