Today, if I made a(n imaginary) bet with God-knows-who in the university, I'd have to say this: Let me graduate with an engineering degree, and I promise I'll never apply for an engineer-related job. Not. Ever. Never.
Just don't keep me in this uni by failing me. All I want is that g.d. piece of paper that says graduate with a __(fill in blank)___.

Hopefully it says Bachelor of Engineering.

This is a shot of a famous shrine in Harajuku that we visited. There are tons of these shrines all over Japan.
This was taken some time in late January.

After this novel trip to Japan, I developed quite an affinity for the country. Is it the food, the people or just the atmosphere, I don't know. But I would definitely want to go there again in my lifetime.

Recent news regarding the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan has rocked many people around the world, and it also rocked mine. If it wasn't for the trip, I wouldn't have taken much interest in another natural disaster. However, with the threat of a nuclear disaster, this is quite believably a cause for much worry.
Perhaps I am ignorant about the threats of radiation, or if this is even a cause of concern, but believe me, the people of Japan are in need of much solidarity now.
Forget about the whole karma sh*t people are b*tching about Japan now. The past is in the past. If that's the case everyone deserves a little bit of natural disasters on their land. Calamities, unfortunately, happen.

Please pray for them, and pray that our Earth will not take the lives of so many people again.
I believe that there is a reason for this, and this perhaps is the call to faith.

a box of chocolates. Sometimes.

At times, it is like a bitter pill to swallow.

Here's to the good old times of yesteryears.

*there's more than these, but the excuse is a lack of time.

Bad times don't normally have pictures, so we'll just live for the present, and keep past memories as a safety net.