It was over two years ago since my brief stint in orthodontics where I wore those painful braces for a year.
My teeth, ever since, have been straight. Thank you dad (for the money spent on my teeth) and thank you Dr. (for straightening my teeth, and taking money from my dad for it).

Thankfully, it lasted only a year, which is considerably fast compared to others with more complicated dental layouts. I must thank someone for that.

Thank you, someone.

Anyhow, in subsequent years till today, the braces journey doesn't quite end. After removing them, I had to wear retainers almost 24/7 for about half a year. It still doesn't end there, either.
Ms. Dentist told me that retainers are for a lifetime (which sounded like a binding contract, almost like matrimony). But of course, it's not as detrimental if not obeyed.

Now, in 2011, I've 'separated' with my retainers.

Problem is, with the availability of space in my mouth, my wisdom teeth have taken this chance to display themselves permanently in my mouth.
You can imagine the great amount of grief and pain they have caused me the past two weeks. Almost comparable to the braces itself previously.

This is making me upset becuase it is taking out the fun in eating, because half of your mouth is in pain when you attempt to just...chew. Not to mention the fact that I have just a day left of authentic Malaysian food. I is not so happy. What's more, I don't want to fly back. Home is just.. home.


Back to dental matters, I have a recurring nightmare of my teeth falling out, which causes me to lose all my self-esteem and confidence. Losing my front teeth has got to be one of my deeper fears.


Here goes to more candy and better eating habits.

My back hurts, I'm tired from the swimming and book database-making, but I'm having heaps of fun just doing these normal things. It's good to be home.

Happy Chinese New Year! A week more to go of it!