What a pretty song. 

Makes me shake my head to the beat. LOVE IT

.. the end?

So my final paper in my entire history of exam-doing is fast approaching. I am nervous at the thought of another exam to do, but excited that it will most likely be the last paper I'll ever do.
Like, ever.

Yet, I can't shake this feeling off, this feeling of being stranded. I've come to the end of a journey, and at the same time I'm at a new beginning where the roads heading forward are hazy at best; I just don't think I fair well in uncertain times.

But aside from the future and all its obscurity, I'm also at a loss with the self. The past four years here has matured me a lot, though I think there is still plenty of room for improvement. Nonetheless, I think I have experienced a decent amount of personal growth, some good and some bad.

Maybe it is part of growing up after all, learning things that you can't unlearn, and wishing you perhaps hadn't, or wishing you had taken it slow and not hurried things up and forget the present.
But hey, every gloomy day comes with a sunny one. And hopefully, you hold the bright ones closer to your heart than the grudgingly glum ones.

I hope this break will do me good.