Last night, I had a dream.

Not those envisioned ambitions one sometimes visualize. Oh, NO, it wasn't.

It was just those images in your sleep. Different scenarios can occur successively when I dream. I think this is the case with most avid dreamers, is it not?

Dream #1:
My ex-piano teacher (who was not married when I was still her student, and I still think is not married, but I can't be sure, am just speculating) was pregnant, and married to a 67 year old man who I presume must have been filthy rich since she attends piano lessons by a more senior teacher that costs her $2000 a month.
The freaky part was, she's 30 years his junior, & not forgetting the fact the piano teacher in real life is rather rich AND pretty, she could get any guy she fancies, why the old man?!?!! (I did not meet the husband in the dream, but 67 is way too big a number for her)

Dream #2:
I was seated in class next to my classmate whom I do sit beside in real life. She had with her, I believe, a very interesting piece of stationery and out of curiousity, I held it in my hands and started playing around with it. It came to a point where I think I tugged it a little too hard on one part and it sort of, broke?
Guess what happens?
The 18 year old classmate was so heartbroken she eventually cried when she saw what I did.
Freaky part: She C-R-I-E-D? No way, not for a broken pen. And I don't make people cry by breaking stuff, 'cos I don't break stuff on purpose.

Dream #3
I was on a tour to Johor (what the? And no, I've never been on a paid tour to Johor ever, thank you very much), and we were on a bus to a local beach. Strangely enough, the beach was fenced up at the point the sandy part starts. Not only that, there were lifeguards standing at the fencing, inspecting your eligibility to enter such areas(*raises eyebrows*). I don't know what the criteria is to be eligible, but i got in, and it was such a sight. People were swimming, and just doing regular beach-y things. The peculiar thing is this: the skies were grey, the sea was raging, and the waves were so high it would have been dangerous for surfing. However, people were still going on swimming, totally oblivious to the danger of such undertows. The people on the tour quickly boarded back on the bus. The tourguide however was adamant that we 'enjoy the wonderful beach' and hence refused to let the bus move. And then, one guy (who so happen was a classmate of mine in real life, and in the dream he was the same classmate too) stood up, and spoke out, indignantly, against the headstrong tour guide that lives will be put in danger, those who have already drowned in such conditions. The funny thing is the fact he spoke so impassionately, 'cos it's hard to imagine him doing so in real life. Maybe I'm just judging him, but still, the situation seemed rather comical. Stupid tour guide too.

So yeah, this three dreams occurred in the space of 6 hours (sleep-deprived me). It was still so fresh in my mind after 3 hours, and still was when I'm writing this (that would be....8 hours passed?)

If you actually reach the end HERE, here's a suggestion for you fellow bloggers to post about:
your own recollections of dreams that were so lucid, it's scary!

You're on fire!

What do you do?

First, STOP (so you don't spread the fire to surrounding people/things)!

Second, DROP (on the floor)!

Third, ROLL (to extinguish fire)!


Randomness. But in the event you ever catch yourself on fire, this is the advice given by professional firefighters.