I want to write something, but I don't know what to write. But I shall write anyway.

I'm not quite done with the exams yet, as of right NOW, there's still tomorrow's Chemistry paper (and then it's bloody over, and that's just till the Final Exams!).

I want to pen down some things before I forget.

Someone once told me (I think it was my dad) that the resident instrumentalists who perform for the Petronas Philharmonic Orchestra are paid a LOT LOT LOT of money per month. And A LOT means in the 5-digit department kinda A LOT.
That's bloody a lot for, what, playing the...violin, timpani, clarinet? Hello?!? That's just so.. awesome.

Of late I've been thinking about money only because I have some travel aspirations in the future, and financial independence is my principal (and refusal to procure parent subsidy, if there is such a thing).

So anyway, hypothetically speaking, if I ever get as good as any of those violinists, timpanists, etc., I can make, REALLY make money man. IF only I was good as them, that is.
Talent really pays. But the problem is, I lack talent. So that means, I have to look at other avenues for earning money. And that brings to mind investing.
But investing in what, precisely?

There's always talk about the whole stock market, buy-sell, price drop, buy-sell, bull-bearish, etc etc and all this talk gives me a headache makes me wonder where does all the money come from and just how it does, ahhhh.
So, shove aside investing in the share market, I have no idea what it's all about.

MY idea of investing comes in the form of... let's see... buy a new, higher-end guitar (so that I'd feel terribly unaccomplished and guilty if I don't pick up more things) and start playing again and maybe reach the likes of Jon Foreman (AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!)
go for a Diploma course in Piano. I have given that SOME thought, but I think my fingers are getting a little tighter as the years progress.
Shit. It's like, bounded and not smooth-playing anymore. Haiyo, terrible la. Is it just my ineptitude or is a perfect Fantasie Impromptu rendition reserved for the highly-talented people, 'cos it's been nearly 2 years and I still can't play the piece quite right yet!

Been listening to a lot of Jay Chou lately. Reminds me of what I used to try doing: singing and playing the piano at the same, but I'm nowhere close to sounding audibly acceptable. That's another option, but singing is not my niche man. Can't do it. But want to do it.


Got to save up and be frugal!

Tata, and p.s. all the best with your aspirations!
Here comes that time again: exams.
I've always had this habit where I go into a self-contained mode during the pre-period, and then get all that spasmodic jitters right before a paper.
But oh well, it's a habit, and old habits die hard.
Like, REALLY hard.

And that's just ONE habit.

Normal people, I presume, have habits that they could live without. Like maybe nail-biting (I got rid of that after the whole braces stint), spontaneous scratching and a host of others too. Maybe the ones I named aren't the kind to lower the quality of life by much, but it sure does come with an irritating, unproductive tag to it.

English paper up first tomorrow. I have no idea what I've got up in this brain when it comes to writing. This post isn't exactly an exemplary testament to my writing skills, neither has any been in recent months. Dang.

What's up with the post title you may ask (but probably not)?
The dictionary has been of big help lately and I got some words I've misused all this while straighten out.
The word profound is one of them.
I think I've had some deep thinking going on this weekend, but as all things go, I'm a pretty private person and this blog ain't no avenue for such thoughts. Or at least, not in this state of mind.
I hope this whatchamacallit "emo" time helps in essay tomorrow.

Tata, goodnight, and to all my fellow comrades bound for apparent 'doom' tomorrow, all the best!
Time sure flies.

I hope to go to Australia next year. You know, that place down under? Yeah. That's where I ought to be next year, if all goes well.

Received an e-mail notification from UWA (University of Western Australia) last week. It says that my application has been received, but the status as of today is still not confirmed.

Well, I hope to get at least ONE of my 5 choices, that is, anywhere in Australia (except Tasmania and the Northern Territory). So, wish me the best!

Wherever life takes me, I'm glad I've come this far.

Will pen more next time because I will be sitting for my TRIAL EXAMS in 2 weeks' time. It is the time of.. well, study.

XOXO, Germae