Ok, so I've been back for the past three weeks and have made the requisite visit to lovely Penang already.
It gets lovelier year by year. Sigh. I tell myself that if there's any other place I'd rather be than Subang itself, it's got to be Penang. FOSHO!
Driving there is hell though, 'cos drivers there are hellish themselves (with the exception of my relatives, 'cos they're the chauffeurs :P)

Have been reunited with the ancient piano, the ivories are sorely the wrong frequencies, but not in relative to each other, which is still okay. Haven't been playing Bach, but loving Chopin more and more. I still suck with Fantasie Impromptu, sigh. Otherwise, I would like to refurbish this piano of mine.

The weather has been rather unpleasant though, 'cos the heavens are crying for some reason (reading the newspapers, I wouldn't be surprised of the reason(s), whatever they may be).
But otherwise, I think I love the heat more than the chilly winters of Down Under.
Malaysia is truly my home. I would not give up the land where my blood has spilt (sounds rather grotesque haha) for anything. I hope I don't change my mind, because I refuse to submit to childhood fickleness, especially not when I'm two decades old.

Can't wait for my pending trip to Japan, WOOOOOOOOOOOO
it's gonna be during the height of winter there, oh dear I hope I don't grumble the trip away (LOL)

Hmmm, talking about Japan, had a funny rencontre with some Japanese ladies the other day on the flight to Penang. The output of the meet: pretty lady's email. Hope I can somehow meet them again in Japan :)

Till then, I'll just bask in the life of a student, not wanting to return to the mundanities of school life.

I have to grow up one day. That day isn't here yet. Please don't come too soon