If you know me well enough, I would have mentioned somewhere in the million conversations I've had with people that I don't normally listen to female singers (just a few and far between). I'm a all-man kinda girl (which explains why I'm straight LOL)
Call this chance (or destiny) but I am a big fan of Valerie Poxleitner a.k.a Lights, a Canadian artiste.
I don't think she would be known as mainstream (mostly because I did not hear of her through mainstream radio) but the one song that caught my attention (because I downloaded it by fluke) was "The Last Thing on Your Mind."
And then I looked for more of her.
Well, if you hear this song, and you like it, you're probably like me. She's something different, as she describes her type of music as 'Intergalactic', 'Electro-Pop'.
This type of music is something novel to me, or maybe I've heard them before but never really liked it, but times have changed and I think she nails this genre well and good.

The easiest part of writing to me is writing the middle bits. The title, beginning and ending seem to be the hardest parts.

After returning home nearly two weeks ago, I think I now see why I call this place home.
I did ponder during the last 2-3 months about staying in Sydney for a bit after graduation, quite possibly for more than 2 years if the circumstances permit.
But if things change, and I end up staying there for good, then I may as well say it now that everything changes with time. Because the truth is, everything to me is uncertain, and being me, the kind who sees things now as they are now without an in-depth thought about the future, I guess it's safe to say that it's all just a matter of time before they reveal themselves.
This all kinda boils down to the matter of money and opportunity.
Staying in Sydney means finding a job in Sydney (or elsewhere in Australia, who knows), which means earning income in Australian dollars, which means earning more than in Malaysia, which in turn means greater financial security which means...good stuff!
if I manage to find a job as an engineer in Australia, it means I can gather experience there, which means I get some leverage when I come back and work wherever I work, which is double good stuff.
But this is all hypothetically speaking, of course.
Mum even did mention that I could try for a PR if all goes well.

But who knows, who knows.
I'm just going to find enriching things to do these holidays. As it is I'm procrastinating already.

"We are all full of stars.

Bright ones, dim ones, near ones, far ones.

Some of us are so full of stars that we can't choose.

And so we just gaze up in awe,

afraid to pluck one from that infinite sky in our minds

to keep the rest from fading and turning to dust."