Ok, it's three years later, and here I am writing about Switchfoot and the post-experience of attending another concert of theirs. I LOVES THEM

By golly, Jon is fantastic. Switchfoot, I <3 you.

They sang so many songs, I would say at least a quarter from the "Hello Hurricane" album, although the 'old school' ones were still the BEST! Closing number of "Dare You To Move" is juuuuuuuuuuust right.

Thank you God for this amazing Holy Thursday (which I spent at a Switchfoot concert. Hmmmm.... nevermind)
I've grown to realise that life favours us in different ways, while it may be unfair, we'll always possess some things others want, while others possess things we just can only dream of having from a distance.

Like age and youth for instance. Money, Good Looks, Smarts, Talent. These are some of the broad categories.

But hey, at least we all have chances at them. Do not fret, we'll be alright.
And everybody has at least a birthday.

So here's to Lim Li Vern's, Happy Birthday usagi-chan. =)