Imagine this. You, as you are, stood right there, at the beginning of ALL creation.
What do you think you'll see? What do you think will happen in the future, if you were there?
If you do not believe in God, then your starting point is much much earlier than say, a million years.

I as a person who practices religion, though, cannot account for the discrepancy in the Bible's record of time vs the scientific argument that states the earth is a lot older than a few thousand years.

But much like the furthest reaches of the universe, I don't care about such matters. For this, I do not wish to be labelled as ignorant or an obstinate religious person; I just do not think my mind can comprehend such matters anyway, so why bother?
Also, I'm not religious. But I believe in something greater than me, so I guess that's the only label that's fitting (at the moment).

I am, however, quite fascinated by the seemingly endless expanse of the night sky; the full moon, the gleaming stars that are never within reach; it's always the same picture you see after the sun sets.

That is beautiful enough for me.

However, if you do like your taste of mystery, perhaps exploring what you may never fully understand, is your life's pursuit. So be it. Live your life the way you want to. I'll live mine my way too. I hope you find what you are looking for, and that you'll be happy.

So back to being at the point in time=zero. How much information do you think you'll have gathered from that first moment in time, till the present moment?
It is said that all the (digital) data that has been collected over the last four years surpasses all information that humanity has gathered since the beginning of time.

THAT, in my opinion, is a confounding thought. The narrow minded me would say that mankind now, instead of hoarding food, now hoards data. And by hoard, it is beyond gluttony. And by data, I mean ANY data. Whether it's the air humidity by the miliseconds, or the clicking patterns of teenage Facebook users, you name it. The world has something priceless in store at every corner of human activity.

Everything is recorded. That sounds like a stickler at work. A very meticulous, OCD stickler. I agree that data collection is worthwhile, but at what cost?
The smaller data storage becomes, the more we'll want to hoard. The data collectors will claim that it is used for research, to study human pattern (or whatever it is they're looking for) to "improve" user experience. While they, arguably, do this for eventual benefits that are for everyone's good, I am sure it comes at a price.
This, in my (uneducated) opinion, is the bane of technology. Something's got to give when something apparently good comes along.

I can't say my laptop has done me absolutely no good. Or that my refrigerator is better off in the bin than it is in my kitchen. Or that the light bulb is stupid. No, I most definitely cannot say that. I would beg on my knees to have them back if they were snatched from me.

Because the fact is, the once-upon-a-time luxury bestowed on us has now become commonplace. We cannot do without them, as the luxury is now a staple. It has become as such, and impossible to become otherwise.

So what am I trying to get at? Hell, am I complaining or being a contradiction to myself? Well, succinctly, I would say this: my point is that at this point in time, we have achieved great feats of human accomplishment. I may not have seen everything that is amazing which another man has invented. But I believe, as an ordinary citizen, that we may well be on a downward spiral from this "information age". We have so left the "Industrial Revolution". What we are now, is a "Information addicted" society. The constant need to absorb as much information, is clearly what our society has become. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. We're addicted for more, and more. What happened to the well-worn shoe?
I just think our appreciation levels have fallen. I might be misinformed as I see the world mostly through my eyes, but we hoard so much, it's quite difficult to have one precious little thing that doesn't have to be expensive, or popular, or cutting edge.

What happened to limits, to having boundaries and restrictions? What happened to living modest?
To not always want more; to improve oneself, but not in terms of wealth, or belongings, but of one's character, personality, and people-ness?

I'm trying to stick to these principles. That is my goal, to be what I 'preach'. But I have made many faults, and I am sorry. We are all far from ideal, but we all deserve love, and that is priceless.