I recently wrote on my Facebook status that I want to go home. It's true, I really want to go home, and home being that in Malaysia.

I know for those who have settled in comfortably and are taking it all in their stride, I seem purely homesick and I would just "have to get over it."

Truth is, I really do have to get over it. I came here last month to study for the next 4 years in Sydney to become an engineering graduate (though right now I'm wondering 'what did I get myself into'), and whatever that happens in between, is my problem and I have to deal with it myself. Harsh.

I believe at this stage in life I'm confronted by lots of independent matters, namely dealing with financial matters, domestic chores and just plainly getting by all on my own. The comforts of home now seem rather taken for granted of.

Rewind to a year ago, I dreamt of my time in Australia as an exhilarating one, a country different than my own, exciting, different but definitely much to do, and I couldn't wait for it to come sooner. But as the date of flight loomed, I begun to dread it, fearing the worse.

But what was 'the worse'? Well, right now, it feels rather lonely to be out Down Under without making/having acquaintances (thanks to my introversion in the face of very new people, namely local Australians). But like I said before, I got to deal with it. I'm happy knowing the people I know now, but really, how much of a friendship can you make with people who share little common ground with you other than attending the same tutorial once a week? And lectures? No need to say.

Yes, I have got lots to deal with.

I hope I did not write this sounding like I'm vying for a sympathy vote that I should go home, but rather just to vent about my current (emotional) state.

Yes, I miss home far too much than I should.

Keeping busy is the only solution now it seems. Tata. I'm off to keeping myself busy with... Physics? My my.

1. Look Right!

A typical crossroad in Sydney City. The crossroads are usually this huge, and most of the time, you've always got at least 5 more people heading in the same direction as you are. And that, my friends, is the common sight around here.

2. A-hah! There it is!

Yes, how can one visit Sydney without visiting the Sydney Opera House? Indeed not! Presumably, there are at least 100, 000 other visitors' butt prints where I was sitting at. The iconic gets a little cliché after seeing it too long :P.

3. Coogee Beach; it's near my place :)

One of several beaches in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Coogee beach is no less scenic as the others. Not to mention, it's just a 10 minute walk from my place to this beach. I would love to have taken pictures during one of the walks I took along the perimeter of the shores that have a special walkway built which extend all the way to neighbouring beaches. The sights are very beautiful. Really.

4. Now, THIS is THE beach to be

I'm no beach connoisseur, so I lack the necessary judgement for all matters pertaining to good beach quality but anyway, Bondi Beach attracts a large population everyday. It's huge and the waves are just massive (for surfers). The sea is just amazingly blue right up to the sands. Definitely a place to be for beach enthusiasts (although I'm just saying that 'cos lots of people come here).

5. The Iconic Link

The focus of this picture is not on the white dude, but the bridge, fyi. But it was an added bonus I suppose. The Harbour Bridge, yet another iconic structure of Sydney. It really is a massive structure, that's about all I can say. I'm no not how to appreciate bridges, but if you ask me, the sight is splendid from where I stood.

*this post is intended as a mindless update. Overlook tasteless commentaries.

To all who wish to visit Sydney (although yours truly is unable to provide foc accommodation), drop me a line :-)