Having a creative imagination is priceless.

However, with every creative idea, if you are serious on embarking on it, you have to make the right plans and not just superficially suggest things that do not help materialize the idea. It is utter uselessness.

Time is of the essence, so please, brainstorm, but be realistic and think of a concrete plan.
For lyrics such as these?

I cry for the time that you were almost mine, I cry for the memories I've left behind, I cry for the pain, the lost, the old the new, I cry for the times I thought I had you
Alright, so for another blog entry, this time for July, I shall be talking about the winter break thus far.

I had the unfortunate luck of having an exam paper on the very last day of the exam period, which inadvertently meant my break started wayyyyy later than almost everybody else which caused me some frustration that may be translated into bad results for the exam.

But oh wells. I'm going to pass. I hope *fingers crossed*

So, two days later, I was off to Cairns with Vicki and a couple of other people. It was a fun and adventurous vacation because a lot of the activities planned were physical, to some extent.
We went snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef, one of Australia's World Heritage sites. While I've only ever snorkelled once in my life, I can say that this marine trip was definitely worth the time and money for anyone who's looking for some flora and fauna appreciation in their itinerary. I saw Nemo, a green turtle, (no sharks unfortunately) and schools of fishes I've never seen before. There was even a giant wrasse, which was surprisingly tame and very tactile. Too bad I didn't get to be photographed with it.
It was a very nice marine exploration day, needless to say, it was also very physically exhausting from all the swimming and kicking and staying afloat and the awe being given simply by just observing nature in its glory.

The next day, we had Cape Tribulation and Port Douglas in the plan. The highlight of the day was Jungle Surfing, which was to be done last. Before that, we headed to an animal wildlife sanctuary, where I got to touch kangaroos and see all sorts of animals endemic to Australia. After that we headed to a Crocodile River tour, where we sat in a motorboat and drove down the river. The tour guide who spoke into the intercom was incredibly funny, saying things like "whipping Americans" when talking about the vines and cane in the forest. I had so much fun just laughing at his sarcasm and wisecracks.
Next, we headed for lunch at a little rest area that sold homemade ice-cream with very interesting flavours, some of which included Guinness, Passionfruit and Coconut, (I forgot the names of the more exotic ones). I had my chocolate-type one, which was simply delish!
Then we drove to the Jungle for jungle surfing. It was fun, but I guess the expected fun was way more than the actual amount of fun delivered. So in a way, I felt like the whole tour was not value for money. 2/5, at most.
Nonetheless, it was a fun-filled day. It could have been better if I had spent it with fun-ner friends or people of the same wavelengths. But I guess, you can't have it all.

The very next day, we did white-water rafting at the River Tully! Lucky for me (LOL) our raft guide was a Frenchman named Vincent. And he was so sexy (mainly because he was French, so unfair). The rapids were plentiful, but not overly dangerous.  All in all, it was fun! I liked it! Vincent was really fun because he gave us more value for money than the others, to my knowledge. He pushed us off raft, spin us and made us balance, pushing us off the raft again. I loved it!
Lucky thing I also got a picture with him! MMMMMMMMMMMMMM

FINALLY, on the last day, while it may have been uneventful, some last minute decision allowed me to brag about this: I BUNGY-JUMPED!

(And probably one of the most expensive ones too)

The feeling of falling is both unnerving yet liberating. I must say, that the scariest part was leaping off the plank; the rest was beyond control, but yet, it was the most free feeling ever. I didn't have my whole life flashing before me, 'cos I had confidence I wasn't going to die (come on, they have a good track record).
Although injury is not unheard off, I didn't even had that thought in mind.
When it comes down to it, is the ultimate fear of any 'extreme sport' such as bungy jumping, the fear of death? When all things in your existence cease because you cease to exist?

Okay, philosophical talk eeeeeek.

I want to end this post by saying that it was a splendid holiday and I will always remember it, even with the small bumps that I'll try and forget, but is not so easy if I re-read this post and conjure them up wow i'm a contradiction okay goodbyeeeee