In the span of two days, I have three tests.

This is absolutely disproportionate.

ELEC1111 and Algebra tomorrow, Friday the 28th of August.

Physics (OMG) on Saturday, the 29th of August which is unkindly, the day of my roommate's birthday. I wish her (and me) well for the exam, and an advance


*...Just cut it out, and blow those candles off your (imaginary) cake*
I wanted to be so many things.

A pilot.
A doctor.
A lawyer (what was I thinking?!?).
A singer.
An artist.

Today, I'm in university studying Telecommunications Engineering.
Not in the first 10 years of my life did I think of anything within these lines (of engineering, that is).

And to be frank, I still don't.

I sometimes sit in lectures, wondering what the hell I'm studying, why electric fields multiplied by area equals electric flux, why vector spaces make the (mathematical) world go round and why Kirchoff's Laws make electricity 'the bomb'..... that I'm not the slightest bit interested in all these... stuff; daydreaming myself doing things far unrelated to these....stuff, things that I suppose capture my imagination but are best left pursued as side interests.

Which is the rationale, anyway.

Even so, I still want to be so many things.

Don't you know that nagging voice at the back of your mind, which cries for a proper outlet for itself, the voice that has been hushed for who-knows-how-long so something else can take up the space; do you know it?
Do you know that once that voice quietens down, it might never make itself heard again, that sooner or later, you'll lose it, and you wonder where it went?
Do you know?

I know it.

I think I'm losing it. Although the desire and drive to be so many things are there, the substance is missing.

But....Once upon a time, they were there.

I have officially moved.
I now live nearer to Uni than before.
I am glad.


and yet there are many things that need to be straightened out.