Have been listening to this song on repeat, for four days now. Jiwang as anything, man.
I was just browsing through the old posts of this blog when I realise that I never really include any pictures in them.

Why the lack of visual stimuli, you may wonder?

Well, lazy is one. Another is, I just don't have any pictures to include.

Which got me thinking about that phrase: a picture paints a thousand words. So if I had put one (relevant) picture per post, I'd would, in effect, have written 10 times more than the current state that this blog is in, right?

Well, true.
But then I thought, words can also paint a thousand pictures, because with words, you can feel so many things too, if only they are written in a way which conveys emotions vividly.

With words, you can imagine a million things, a man could be any ordinary man or it could be your brother, a friend, a stranger, anyone. It's the imagination that dreams from these words, and that's pretty cool.

I am not suggesting that I'm any good with words such that you can easily evoke a scenery, but it is also just as good.

So screw it. I'll keep writing these words and occasionally post a relevant picture!
You got it bro/sis. If I were to give my blog a theme and poster to go with it, it would be this postsecret postcard. But alas, I'm far too old to say that growing up is far away; so these words hit home only because I feel like growing up sucks sometimes.

The invisible protection of being a child disappears the moment you are an adult, is what I think.

I feel a little pensive tonight, but I'm not going to write another entry about life and all.

It's the end of my final semester break, and when things come to an end, your heart gets anxious, perhaps uneasy, at the uncertainty that lies ahead. To take it all in stride, or to retreat a little when something unfamiliar pops up, what should one do?