To get the good goods, you have have to fork out the good money.
Is it just me or is every Tom, Dick and Harry (and their ladies' equivalent) having an SLR these days?

I'm not much of a photo-taker myself but I think that the DSLR is heaps superior in photo quality.

The only drawback (for me) is that it is cumbersome. But I guess one would overlook that eventually when they see the end results of their wonderfully (expensive) toy.

I want a nice superior camera too. Tokyo is going to be so.... the stuff of songs. Which reminds me..

Now that I'm here in Sydney, a place purportedly the stuff of dreams, with its exceeding metropolitan lifestyle and infrastructure, modern and eclectic beauty, I guess you could say this place draws people to come and give it a go.
I don't know if it's just me, but this 'awe' that I once associated with this place has subsided, and it feels just like any other city (not really like KL, though). And then a thought came to my mind, you know how a ton of famous brands' paper bags have on it the names of big cities like London, New York, Paris, etc.? THESE three are like staples, but Sydney is not.
And then when it comes to songs, you hear lines with New York, or Tokyo, some far off country in the east, in it..... but never Sydney.
I know i haven't listened to all the songs ever created in the world, but Sydney just hasn't come across any mainstream artists' lyrics. Disappointing? Or is Sydney just plain boring and the fact that everything Down Under is, well, down under and nobody gives a damn?

Ok, the AUD money battle has lost. OH DEAR

It would have been cool if I had learnt economics, then I would have been able to understand the workings of currencies the world over and well, the world in general.

From what I understand, economics is not just about money, it's also about attitudes driving the currency that makes it a very interesting subject.

Okay, so now, about the post title, I was browsing (window shopping, whatever) through eBay US and discovered that the AUD is > USD.


The fact that the AUD is on par with the USD make everything seem equally cheap and affordable (I have lost the ability to convert in to RM). This fact, however, does not make it any better for the moths already in my wallet.

A poor attempt at trying to recreate the logos of the two giant online shopping malls. I'm trying to use less borrowed material off the Internet is my excuse.

I have already spent quite a vomit-inducing amount on stationery (VERY excellent stationery, in my defence), but I added with this new rise in the AUD, I can't seem to control myself.

Btw, am still having two major papers in the next 2 days. Bless us all students-with-exams!

The more I watch and see these sort of beautiful songs and illustrations and how much they pour their feelings into it,

the more I wish I was doing something else instead of this.
"A place where someone is thinking of you, that's where you can return to."