Just before returning home for the winter break 2 months ago, I have had a string of physical afflictions over the 12-week semester that made everyday tasks a little bit more painful than usual.
After going through my phone's camera album, I thought of writing this up just for fun and for the sake of random posts every now and then. (Then again, I don't follow any particular theme, so heck, let's just see some pictures)

First of firsts, is this mouth ulcer.

It started off relatively small, say 0.5-1 mm across in diameter. From this photo, evidently it got bigger, and from last measured, it measured to >5mm. FML. It was so freaking painful. Unlike other parts of your mouth, say behind your gums, at the back top part, THIS particular spot makes eating agonizing because it is difficult to get food into your mouth without going it first past the lips.
I don't know how it got so big, but I would like to dish out some advice and that is to NEVER attempt the following:


Reason #1 - it's f****** painful
Reason #2 - it's probably ineffective
Reason #3 - I swore it got bigger post-salt treatment.

It took about 2 weeks before it completely healed, and in the process I had to get pharmacy medicine that hurt as much as the salt treatment, but it soothed the ulcer after 15 seconds of misery upon application.

Conclusion: Drink a lot of water, if ulcer occurs, do not rub salt, instead get proper pharmacy medicine. Or you could just wait it out to heal by itself.

Next up, is this mother of blisters:

Excuse the poor photo quality, but if you pay close attention, you can roughly make out a white patch from the edge of the sock to the end of the white patch near the arch of my left foot. From the comparison with my thumb, this mother of all blisters is bigger than the AUD0.50 coin. FML, as it made walking so insecure.
The location of this blister is at a part of my foot that is tantamount to Heathrow Airport in London.
Okay, pardon the exaggeration, but in all its 'strategic' locality, this blister managed to stay un-popped for the entire duration of its blister life. However, it did leave a faded mark on my foot, that will always remind me of how I once had the mother of all blisters on my foot.

Conclusion: Avoid wearing bad shoes. It will cost you some blister-ingly painful times.

Last but not the least (painful), is the cracked toenail

Well, it didn't actually crack on its own, but the portion of the missing nail was already dead underneath, so I had to cut it out in order for new nail to grow. It looks grotesque, especially when the leftover toenail is painted black. In any case, not having nail there didn't exactly mean painful times of walking, but it just looked gross when people look down at your feet and you're wearing open-toed shoes. My confidence went downhill :(
Ok, it didn't, but it just felt a weeeee bit drafty on little big toe.

Ok, end of distractions and complains. Back to work.
Writing up my resume can be quite demotivating. Especially when you have to squeeze your brain juices dry just to think of one effective line that ups your marketability.

Anyway, tomorrow's City2Surf and I am not quite feeling so pumped up for 14kms of running, but hoping to run in under 100 minutes!!!!