They say that the power of the human mind is nothing short of astounding.

There's something called an 'imagined' pregnancy (aka pseudocyesis) where a woman's belly expands as though she were carrying a baby, when in fact she's not. This happens mostly because the woman in question convinces herself so instensely that she's pregnant to the point where her abdomen expands and even starts to produce milk for an imaginary unborn child. See what I mean by the power of the human mind?

Hmmmm. So what happens after nine months of lying to oneself? False labour pains and a baby? Don't think so.

Ok, so that's one example of non-beneficial mind power. (no baby, come on, how is that beneficial? Oh, wait a minute....)

Anyway, I think the thing with the human mind is that if you can lie to yourself convincingly enough to the point where it's not even denial anymore, but becomes a truth, it can happen. (Some people go mad like this, so let's keep things in the sane line of thought).

There's a saying, think yourself rich, or think yourself thin, (just replace the adjective with whatever you dream of. As for me, I would like both). There's some truth there.

Lie to yourself enough to the point where your mind gears itself to achieving nothing but that.

Imma lose those 5 lbs this winter. Imma do it imma do it. And.. Imma do it. Somehow, someway...

To friends who are in the midst of exams, ALL THE BEST. Think yourself smart. ;)
Tant que vous n'avez pas d'amis, vous n'êtes pas unique au monde
Because you have no friends, you are not unique in the world.

On ne peut pas mourir pour vous.
One cannot die for you.

--extrait paroles de la chanson 'Puisque c'est ma rose' (La comédie musicale Le Petit Prince)

Que cherchons-nous? Dans la vie? Dans ta vie?

Je ne sais jamais.
Ok, the semester ended (without a BANG but whatever)

here's to S1, and now the next battle: The exams.

I have two papers on the last day, brilliant I tell you.

Final battle indeed.

Cheers, y'all.