There is nothing that you cannot Google and not find. (I'm not sure if I got the negations right)

So much so that the verb Google has become part of contemporary speak; Oxford made it to be so. Awesome. Google, you are more powerful than the President of the United States. (Sorry Obama)

On the flipside, liberal access to information is... dangerous, no? You can learn anything, from flute-playing to knife-sharpening to... OH boy, really down-and-naughty stuff, maybe even cruel-intent-things-to-do. Like that girl who was abducted and murdered by men she befriended on FB. God, bless her family.

But if you're like me and you're sane, inquisitive (for inconsequential things) and you have nobody you wish to spite (maybe just stalk), the internet can be resourceful, that's right.
Though, it does take up a lot of your time, especially if you're profile-surfing on FB (the 'deactivate' button is calling out to me)

I wonder what life'd be like without the internet(oh NO then where'd the iPhone be?)
Well, then there wouldn't be this blog. Haha. Ok, not funny, but seriously, the world wouldn't be so small, and that makes it all the more interesting, no?
Access to information can be a pain.

Good night world. The brain and back is aching.
I think this blog is going to explode from boredom. POOF

There was one point in time when I thought this word was over-used.
But when it comes down to it, we juxtapose all the time anyway.
Between ourselves and the rest of the world. How much we lack, how much more we could have done, etc.
Read off a friend's blog, about how if only there was a GPS that can point us to the right direction in life, the direction we should be heading. If only it was that easy. A GPS of the soul.

GPS:"Say yes to so-and-so(insert name here)."

GPS: "Do not procrastinate. Make that call tomorrow."

But it ain't that easy. I just pray, pray... and that's all I can do, for now.
dreams, hopes, regrets, hurt.....

We move on, we move on...

Oh, how I wish I was back in kindy, or high school. Being under the weather is so no fun.
J'aime le piano parce que c'est un beau instrument.

How I miss playing the piano.