So, it's December of the year 2011. The Friday month of the year. Something like that.
By the eve, we'll soon say hello to 2012 and scream OMG what happened all of one year ago?

Welcome another birthday, another passage of life, another everything. And a heap of retrospective moments. Time keeps slipping, and there is nothing we can do about it.

Except live and remember and learn.

Can I just say, in this year, I've said goodbye officially to being a kid, because turning 21 means I'm a bloody adult now. It sucks that I have to grow up.

I just want to remember what it was like being a kid. I knew I've been through tough moments as a child, and it didn't necessarily go by like a breeze either. Growing up is an everyday activity, it doesn't stop at being an adult now does it.

Geez, it's always this time of the year where you look back in its entirety and feel even worse about what you've missed and wished you hadn't.

Why do I sound so sombre?

Because: time goes by quicker, relatively, the older you get. One year feels so short now than it did 10 years ago. It's a matter of relativity (and not Einstein's theory, 'cos I never understood it)
, and it feels like I'm right about that. Who wants to feel like they're reaching 'the end' quicker?

If there is one thing I'd like, is to feel like I've lived the years of long ago. I've said this before, and I wish it so much, but because time is not a vector, it is an intangible dimension, I wish I had lived in a different decade. Things seemed so much more hopeful then.
Every new piece of technology was a landmark. There weren't threats of global warming, economic meltdown and new things sprout up because they were really new.
Now, it just seemed like a little has been achieved. Technology is indeed fast moving, but I wonder if we really need all that. We can't irresponsibly trash the planet now, although ages ago, we did because somehow, it didn't show signs of a meltdown.

I'm so sorry for sounding bleak, but I guess I'm just clinging on to the past, because moving forward is never quite filled with security. Security is what keeps me grounded. Uncertainty is like a bed of nails; you could swing just a little more, and hope that it doesn't hurt.

Since everyday is a chance to learn, I know now more than ever, I should find out what really makes me happy. Carrying on this burden that pulls my spirits down is not going to help

I hope for the best for everyone I know, and everyone I will know. And everyone else too.
May 2012 be a good, good year for you, as we all hope each new one to be.
Bdim - E -AM -Fm in C major.

If I can remember this by heart, I'll try it out on a piano somewhere, because it is quite a nice chord progression I found out on my own by accident.