It doesn't tie us.
The memories do.

Five, I was, when you first walked in.
I was like a lost puppy,
scampering about,
wondering about this strange situation.

Slowly, my doors open.
I let you in, risking hurt, pain when too much is exposed.
But it was worth every moment spent.
At the kitchen, you said "Hi."
In the room, you made me laugh.
Out in the garden, you made the flowers beautiful.

You were hefty, soft in appearance
though that just means there were more of you to love.
You would have your days off,
and asked me what I wanted.
I gave silly ideas,
but you always made them special.

Three years went by,
but good.

I'd brush your hair at night,
while we feasted on laughter and stories.
But when that day loomed,
I really didn't see it coming.

The wait was long, but I didn't want it to come.
You have your bags,
packed to the brim.
Tears meant enough.
This was probably the first time I had to say goodbye forever.

Then, the plane departed.

To call you the maid,
would be technical and condescending.
A companion, who nurtured,
the best memories of childhood.
That'd be better.

It's been 10 years since that au revoir.
I haven't forgotten.
When can we meet again?

is all I can say

Really, Thanks!

There's this whole thing with Germae and the refusal(laziness) to blog at length these days.
I'm beginning to wonder if I've lost all visitors (with the exception of Googled results that somehow end up at this blog)

Gill and Gail. It was such a long time since I talked with the latter. Refreshing! Cool dress Gill!
Adeline and Sara. Gloria Jeans was good, right right?
Sze Luan. We shall play Twister together. It'll be like a workout at the gym. Trust me.
Li Vern and Adilah. You came for me! [OH GOD WHAT IS THIS FEELING??]
Danny and Gabriel (I can't seem to say these two names without the other). You came for me too! (Right?)
Jonathan. For solving the Rubik's. The secret was harsh.
Ornella. For making the room a laughing house. :D
Yen-Yeen. The roommate who conspired. Teehee.
Roong Jien and Woon Yee. For doing it on the mat. HAH.
Chiao Hui. For taking those explicit photos. They are too good :P
The girls who were the spectators in the room. Haha. Laughter is good.

Thanks y'all.
This post I dedicate to the one and only gay friend that I have (gay is a subjective word here, so I leave you to discern what it means for you): Raveen.

For all the nasty things you've said to me, and all the nice things you've done for me (although the former outweighs the latter quite overwhelmingly, *cough cough*), I think it's time I feature you on my supposedly obscene blog, as according to you.

Everyone should get to know Raveen even if for a day, because you'll never leave the meeting ever feeling the same again. Probably in an eye-opening way.

So, as all obscenities go, this is one for you all:
A pink bra. Such an awful shade for him, ain't it? Thanks Heng Ji for coaxing him into putting it on. You the man!

Well, dear Raveen, if you ever come charging me with a machete, may I remind you that this picture was taken in a public place a.k.a TGIF, my blog is less public than you can imagine.

Since I'm feeling slightly wicked for posting this, let me compensate with a little talk of kindness:
Raveen has a heart, and he is probably one of the closer guy friends I have, and he'll help you even if he does say nasty things to you which he doesn't mean most of the time.
I think he'll make a good host, but if you're a guy, you'd better watch out. Be prepared for a fun ride time.
I don't know whether Raveen is straight completely, and I think if you who don't know who the hell he is, you're probably thinking he's homo from the stuff I've been mentioning. Honestly, I don't care. Although he thinks I'm homophobe, I just prefer him straight, that's all.

I'm sorry if you've been offended, but any publicity, they say, is good publicity.

Thanks Raveen. You've been a good person so far. I'm just going to leave this post very late into the future, so it stays up on the top of my blog for a while.
Three months have passed. 2008 has a quarter of it gone already.


Nothing to blog about lately.

All I can really say is.......

I'm not so sure about engineering as a field of further study next year.
I don't think I think much like an engineer. I think like more of a.... fish.
But I guess I'm doomed to do it, whether I'm capable at it or not.

God, please, help me.

I formulated a theory as how one can do something well enough:
Ingredient #1: Passion
Ingredient #2: Aptitude

With both, it is much, much easier to accomplish something.

With Ingredient #1 alone, it might prove difficult to achieve something, but with enough of it, you can achieve it sure enough.

With Ingredient #2 alone, there is really no soul, no life, no gratification. What's the meaning in that?

(case of Ingredient #1 without #2)
I've always liked drawing.
I used to draw ponies, hot women, clothes, scenery, mammals, imaginary creatures, trees, houses, EVERYDAY ever since I was young.
I remember when I was still barely school age; I would look for paper and start drawing. It just seemed so.... exciting, to just transform images in your mind onto paper....
It's like a form of escapism... To just draw your own little world and experiment with shapes, lines, textures, forms...
However, the number of 'artworks' decreased exponentially over the years. Now, I just don't seem to have enough spunk in my drawings (not like I had a lot of spunk last time, but you know, it was definitely more satisfying back then than it is now) .
I've abandoned it for quite some time already. I certainly hope I pick it up again sometime, if not I might just lose the ability to draw next time.

(case of Ingredient #2 without #1)
Can't think of any real talent. Is bullshitting considered as one? I'm not a passionate bullshitter. It just comes so naturally at times.

Well, whatever it is, Engineering is what's happening next for me. After that, only God knows. I hope whatever happens next for you, you'll be able to face it head on.

If He brings you to it, He'll bring you through it. Right not.