So the other day during the Raya holidays, my parents, dear cousins and moi went on a day trip to Sekinchan. 

We made a pit stop at Kuala Selangor and climbed up the hill. I remember this place from my younger days, but it was not a happy memory. It was here that I developed my contempt toward monkeys. It all happened because one impatient monkey couldn't wait for more food from me and so it sunk its fingernails deep into my arm. Needless to say, I never forgave that monkey or any of its kind. But I think I've learnt to let it go over the years, though not completely. 

So here we were, on top of that hill. It was still full of monkeys, and I mean filled with monkeys. My cousins and I were quite unnerved by the sight of those monkeys (doesn't help that I had a bad experience with monkeys before), but they never came close if you had nothing to offer. 

But here is a pic of my dad showing off how brave (and perhaps friendly) he was to those "tame" monkeys:
His expression is like he was catching up with old friends. LOL

The species of monkey in the photo above is different from the one that sunk its nails into me those years ago. I think I like them more, as they seemed less 'wild' and scary. 

And their babies are golden!!!!

This walk up the hill was almost a walk down memory lane (albeit not that happy). I wish I could do this more often still. 

Here we were at a small isolated beach in Sekinchan (sans dad) called Pantai Redang. Isn't that the name of another famous Malaysian beach on the east coast? :D

Just for fun, here is a funny pic of self-made swings found at the beach. This is improvisation:level Asian. 

These ones are a bit rundown. There were brand new ones nearer to the sands.

Signing off. Just another 'meh!' day at work.