Clearly, I'm in the middle of a crisis a.k.a. mid year exams. Potential meltdown?

Hell yeah.






They're not ranked according to which is the most difficult.

They each occupy the same pedestal. :(

Though I've been feeling unusually pleasant for the past couple of days. Perhaps stress is procrastinating itself from rearing it's ugly head earlier on. Oh dear.

But anything goes (it' a must anyhow) so long as I get my sorry butt to Australia.

Update#1 - Maths was somewhat uncertain. You think you got it right, and the next minute, numbers don't look familiar anymore :S
But I'm so relieved it's over; no more matrices till .... gosh, I hope it'll be a long time.

Update#2 - Physics. Was. Revolting. *Puke* But at least it was still laughable. Laughing is good.

Update #3 - English was not a nuisance. Just a lot of writing going on; it almost seemed as if my hands were on auto-pilot(minus the brains)

Update #4 - Calculus was an abomination. Mr. Lee, the lecturer, told a lie.
(Mr. Lee: [Before, during and after test] "Easy right, easy right?"
Germae: [After test] "Sir, you told a lie.")

Update #5 - Chemistry was plagiarism at it's finest. (Interpretation: Same exact paper from a few years back. Talk about laziness on the part of the teacher)


Am on holidays now. I tell you, one week is too short.
Too short for what? I don't know; don't really have a plan of action (just INaction).

The title seems to suggest as if I'm some book critic. (fyi, those two names are names of authors)
But I want to critique some thing now. So long never critique anything already...

Oh well. As long as I've read a book from each of them I'm allowed to critique on that book itself, if not only, right?

When it comes to books, substance is important. But vague substance turns me off. Beating around the bush is so freaking annoying; can't we just be honest and direct and not speak in vague tones?
If you're hungry, say you're hungry. If you like something, say you like that something. Dropping hints for dense people (such as me) is so not helpful. Just straight out say it. Kapish?


I have a problem when people aren't honest a.k.a. lying. Yeah, I'm sure at least some of you are too.

Oh right. Book critic. Ahem.


In the course of two weeks, I managed to read these two books (somehow time seems to be a rationed commodity; I'm only allowed less than the supposed 24 hours I'm given).
So yeah, hurray to me (pretty please?), I read a book :)

The first book, A Thousand Splendid Suns is a pretty hot-selling book right now, and I get all the hype it is garnering.
It is s-p-l-e-n-d-i-d.
Khaled Hosseini writes well (sorry for stating the obvious, it's just that really, he's a lot better in my personal taste)
An American novelist originally from Afghanistan, this book gives you a really detailed insight into life as an Afghan woman. Though some might reason that Hosseini's work presents a skewed point of view inclining towards feminist leanings, the main characters stories really don't stray too far from the realistic, imho.

You've got to read it for yourself. I'm seriously cut to the heart from beginning to the end.
A touching read.

Next book.

Veronika Decides to Die sounds like a pretty morbid title for a book.
I don't think it's anywhere near morbid. Paulo Coelho's style of writing is not something I like. (sorry, personal taste again). So I think it's a pretty... vague read. (refer to my distaste for VAGUENESS)
Paulo Coelho who is a Brazilian writes orignally in Portugese, so the English version so widely available is actually translated from Portugese.
And as the saying goes, things get lost in translation. So perhaps, some things do get lost in translation.
I find that he writes (or at least the English version of it) in such vague terms, and sometimes they seem so windy I can't seem to make sense of it (maybe I'm not literary-inclined), so yeah, when I'm clueless, I get fed up. When I'm fed up with one book, I don't think I want to read another book of someone.
But I have yet to read the widely-acclaimed "The Alchemist", the book that sold over a purported 65 million.

Okay. I hope I didn't speak too soon. I might just love Paulo Coelho after reading The Alchemist. Though, I'm flat out broke(in the book allowance department anyway) and in no way inspired to read a book now.

Am in the midst of


There is a far too common habit among people in our society, but it isn't a vice.

It's just annoying.

It's the "I don't know@anything@whatever la@etc." response.
What's worse is when it is reciprocated.

"So where you want to go?"
"I don't know. Anywhere la. Where you want to go?"
"Anything la."

This is communication at it's finest.
We are all damaged goods
like fragile property
we break reluctantly

Another tag :)

5 things found in my bag:

1. Wallet
2. Handphone
3. Keys
4. Pack of tissue
5. Empty pieces of paper

5 things found in my wallet:

1. Cash
2. IC
3. Various cards
4. Receipts
5. Coupons

5 favourite things in my room:

1. Bed
2. Bolster
3. Smelly pillow
4. Air con

5 things I always wanted to do:

1. Speak (and understand) Chinese fluently
2. Workout at the gym like there's no tomorrow
3. Be hot
4. Perform on stage (theatrical/musical perhaps)
5. Run a full-length marathon

5 things I'm currently into:

1. Subway sandwiches
3. Fantasie Impromptu
4. Speaking Chinese (yay to No.1 in previous section!)
5. Chocolate

List out the top 4 presents you wish for:

1. A plane ticket to England for my sister's graduation :)
2. A gym membership
3. A smarter brain
4. A baby grand (piano)

The person who tagged you is:
Sara Kang! :)

Your 5 impressions of him/her:

1. Baybeh!
2. Prone to forgetfulness
3. Will see soon
4. Sweet

Most memorable thing he/she has done to you:

If he/she becomes your lover, you will:
... make sure she finds a boyfriend first

If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason will be:
'cos I killed her and her soul is out to get me

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