Till the next four years, I will dearly miss the Olympics! (London 2012, I await thee!)

The last two weeks of the games showcased a spectacular display of sportsmen and sportswomen, performing awesome feats of sport.
(In other words, it was a feast of eye-candy for me, OHHHHHHH YESH IT WAS)

Some things about the Olympics I didn't realise until of late (A four-year interval is a LONG time) are how
  • very, very hot athletes can look
  • the events can be so very nerve-racking
  • enviable some of these athletes' bodies and talents can be
The sport which I enjoy watching the most is athletics/track & field. Because.
For one, if I were seated in the stadium, I not only get to watch say, just a high jump event, but also the 4 x 100m relay, shot put, javelin throw, etc.
It is value for money, indeed.

But even though I was only a spectator in front of the TV, it feels nearly the same.
It could be even better, because the camera can zoom right to the athlete in focus on the TV screen.

OHOHOHOHOHOH. (feeling very aroused)

(If my watching the Olympics is just for eye-candying, well, then I say "to each his own.")

You see, when there isn't any countrymen of yours competing, then there really isn't anyone to root for in the spirit of patriotism, is there?
So the next best thing is- to root for whoever you want; for me, I root for the one who looks the hottest. (I'm being annoyingly superficial, but this is my blog.)

Here are some notable (hot) athletes and winners of the sport:

Bryan Clay, the American Decathlete who won the Gold Medal. He's h-u-g-e.

Tia Hellabaut, the Belgian high-jumper took Gold after jumping 2.05 m, defeating the athlete from Russia. Freaking nice bod!

Norwegian javelin thrower, Andreas Thorkildsen took the gold at 90.57m, breaking the previous Olympic record.

I also liked the gymnastics and Swimming (specifically, the Men's event)
I shall await the Commonwealth Games in the next 2 years!

(If I don't have raging hormones at THIS age, I don't know if I'll ever again next time)
With each new dawn it's not the same world as it was before.

The consequences from yesterday become today's circumstances.
Make today count. Let not tomorrow be a worry.

It's already August. Four more months till 2009 (I do like to point out the obvious, it seems)

Next month, we're going to have our Trial Exam here in KBU.
Just a little over two months after that is the actual Final Exam.

Just as SPM and PMR, I'm not feeling the urgency just yet. Not till a month, or maybe two weeks preceding it. But that's me; I'm a sloth.
Save me. Though, this is how I normally work anyway.

You know, I admire those who work hard; like, really, really hard, whatever the cause. I'm sure the rewards they reap, will turn out to be gratifying.
As for me, I don't put my butt into a lot of the work I should be doing. Nevertheless, I will.
I always think it's good to take a break; not to work so damn freaking hard you lose sight of the fun side to life.
Unless, of course, work is fun to you. Which, I honestly, have trouble grappling with. Because as they say "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."
I enjoy my play/myself-and-what-I-WANT-to-do time. :)

In the last month, I bought myself 4 books: two works of fiction and two classics.

Personally, I do enjoy reading a variety books, but I have my personal preferences as to how it's written and what is it's genre (note to self: don't buy Paulo Coelho).

Currently engrossing myself in:

Nicely written, so far. (Thank you Rasyad, for insisting that this book would be a good read. I am not regretting this purchase, although I believe you do not come by this blog.)

As for the other fiction novel, it's this:

Had trouble to continue on after the first few chapters, but I shall persevere when I have more time and brain capacity since the way it's written is not so easy to grasp.
During the holidays lah.

If you're not so much into literary works and prefer more straight-forward and not so unusual writing style, then be cautious when you see a book winning awards like the Booker Prize. Midnight's Children is the winner of the Booker of Bookers. That makes it the apparently best work among all other Booker Prize winners.
So, I guess that does translate into being a very, VERY, literary work.
Go for books like "The International Bestseller"; if so many people in the world buy it, they can't all be that bad at making a choice right?
My logic at least :)

Good morning, ya'll.
Things just took a turn for the worse.

Have you ever woke up one absolutely normal day, when all of a sudden you realised that you lost something, something you never thought was so important to you after all this time?

It then hits you that you're not going to get it back anytime soon.
Like, never.

Well, it happened to me today. I'm dumbfounded. I'm in a state of shock. I'm..... somewhat upset.

I questioned what have I done to make this so; what have I not done to make this so.
I understood that it could have only be so because of my own doings.
I wished that things sometimes could last forever; but forever is never long enough.
Good things sometimes do come to an end.

The thing that I lost today was.....

"My Perfect Vision" - I'm short-sighted now y'all.
I'm going to need *@#$*!#%**$%# GLASSES!

(Sorry if I'm making a big fuss about my vision; I'll explain why now)

For all my 18 years, I've never had the need for any vision aid. I took pride in the fact that I had pretty okay vision. I could see things afar clearly. And you know that chart with evenly-spaced, tapered, random alphabets that you find at the optometrist's?
Yeah, I could read that from top to bottom with almost zero difficulty at a distance.

In my family, other than my second sister, I had no need for glasses. Both my parents and eldest sister wear them; I thought I was lucky to avoid the glasses.
After all, short-sightedness is a little like a handicap, right?
You need something to help it work properly. Sounds like it is a handicap to me.

Ever since I came to KBU, I don't think I have ever gotten myself to sit in front of the class. Then again, I guess it's because just about everyone wants the seats closer to the front; I'm left with the 'spoils'.
In the classroom AND labs, I have the fortune of being seated at the spot most behind.
Man, am I lucky or what.

I guess it was only a matter of time before my eyes lose their ability to accommodate. Shucks. Should have seen this coming. I am NOT growing younger after all.

My sit-beside-partner here at KBU, Ms. Tan xiao jie (hehe) has found the need to change her glasses this year. I believe it to be because we both somewhat are (un)fortunate.

Why, oh why, oh why?

Like they say, "You never know what you've got till it's gone." (Well, I'm glad the it is not something that would stir my emo side. Phew.)

And one more thing: I was glad I didn't have to wear glasses because I think I look horrible in them; my face is just so broad and circular; there are few frame types that complements this face shape.
Until now that is since I'll just HAVE to get one.
I guess I'll be looking like this some time in the future:

The round glasses look:

How about the squarish frame kind?:

Which looks better ah?

Another thing to add to my expenditure. Aiyak.

I'll join in the four-eyed bandwagon very soon, probably : )
Thinking about the future becomes inevitable when you have to sort out things like:
  • University applications
  • Growing old
  • University applications
  • Filial duties
  • Financial arrangements
  • University applications
So basically, growing up/old, whatever it is, there's always a lot to think about.

But I get very confused when I think too much (due to the poor brain capacity :-( )

In the list of 6 above, I repeated the same thing twice. With that, I guess the one thing that really is making me think about a lot now is my university applications.
I think I mentioned somewhere last year about getting a scholarship to go to Australia to study engineering, right?
So yeah, if all goes well, and if my plans don't turn sour, then yeah, I'll fly to Australia to study engineering.

University is tentatively placed somewhere in my future. Therefore, so is Australia.
But apart from that, I can't really imagine myself apart from just achieving a "Yes, we have accepted you to study at our University" and then me going "YES!" and then me telling my parents and my friends about it and then I'll fly, fly away to that place Down Under.

Hence, I can't see myself in the future, other than what I just mentioned.

You see, I somewhat envy friends who have things that they're passionate about, like, who are really really passionate. I don't want to go on about them here because then I'll turn green with envy but for those who think you are them, congratulations to you. You go, go, go! :D
I know that Envy is one of the 7 but sometimes, the envy makes you motivated to churn out your own passion at something, just like your peers.
I guess I forgot what mine was. I'm sure it was nothing along the lines of something enormous and irrevocable (think world/global impact), but more along personal gratification.

I'd hate to bore you to tears but my point is, I have little passion about things now and hence the future seems a little blurry for myself. I just don't know exactly where I'm heading. I figured that doing engineering was the next safest bet among the other courses offered (initially I hated to do medicine; engineers sounded cooler; no regrets now though).
I don't feel like I'm at a loss, but rather without an aim. I need a bullseye, something that keeps me focused; a goal. It's not just about university, but what succeeds that too.
What about money love job parents home and everything like that?

Where will I be, say, 5 years from now? If asked to write an essay, I feel like it's going to be one elaborate passage of uncertain self-promises. (I do not like making promises or saying things, to others or even to myself, that I cannot keep)

However, though now I'm wondering about where life may take me, this past week reminded me that it's great to be alive. I thank Him that I've been blessed with all the opportunities I have in my life, as well as the pain, hurts and regrets that taught me how to be a better person.
I'm probably to some, someone distasteful; to some a typically normal person.
I know I'm not as much as others, but to the people I've met and known, you have made a difference to me, though some may be small and brief.
As much as I could, I really could not ask for more.

Bleak as my pessimism calls it, my future is as uncertain as the next person knows it.
An enigma, perhaps? Mystery always seems very exciting :)

4 years ago when my posterior and overall weight were far less prominent than they are now, I had a lot more endurance (purely in the physical sense; my temper and tolerance were still a little raw then).
I remember taking part in running contests at school and at higher levels (gee, I've really fattened up now huh?).
I miss being more active :(
I need to go for a jog, like, really.
(just last Saturday, I took at least 23 minutes for a 3.6 km run. Standard: DREADFUL/MORTIFYING)

*ramblings in the Midnight. Signing off, Germae.