He looks left.
She looks right.
But you..
You're right behind them.

To his eyes, you're on his left.
To her eyes, you're on her right.
But to you..
they're both right in front.

He doesn't face her, and neither does she.
But you...
You face both their backs.

He can't see her.
He won't see her.

She can't see him.
She won't see him.

But you..
You wished they could just see eye to eye.

It's tiring, isn't it?
To want to see in both their eyes.
To want to understand both their stories.
But we are human after all.
It pains to want fairness, when all that surrounds at times is just the opposite.

Okay, so the whole sidebar issue thing wasn't exactly fixed since I renovated this blog's template with this new one (credits at the foot of the page) and well, I just started from scratch all over again.

So well, looks like there's only a week left before I go back to sunny Malaysia and there's still much time left in Sydney.

I have a feeling that my official final exam results will be out just as I reach Malaysia, because as it stands now I already have my provisional maths result, and as for my favourite subject Computing *grins* I scored massive for the programming parts. (Hurrah to tutor)

And just because I've got a new template up and running, here's a picture for the road:

credits to the one one drew it which I took from deviantArt
Isn't it lovely?

I was tweaking around with my blog template and then somehow or rather I couldn't revert to it's original settings, and so the sidebar has been altered.
I'll get this fix someday.
Yes, I is done with first year. That is of course if I passes all my exams.

I is very happy. I can't wait to go home. I hopes that next year I will have wonderful tutors who would be the reason I can't stop smiling every time during tutorials spark my interest in the subject.

I am a Naruto fan.

This anime rocks.

I sound so convincing.

No, seriously, I dig it.

I just haven't gotten to the 'even better' parts.

Can't wait.


My enthusiasm is masked by my 'nerding' for the Computing paper this Wednesday.