Lesson #1-Killing a lizard

Ever wondered how those pale, icky creatures that stick and run on your walls prove themselves to be more annoying than buzzing flies?
I sure don't anymore after successfully getting rid of one. Permanently.

To achieve such status of obliteration, one must be equipped with:
-A door
-A well-oiled hinge
-A scraper
-Fast hand movements

Directions: *(subjected to chance)
1. Locate subject, preferably on doorframe or within door proximity.
2. At specified location, coerce/scare subject to enter door hinge proximity.
3. Once entered, there is no turning back. Pull door knob at a speed of 3 m/s.
4. Open door and evacuate immediately.
5. Return to site and clean mess with a scraper. Ensure it is discarded properly.(Fortunately, such creatures exhibit no signs of blood spatter, merely a flattened carcass with all remains intact, no spillage whatsoever.)

There you go. An exterminating job well done. For complete lizard-free environment, repeat steps 1 through 5.

I'm not as gruesome or morbid as that, but really; kill a lizard, I did.
I'm not proud of it, but it was not like I had a choice in it. It was accidental, purely accidental.
I'm not a lizard enthusiast, hence I do not scout out for lizards, especially not the kind that dwells in my house. But when they decide to rest near door hinges, I am less than inclined to look nor notice. So I only did steps 4 and 5 in the directive above. The first three steps were void, or at least not to the extent where it was a deliberate action.
Inevitably, lizards commonly die that way, to my believe.
*No photos can be included as author was to grossed out by the very sight.

Moving on.....

Lesson #2 - Killing Mosquitoes

Ever wondered how and why mosquitoes are part of the food chain? Maybe, just maybe, if they were completely wiped out from the face the earth, no one or no thing would at the slightest bit be affected?
I fervently believe this is the case (but unfortunately, my eco-friendly sister suggests that frogs and spiders and some fishes would die without the presence of such pesky and irritating insects. Damn, she's got a point)

But whatever. I hate mosquitoes since they bring diseases and make you itch to no end so they must die.

But we all know how to get rid of them already anyway.....
(Man, it's been a while. I think I should consider the absence from this blog as a hiatus, but it's not like it matters whether I declare it or not :P.)

First thing's first.

Next thing.
Nearly a year has passed since the end of 2007.
Why is it that at the end of every year, it always feels like it has gone much too fast, but when you're in the midst of it, it never seems fast at all?
Well, there's just 5 days left to this year and if you ask me in one sitting what I'd say highlighted this year, I can't possibly recap everything that's happen over the course of 2008.
But let me tell you this, it has been quite a year;
I went to college,
turned 18,
broke a toenail,
seen a fair share of real-time drama everywhere,
tried making sense of people's attitudes,
learned more Chinese characters yet
am still technically a banana,
spent more of own money than all the years before,
trying to grow flowers in the garden,
passed my exams with pretty good colours,
got back those calluses on my fingers,
(hopefully) going to Australia next year.

This list doesn't look much, but it has been a year enriched by a million experiences, some I won't forget and some I'm more than ready to let go.


I hope next year brings all of you life experiences that make you all better persons; sweet or bitter, it really doesn't matter, as long as you believe in your life.

About the growing flowers in the garden bit, I really am trying to grow flowers in the garden. I've no green thumbs, no experience, no manuals, just a sudden inspiration (or over-ambitiousness) to grow something after a stint of loosening the hardened soil for the sake of the dying pandan leaves outside my home.
The thing about gardening is, it takes a long time to reap results, something like weight loss (I know that it's a whole different story but it's still pertinent).
You know the basics, you pump in the effort, you make sure you didn't leave anything out, you maintain the work required for it, and slowly but surely the results come.
If you don't tend to or look after it, it'll probably relapse into what it was before, and then you have to start all over again. Damn.

So, growing flowers in the garden is something to while my time away before I (hopefully) fly next year (losing weight is more difficult, hence opting for this instead). The thing is, I forgot to read all of the words on the back of the packet of seeds that I bought for this project, and so, I'm probably not going to see any flowers grow in the time I'm (probably) still around on this side of the world.
It's really silly of me to not consider the time it takes to bloom, I mean, after all, you take on a project so that you can actually SEE results, right? But whatever, the seeds have germinated, leaves have sprouted, and they're expanding everyday. It's a good sign!

Oh well, I'll just have my sister look after it and take photos when it (hopefully) blooms. :P

In the meantime, I'm reading, waiting for 2009 and trying to improve my failing memory. I'm gonna see just how it all turns out.

Till then, take care one and all!