because the night is still young

which means there is much time in my hands to talk about everything I want.

Feet on footstool, rested nicely on a very comfy couch, with my laptop on my, well, lap, thus I begin.

Week 13 begins tomorrow and exams start on Friday next week.
in that order.

Let's do a pre-end-of-semester recap just because I feel like talking about it.

I think Semester 2 2009 was a much better semester than Semester 1 was, maybe mostly because of the fact that I just couldn't get settled in the whole adjusting to uni life thing earlier on.
ENGG1000 was a big bad bitch of a course, I'm sorry but if I had to criticise it all over again I would, but thank God that's over and done with. But it was a bitchy course. Bitch.
Computing... HAH I hated it so damn much but thank goodness I passed the final exam (with a distinction OMG *faints*), which kinda motivated me to keep positive about the follow up computing course I had to do this semester (which had its own motivation when I turned up first week of tutorial ;) ).
Yes, Semester 1 was just... not a good place for me.
If you gave me a million dollars and asked to put me in that situation again, I'd slap you in the face and shout "What the hell's wrong with you" and walk away.
To that extent, yes, I can tell you I hated it.
I can still remember clearly how I would go to bed early because I just didn't want to stay awake feeling all stressed out.
I was getting way too much sleep then, but sometimes too much is never enough, and I know what that felt like.
Stress is a very very bad thing. *nods*

I'm in a much better place now, I totally dig where I live now, I don't feel lonely, and I don't actually have to talk to myself anymore because someone is (almost!) always around to entertain my crazy schemes and talk on silly things I did/experienced in Uni.
I have to say thanks to baybeh for reassuring me the whole time last semester and to the new housemates, you girls are just great.
Do take me seriously on this. Cos I ain't repeating myself :P

Now, back to the pre-end-of-semester recap, well, let's just say that I either got the hang of it(Semester 2 that is) or everything decided to make things easier for me, either way, I kept a positive outlook for at least 80% of the time, which is good.
Thank you God so very much.

Before I delve into the inner workings of each subject I'm taking this semester, let me just 'warn' you that Engineering is not altogether a very interesting subject for those who don't actually take a great interest in it (like yous truly for example) but maybe just a tiny bit, which I hope grows in time.

ELEC1111 - We learn about well, electrical circuits, AC DC Inductors Capacitors Time constants Digital Logic etc etc but it's good because Ted Spooner is so sarcastic and grumpy it's entertaining. And he's a good lecturer I reckon. I think I'm doing pretty okay in this subject :D
"I know it's a Friday afternoon but if you all don't settle down then I won't start this lecture."(He says this every Friday)
"If you're going to make noise at the back I'd invite you to go get yourself a cup of coffee."
I think this subject is easier compared to

PHYS1231 - Well, Physics is not for the faint hearted (or small minded) but it's not bad when you don't have to study Mechanics anymore (YIPPEE) and when the second strand of this course began after spring break, the new lecturer who's British is witty and super sarcastic (what's with sarcasm?) is just very fun. Although quantum physics is soooo not my type of thing, I'd bear with it because he's got a way to make you laugh at it. Michael Ashley+Richard Newbury were the lecturers. Michael Ashley's got this resemblance with Mr. Bean. I hope that's not an insult. (Rowan Atkinson graduated with a degree in electrical engineering AND he's a famous comedian. )

MATH1231 is well, maths and I don't exactly dig maths anymore as I used to back in secondary school, but I can't graduate with a Degree in Engineering if my maths suck! OH man.
But anyway, although I enrolled myself in the second lecture stream, I haven't actually attended any but instead went to the first lecture stream the ENTIRE semester, so now I'm wondering if I should fill in the survey for the lecture stream I actually attended or not.
Oh well.
Thanks Peter Blenerhassett and Hendrik Grundling. Both also very skinny one.
Oh one thing that happened in this subject is that I had 4 different tutors, and let me tell you why I have 4 different tutors. The confusion was like this:
The first was a man who turned up the first week, and then when I walked in the classroom for the second week of tutorial, I saw a woman in the room, walked back out, went down the corridor, and walked back into that room again and realised I was right the first time -_-". She stayed for two weeks and by the fourth week of semester, we had changed to this male tutor who I had a feeling is queer but I shall take that back 'cos it's not nice to speculate and he was there till the next week which then change a third time to this man who I found out has a Doctorate but somehow doesn't seem very well organised in his tutoring which can be rather annoying.
But anyway, the first and third tutors were granted medical leave, with the first one having some kinda back sprain and the third one a.... how shall I say.... groin sprain??!?? Can someone explain to me how does one sprain their groin?????!???
I'm still a bit unclear about that.
But anyway, one more week of Maths tutorial and that's it! Oh, and the exams.
(I'll still have to take a follow up math subject next year, oh dearrrrrrrrrr)

Computing. The subject that I have a major love-hate issue with. But it slowly swung over to love.
As aforementioned, I hated it last semester, I think it was partly how I don't really like how the lecturer lectured, but the one this semester is pretty good, and doesn't start speaking with the volume tapering off towards the end of his sentence (this is a massive problem among lecturers I think). Oliver Diessel is so proper. Which I liked.
Yes, I actually could do the assignments well and good. All on my own. AND I managed to do it in time :D
And one more thing.....
You know why the love-hate issue slowly sided over to love (love is such a strong word to use)
Let me tell you something.....
It started in the first week of comp tute. This is going to sound so wrong but yes I thought my tutor was cute (and I kinda still do think that) and that partially motivated my interest in the subject (I know, I'm so superficial, this is not good)
but despite being fixated with his looks I really think that's he's a good tutor. Like, honestly. Seriously.
I like how he's so proper and serious about computing. It somehow strikes me as attractive (there I go sounding so wrong again).
At one point I was head over heels, but no, I need to get my head levelled.
I think he did a better job tutoring than my last tutor. thanks Aaron:D
This coming week will be my last week of seeing him, oh damn, I shall miss him :/

There you go.
My recap of the year. it's not really a recap but I just felt like pressing the alphabet keys on my keyboard tonight and mask whatever I've written as a 'recap', since I can't press the ivory keys of my piano back home in Malaysia OH I MISS YOU SOOOOOOOOOO BABY

Toodles peeps, and thanks for reaching the end of my rant.


9 said...:

Sara said...

So glad you have settled in. I understand the hell you were in last sem. OMG 6 WEEKS AND WE'LL BE BACK IN SUNNNNNY MSIA.I am seriously missing home. I can't wait to set foot on the LCCT airport however dodgy it may look. And to see the faces of loved ones. Bliss :)

Amanda said...

Oh wow, this is quite random but I googled Elec1111 to see if someone had uploaded some tips for the final exam or something and it came up with your blog. I was in your Maths tut! The 4 random tutors was so annoying... I hated calculus as it was, so it didn't help much. Hopefully you did well in the exam!

Good luck tomorrow in Elec too, your random thoughts on a semester that was very similar to mine has made me feel a bit less stressed for some reason :P

germae said...

Were you? MY MY this is such a coincidence!

Good luck for Elec111 later! (sorry to disappoint about the lack of elec1111 tips, hehe, blogs are for rants most of the time):P

I'm glad my random thoughts made you less stressed, I know I was when I wrote it :P
What's your last name? I might be able to recall you :D

Amanda said...

Watters, tall white chick with the pigtails :P

Doing my last minute study now, I didn't go to the last 2 weeks of lectures with that awful lecturer, I pray that that section won't be on the exam, or play only a small part! I know the digital logic though.

Best of luck to the both of us :)

germae said...

The paper was harder than expected! So much for hoping that those parts won't come out X(
Yes I remember you! Don't know if you notice but I'm the Asian girl, medium built/height, always have my hair in a ponytail :)

What's your last paper? (This is a little funny, chatting through a comments page)

Amanda said...

I'm not sure if I remember you or not :(

Comp1927 tomorrow, yay last exam! I'm not as worried about it, we get a textbook our class wrote in the exam, and I'm pretty a pretty good coder :P I believe 1921 is later next week? Good luck studying for it!

germae said...

Haha. Might catch you around, I remember how you look! :D Don't be surprised if you find an Asian girl calling out your name whom you don't recognise, it's most probably me :P

Lucky you, your last paper was yesterday, I hope it went well! Good that you're a pretty good coder, can't say the same for myself (sucks big time when you get stuck at a point in your code and don't know what's the problem!)
1927 is so not easy~~~~
Enjoy the summer!

Anonymous said...

Also googled ELEC1111 to see if I could do it in summer if I failed this ENGG1000 shit.
Read your COMP1921 stuff. Hahaha I was thinking OMG same shit with the tutor and all, BUT different tutor ;)

Stephen said...

Haha, sorry to bring this back to life, but how was the elec exam anyway?

I've got it next week and really stressed that I'm going to fail (fail it which means I fail the course)