This is just a random thought.

I know that most people have their own quirks when it comes to playing an instrument. I think I have mine - being a bit stiff and rigid (both in posture and in playing) even though I might think I'm quite fluid.

A few weeks ago, I attended my university's orchestral performance, and quite frankly, I was quite impressed. I might not be a classical music connoisseur, but I think classical music is very refined stuff.

The highlight of the night would most probably go to the solo pianist, who was a pretty lady, around my age I'm sure. She has quite an impressive musical background, hailing under the tutelage of someone VERY big (I'm not sure who, refer to non-classical music connoisseur statement above), and she played the piece quite brilliantly.

The one thing I deem as my pet peeve with musicians is this: they tend to leave their mouth gaping while playing their instrument. What are you gaping at may I ask? I'm sorry, but it really looks so.... uncool. Another thing to add to pet peeves is when they start moving/gyrating their whole body apparently to 'the music' as they say, but they seriously look like they just had an orgasm, or something like that. I don't think people usually show their orgasmic reactions to the public do they?

Take Lang Lang for example:

Don't get me wrong; I really respect him for his incredible piano skills; he is definitely one of China's more prolific exports today, and yes, he is no doubt an awesome pianist.
I just find it so over-the-top (OTT) with the gyrating and 'high' look whilst performing. If I had watched this performance there, I might burst out laughing and then be showed the way out for doing so.

If you can look up in the air and not look at your fingers while playing (really cool stuff, imo), why don't look at your audience or fellow orchestral accompaniment? You know... engage with people, not get lost in your own 'fantasy high' or whatchamacallit.

Yes, so random. I kinda miss my piano and how it feels when I touch it. *high*

Now with much (just slightly) time on my hands, here's a girly celebrity crush statement:

I'm in love with Switchfoot all over again. AHHHHHHHHHHHH Jon Foreman! *very random*
Dare You to Move was SUCH a HIT. Gosh, thank you Switchfoot for that song.

Switchfoot (and Jon, especially), I heart you.

Now, taking on a more acquisitive air.

I have a few things I'd like to get by the year end.

For the last >7 years of playing the guitar, I've never actually owned my very own one. It all started when my sister bought one many years back, tried it out for a few months, and then ditched it (seriously, it was beginning to collect a mountain of dust). I thought I'd give it a go, and that was the start of something really cool for me. (learning a new instrument is cool!) So, it all started with her guitar. I never actually had my own.

Though I'm not an accomplished guitarist (given the amount of years that's elapsed), and my playing is limited to strumming and a few plucking riffs, I deem myself an able guitarist.
I just... I JUST..... would like my own guitar (because that old guitar of the sister's is severely out of shape and it's time for it to... RIP. Yes, even instruments have to expire)

So, I can have one my own, right? It's ABOUT TIME Y'ALL!
All I need to do is find a way to fund it. I have set my eyes on a nice entry-level Fender, or a Takamine or Yamaha. Maybe some Spanish-made ones too would be nice.

Oh my, you look so beautiful tonight.

Second thing to acquire: COPIC markers. They are an artist's ultimate tool. In no way am I implying myself as an artist, but aspirations require the necessary tools to jump-start them, right?
They are like.... produce watercolour-like drawings, but with the ease of a pen.
They are just.... indescribably a-w-e-s-o-m-e.
I just hope that if I do decide to get them, I wouldn't be like some deer in the headlights once I get my hands on them for real.... as a phrase I like to quote when confronted with too much info/choices at once - 'Paralysis by Analysis'.

Image taken from
This was done with Copic markers and liner pens. So nice so nice.

#3 - Driving skills. I so need the guts to take the wheel with little instruction and no nerves. This is the hardest of the three. Not the most expensive, just the most... gutsy.

Ok, stop. Enough blabbering. My first paper's next Wednesday, oh boy. Here we go again. And then I'll be done with 2nd year. BANZAI <------ Japanese! Japan! Nihon ikimasu!

On my usual path to the grocers, I would pass by the perimeter of the local hospital. Yesterday, while walking on that route, there was this lady sitting by the perimeter, taking a break. She was smoking away (I wouldn't have paid any attention to people sitting by normally, except if they were, say, smoking or making out, etc.).

For a few seconds, I couldn't help feeling slightly appalled when I saw that she had on the 'NSW Health' uniform.
NSW Health logo taken from google. I do not own this.
NSW Health: Keeping citizens of NSW healthy and happy. (BAH)

A person in the health industry smoking.
It's like, a painfully overweight person promoting a fitness centre. It's just not.... fitting.

It just strikes me as a huge hypocrisy, but I guess working in a certain industry doesn't mean you're bound by the apparent rules of said industry. It would be sore point, but not altogether a cause for concern.

Which brings to mind the question of leading by example. I cannot but believe that we are the products of those who raise us. I think that as much as we are wired a certain way, there is surely just as much influence from our guardians/parents.
So, in the famous words of Gandhi "You must be the change you want to see in the world," lead by example, guys.

When you my dear friends become parents, be a good example to your kids. Throw the bad, and take the good (bak kata pepatah 'Buang yang keruh, ambil yang jernih...').
They become us. They become the bad us as well.

The point here to make is, you can't be all talk and no action. In fact, be more action than talk.
I hate that about people - going on and on about being a certain way when they're clearly not like that either. Hypocrisy is one of the worst things about people. I dare say that politicians are the number one hypocrites hands down today.

I am still thinking about the proposition by some obstinate group of people, remarked in previous post.

Ok, this is disturbing news involving tax payers' money and how they'll be handling that.

5 billion is a non-trivial sum. It definitely approaches infinity from my financial perspective.

Look, this kind of sum is better spent elsewhere. We already have a nice pair that almost risked being a white elephant standing tall in the city, why have another one?


There is surely better use for that kinda money. I can list to you some really practical uses for it, namely:
1) Help the poor. I was quite sad to read about the poor scrap metal collectors who are reduced to living under a flyover. Socio-economically, we are very much behind. When there is an awful disparity between rich and poor, you know you have to fix something. Let's just say
2) The public schools and education system. From my own experience, public schools are under-funded, and in order to make things happen, the schools themselves have to raise funds (although I admit it can be quite an enjoyable process, there should be more focus on education rather than marketing, etc.)
3) The environment. I think this country is severely behind in the ecologically friendliness department.
4) Give more scholarships.
5) Education (deja-vu). I cannot stress enough how important education is. We need a nation of brains, not rubbish.

Furthermore, if one wants to argue this from the perspective of national pride and tourism, consider this: people go travelling to a place to see what that place has to offer naturally. The emphasis here is 'naturally', not some concrete structure that every country has already, and is therefore nothing delightfully special.
Spoil the environment even more, why don't you.

Some people higher up there are just so incredibly smart when it comes to 'spending' money.
If there is some kind of ulterior agenda under these sleeves of the stupid, let's bring it out in the open and debate it out. What's democracy if you want to use taxpayer's money for another stupid project that's as good as lighting a fire and burning money?

I'm seriously disappointed. If there is anything I can do to stop it, let me know.