Hi all. I'm in Sydney now. Will update much much more (with pictures of the place, though there is much to be desired) when I settle down completely. I dislike the feeling of unsettled-ness(tossing all my clothes wherever I want, leaving my laptop on for downloads, etc.), although I'm feeling comfy enough where I'm at for the moment.
scrutiny rhymes with mutiny which rhymes with destiny.

No correlation whatsoever between these words, but they differ in meaning greatly.

My mind has been in ramble mode these days, and I'm deimpressed by the absence of written pieces on this site.

But no matter, these three things rule me now, so-called.

I have to practise scrutiny - packing requires a certain amount of aptitude to squeeze every bit of belonging into the much too limited space and making the best out of every baggage orifice.

And as for mutiny - my rebelling against the land down under's customs requirements. No chance of an open rebellion, but in the heart is what counts right?

destiny - As the traditional tune of " Que Sera Sera," - Whatever will be, will be; the future's not ours to see.