(This is just a thought from the top of my head - I'm not one to give beauty advice and no one would take it from me either just by looking at me, so I guess I'm writing it here purely as a reminder to myself)

Never, ever pluck and shape your eyebrows to the point where it is as thin as a vermicelli and curved like a mountain.
I swear, doing so makes ANYONE look like anyone (or all!) of the following:
- a drag queen
- a ho
- a dumb blonde (even without being blonde)

I don't think most people can pull it off and still be considered classy or fashionable. Only a select few can. So... Why take the risk of looking trashy and cheap when your normal eyebrows are beautiful?

... by a casual pedestrian just like me, after crossing the road with her daughter, if I was married.

To be honest, I am not that shock or dumbfounded by her question. To rationalise it, she is a Caucasian lady in her 30's and she might think that I look of age to her, because to her eyes she might deem this Asian face to be matured enough to be married. (At 22, I don't think I'm matured enough to be married, most definitely)

Or maybe she thought that my respond to her not permitting her daughter to cross the road at a red traffic light even though there were no cars as a very 'good-parenting' type of advice. Beats me, I was just being rhetorical.

But whatever the reason is, she was a very nice lady. These casual conversations are rather amusing in hindsight.