...be more honest with each other?

I think everyone deserves the truth.
Even the Bible says that "..the truth shall set you free."
So everyone needs to hear the truth. Everyone should set the record straight with each other, whatever the truth is that would set it straight.
I respect people who know how to tell you the truth without hurting you badly, because those who do the former without being able to do the latter in tandem will inadvertently become labelled as blunt.
But even so, credit goes out for you who tell the truth. God knows how far left in the dark we can all become.

I don't know why people take offence in being told that
e.g. they're not to some extent attractive physically, whether it's the look, or the weight, or the combination of both. Like, if you're fat and I tell you you're fat, so be it. Being fat is not an evil; it's just a state of being. One good thing about being told fat as compared, to say, being short is that with being fat, you're still able to alter it i.e. through sheer exercise, but if you're short, sorry honey, heels can be some sort of help(if you have a problem with being short in the first place), but I don't know about the male population who are.
I personally don't think anyone should have a problem being fat unless they
1)constantly complain about their damn weight but still guzzle up a pack of chocolate everyday or something along those lines OR
2)if they can't climb up a short flight of stairs without panting heavily. Now, that's some serious issue so go start an exercise program. Or join the biggest loser and win a whole load of money.

Ok, I digress.
Whatever it is, if something is bad, don't bullshit and say it's good. If something bothers you, why should you have to keep it inside? Those who are being told the truth should not take it to heart; be an adult and LISTEN and get it. If you don't think you deserved that, then sit down and talk about it. Don't be idiots who start a war with each other over something that you could fix once and for all.

Sometimes though, some truths can be harder to accept. I think I know what it's like; but it's up to you how you want to handle the truth.
Some people just won't change for the better if they don't hear it. And I'm sure at least 1 in 10 people know someone who could use some truth-telling.

* * * * * * *

But you know, to every saying, there's always one to counter it.

If "The truth sets you free", why then "Ignorance is Bliss"?
If "Patience makes the heart grow fonder,", what does "Out of sight, out of mind" mean?
Do you love my work? This is a D Flip-flop built using 3 ICs. Very confusing work :S

C'est très beau, non?

As a student, one's sole occupation is to study, hence the occupation of being a student.
I love (and hate) being a student. For one, you get to learn new things, and this is good for one's brain. For sure, no joke. Prevents early onset of stupidity. Also, no joke.

Sometimes, in all the tangles of school work, assignments and what-nots, do remind ourselves that we'll miss all this once we leave for the real world a.k.a. WORK.

Alors. J'aime flip-flops, le français and autres choses. Et vous?

Money makes me worried. I hate talking about money, whether it's about gaining, spending or losing it, I just hate it when we have to discuss about anything related to money.

Life is more than money, but without money, how can we live life? Like, practically?

word of the day: avarice.