If you had one too many things to do, just let go of some and do the ones you can.

If you had had one too many dreams to pursue, just forget most of them, and work on one.
It's hard enough as it is to pursue a dream; having one takes the strain out of holding on to so many and not succeeding at any.

Back in the day when we still wore uniforms to school, there wasn't this feeling of dread that engulfs me on the Sunday night before the semester commenced.

Now, when there's more freedom (at least in terms of apparel choice), I just don't want to go back.

Oh well, here's to the new semester.
(The holidays evade me too quickly.)

To the rest of my holiday-ridden friends, Happy Holidays still. Cheers
.... if I were like this little puppy, I'd..... be more active.