This cover of Beyonce's 'XO' by John Mayer is so wonderful.
The first time I listened to it in my car, I was in love with the song.
Thanks Mr Mayer for making a really nice cover of XO. 
TBH I didn't like the original by Beyonce all that much. 

Then again, I'm really a music person more so than a lyrics one.

Here, do listen:

After around a year of active driving, I can say that I'm quite confident navigating my way around a car in the bustling (oftentimes crazy) roads of KL, including parking (though, this is still my weak point).
Whether being confident makes me a good driver, is up to other (good) drivers to decide.

What I've come to realise about driving, for me, is this: it makes me stressed, irritated and wears my patience thin very quickly, especially when half the time I'm on the road, there'll be some level of congestion which sometimes seem to have an inexplicable root cause :S.

I admit that I'm at fault at times too, in particular when it comes to my slow acceleration to cut into another lane, but aside from that, I reckon I do follow the following rules quite well which I hope more drivers will abide more frequently:

  1. Turn your headlights on when the weather is gloomy/cloudy, upon sunset and when it's raining
  2. If there is a pedestrian crossing and people are crossing it, it is the pedestrian's right of way. Don't honk at them for goodness sake.
  3. When one wants to cut into another lane, indicate it using your L-R indicators.
  4. When turning or stopping, please use your L-R indicators. Please, do.
  5. Do not use hazard lights in the event of heavy rain. 

These rules aside, I think there are a few driving know-hows that the not-so-good drivers around (myself included) should try and pick up on, and that is: do not use your brakes liberally. Remember that your brakes do not only decelerate your car, but it also turns on the brake lights at the rear to indicate to the driver of the vehicle behind you that you are slowing down. Sometimes, fast-reacting drivers will also press their brakes, which would result in, if the vehicle behind this driver is also a fast-reacting driver, to press his brakes, leading to a trickling effect if the brakes were used to brake unnecessarily (i.e. when the vehicle you're trying to not come to close to is more than 20 m in front and is not pressing his brakes even). Sometimes, I think this is the unfortunate cause of a jam that could have been avoided if everyone had just not step on the brakes prematurely.

Yes, I find myself in this situation (or thinks I am) a lot, which when I'm not in the best of moods, would result in me cursing while driving (which is something I've developed, sadly), along with other driving-related foibles.

The other thing that I've come to realise is that when using the right-lane, one should use their rear mirror liberally (au contraire). Why? Well, sometimes there are people who do want to overtake and as a courtesy to other drivers, the rule of thumb when using the right lane is to give way to such vehicles moving at a faster velocity than you are, and are expecting you to give them way; there is a reason why the right-lane is also called the fast-lane.

Well, I do wish I can be a better driver with every day I drive (e.g. faster parking maneuvering, better distance perception) and that I could stop cursing while driving. It isn't very becoming, but heck, there are studies which demonstrate that cursing helps relief pain.

Anyway, that's enough of my driving rant. I wish you all a safe drive every time you get behind the wheel.