There was once upon a time when I used to watch this movie a few times a week; those years of yonder have long since gone, and I can only vaguely remember what the show was about. How it seemed so magical and adventurous then.

But as I recall it now, I guess deep down somewhere, the person who invented Peter Pan must have felt the same way some of us feel at a point in our lives: of never having to grow up.

Maybe I'm in a sort of reminiscent mood now, or maybe I feel like I've not lived up to anything yet, and that this sort of thoughts never really cropped up when I was a child, or still in school; but I guess, the magic of the future can fade when you grow older, and thus, becoming a little more realistic, and to a certain extent, cynical. You slowly, unwittingly, let the child in you ebb away, with the years we add to our lives.
Then find yourself wishing that you never grow up. To be like Peter Pan.

I've passed the 21 mark, and I do still feel like I have child-like tendencies, which make me feel naive and childish. But then if I took the time to think, isn't that what I'm after, if I long to 'never grow up'?
Do we scoff at people who seem to be feeble for their age? Immature? Or narrow-minded? Or what we deem as narrow-minded anyway.

Take me back to those years.... just for a moment.