The Island

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The sunny skies;
the shade of the trees.
My feet rest on the soft sands.

Sun rays pour on my countenance,
while my shadows fall to the ground.
My breath grasps the fragrant clarity of the air.
It feels liberating, you know?
This island, it is like
rain after drought
laugh after grief
love after loss

The waters that surround this island;
clear, pristine.
They seem endless,
a stretch of blue as far as the eyes can see.
I can wander in these waters forever;
yet, will I reach the end?
Then again, why leave this island at all?
My heart is not here.
My Home is not here.
But it feels perfect, this island.

It is ephemeral,
it is somewhere far away,
a refuge that stays for as long as there is want.
But alas, reality can strike. Hard.

This island will return,
like the waves of the ocean,
beating the sands
of this island.
They come back.
Always, when this heart calls it.

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